Weeks passed, and together we kept Mr. lance and his buddies at
bay. It appeared since Duo had the Death scythe, they didnt want to anger him.
They were also afraid of him. Which made me feel a lot better. In the
end, we worked on the company, Duo warded off Lances whines and pleas
and we were happy.

No, we never kissed, we never touched , we were friends, even
though I longed for more. He didn't seem the sort to make attachments and
I was rather content with that.

Our lives were threatened once when my former colleagues from Oz
took him to test pilot a new mobile suit. He never talked about it only that
it was a hell of a weapon, if you could control it.

Yet, I knew by the way he trembled and huddled wrapped in blankets
on his bed, this Zero system bothered him.

He claimed it would have driven him insane when I inquired, then
drove me out with a very firm, leave me alone.

Afraid I'd cause more damage than good,I stood outside his door
that night and watched him quietly in the amber glow of bedroom, tighten a
tong around his upper arm and shoot something clear into his veins.
I cried for him then, sliding down the door feeling his heavy
heart torn at once more, but this time, by the monsters I once saw as heroes.
He never knew when I left, for shortly after his brush with Zero,
he vanished, feeling fit enough to put the war to an end with people he
claimed to trust.

I let him walk out the door, proud yet feeling strangely widowed
by him. Then, when All was quiet, I slipped away and into my old Oz uniform.

For myself and my longing conscience I did the final betrayal. I
stole information concerning one of their most secretive weapons.
The act nearly killed me, and Duo, my angle with a tilted
tarnished halo, came on his blackened steed, and dispatched my enemies
with little effort.

We argued, but it was brief, I was in too much pain to fight and
tolerated his name calling.

In the end he was terrified he'd lose me and that was heard well
over the curses and stupid woman remarks.

I don't know how long I drifted in and out of consciousness, nor
did I know how long it took for the surgeons to put my battered insides

The only thing I did know was Duo was there, at my side when he
could be.

And it made the hell I went through well worth it.


The long haired youth sat at my bedside, a battered paper back in
his hands, with man and a women on the cover, in a romantic embrace. I
scanned the figures in the picture, noting the kilt was hiked up in in
an alluring position on the fellow's thigh.

Then I sighed, looking at reality as my very own Romeo, read
awkwardly from the steamy sometimes sleazy novel.
Duo was red faced.

"... And I surrendered to him, my frail and passion weak form
sinking into his strong slick arms...." The long haired boy paused, gaze
shifting from the text to me. "And you like this trash?"

I nodded, helplessly admiring his muscle-toned arm. He was wearing
a green tank top today and leather pants that hugged his hips and ass just
right. I had given up on manily Scotts men a long time ago for my wild
sexual fantasies and settled for my Duo to daydream about. I smirked,
and pulled my blankets painfully about my body. Ms. Poe, my physician
said it would be a week or two before I was out of bed and to take it

Duo took it as his sole mission to make me feel comfortable and
even grudgingly partook in indulging my romance novel hobby.

The books were pale compared to the many blushes he gave, while
flipping through he many erotic scenes. Nonetheless, it was rather
valiant of him to even attempt. "I don't know, some times trash is fun."

He grunted, and put the book down. "Depends. I suppose it is if
you don't have someone to... Well you know."

Was he implying something I didn't know about? I tilted my head,
realizing men often assumed things, that women failed to see. Wordless I

Duo exhaled, then flipped the book over and pointed to the
cover. "Hilde, these guys, they're fake. Look at those muscles, and that
face, I don't know any guys who look like that.... Then there is that chick,
she's phony too...."

"Would it be better if it were a skinny no-but guy with long hair
and a dykish perky gal with no boobs?" I called his bluff aware he had
already put us together in his mind a long time ago.

Duo flushed and looked away.

"Thought so."  I kindly smiled, happy he took a liking to
me. "Turnabout is fair play right? Well, speak up, Duo. I've never seen
you this mute in all the time I've known you."

"Sometimes, dealing with Yuy is easier with dealing with women. Do
you, or don't you want to be my girl?" He said firmly putting his hands on
his hips and staring me down.
I sighed, then picked up the book. "Well, just so you know, I
often imagine you in that kilt, dear..." Then with a flick of the wrist, I
tossed the novel over my shoulder so it clattered against a nearby wall.
"Not a chance in hell." He said with a smirk. "But we can get
creative in other ways, I'm sure."

It was the start of a beautiful relationship.

My parents were going to kill me.

But then again, you can't win them all.