Just a few of my favorite links in no particular order

Mink's Ronin Yaoi Cake Page This is the site that introduced me to the glories of yaoi.

Aestheticism one of the most definitive yaoi archives out there

Madame Blue's Shrine to the Solitary Dragon My sometimes partner in crime err fics has her very own page dedicated to Wufei of Gundam Wing. Hosting her own magnificent fanfiction this is not a place to miss if you like Wufei.

www.weisskreuz.net For information about my latest anime addiction go here. Has a lovely image gallery, and fanfiction, and lots of info about the show Weiss Kreuz

Freedom LaunchMy wonderful friend Laurelgand(and Garrod no Seishi #1) has created a wonderful Gundam X website, with episode summaries, music, manga and more. Check it out

Teno Hikari Another partner in fics ^_^ Obsessed with Sorcerer Hunters and Yami no Matsueu *whimpers* her site layouts are so pretty.

I've recently found a bunch of awesome online comic strips here are my faves

Lethal Doses Extremely cute gaming strip

Megatokyo Two anime and gaming fanatics stuck in Tokyo. I don't see the problem with that

Sketch of Love Lovely strip with humor, drama and angst(pretty boys too) no longer updated

Boy Meets Boy Words cannot describe how much I love this webcomic. Just a bit of warning if you can't tell by the name, this comic does has yaoi themes

Something Positive Sick, twisted and demented I love it. 18+

The Devil's Panties Hmm how best to describe this. Girl who digs rping, comics and clubbing.

Follow Beautiful artwork and a beautiful story developing

Cascadia A gorgous fantasy comic by Clio.

$0 Web Hosting I will always be grateful to the person who referred me to this domain hosting company. Without it I would probably still be stuck on Tripod cursing their horrid banner ads. If you're sick of banner ads on your site, or are ready to have a domain I highly recommend you visit this place.

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