12-14-03; hi all. Another school related update and site redesign. Keeping with the same colors as before simply because I like them. The hard part right now is fitting in some of the required elements because they don't really go with with the site and i don't find them useful anywhere. 06-08-03: working on some minor tweaking. making the header a little bit smaller and removing the stuff I didn't want to have here in the first place. *spins around and collapses* Hello welcome to v3.0 of Lady Douji's Addictions. Although I'm afraid other than the new look there isn't much
of an update. I still have some tweaking I have to do to meet the requirements for my final project *bleagh* embedded video and audio files.
04-29-03: Ok finished tweaking added a page for things I have to have but couldn't really fit anywhere. And in the cels section under Gundam X 2 cels now have rollovers to show the sketches.