Just a tiny little ficlet that jumped into my head and demanded to be written. If you've seen the first 10 episodes of the show you should be able to identify the speaker, no real warnings or spoilers. 


My second came to me with some interesting information today. There's a Gundam which has been found recently. Supposedly the most powerful Gundam out there. He brought me some pictures as well, of the Gundam and more importantly of the pilot. Dark hair, looks like he cut it himself with a knife, heart shape face, wide exquisite green eyes. He holds my interest more than the powerful mobile suit he controls. He's young, a boy really. 

For a moment I wonder how one so young came to possess such a power, but dismiss it. These are odd times that we live in, fate causes many such oddities as we each try to survive. He's wary, I can tell. He knows people want what he has, and yet. . . And yet there's an openness to him I can't define. For a few moments I stare at his picture while my second pesters me about the job. Then I understand, the boy has kept some innocence in his life. It shows in his eyes. He has what I have lost. I hear my second who wants to be so much more. 

"It's because it's a Gundam" 

I set down the pictures and apply my lipstick and smile My second thinks it's for him and smiles. 

"Yes" I reply. But as much as I want the Gundam I want the pilot more. I want to touch his innocence.