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Part One - The Monster I Am

At first I started back, unable to believe that it was indeed I who was
reflected in the mirror; and when I became fully convinced that I was in
reality the monster that I am, I was filled with the bitterest sensations of
despondence and mortification."
~The Creature
Mary Shelley's Frankenstein

The flickering light of a vid-screen danced off dark walls and the faces of
two young men, sixteen years old. Images of boys of a similar age filled one
entire wall, larger than life. Five boys in vastly different scenes : at
war, at home, in school uniforms, in spacesuits...one image following
another to chronicle five separate yet intertwined lives in an hour's worth
of film. One dark figure stood with a low sound of disgust, low tenor voice
calling, "Lights."

Obediently, light floods the room, obscuring the images on the screen and
bringing into clear focus the two boys who had been watching them. "Is that
it?" Dark eyes narrowed as that voice spoke with unveiled disgust. "They're
imbeciles. Fighting and preaching about peace at the same time. *They* are
the hope of an entire universe?"

A low chuckle and the other boy stood, crossing the room to stand beside the
wall still flashing with faint pictures. "You're too picky, Chang. These
boys...perhaps they are a
touch . . . niave and horribly pitiful, but just think . . . breaking them
will be such fun." He grinned, reaching out with slender fingers to caress
the image of a laughing American with wide violet eyes and an impossibly
long braid. The touch was so patently erotic that the boys own deep violet
eyes fluttered shut as he murmured, "This one is absolutely delicious."

"Your modesty amazes me," Chang answered, a wry smile on the full lips. The
slender Chinese boy rolled onyx eyes and said calmly, "Just keep your hands
to yourself, Maxwell. You won't even be allowed to be in the same room with
the boy, much less touch him. He can't know he has a double out for his
blood." The grin turned hungry. "I, on the other hand, have the distinction
of being the double of his roommate..."

Maxwell's eyes flashed and he made an odd hissing noise low in his throat,
turning on the other boy, stalking toward him. "He's mine, Chang. Hands

"Mmm-mm," Change replied, changing from hunted to hunter, advancing on the
American with measured steps. "You've already practically broken one little
pet. You certainly couldn't handle two." Chang pressed his full body against
the braided boy, herding him until Maxwell's thighs were pressed to the edge
of a table against the wall. "Yuy's eyes are already dead from all your
‘play,'" he said throatily, holding the violet gaze with his black one.
"What will you do when he stops screaming, Maxwell? What fun will he be when
he just lays back and takes what you give him? When he's immune to the

Maxwell smiled beatifically. Strong hands pressed to Chang's sides and slid
down the firm muscles of his back. "That's why I need a new one, now isn't
it?" he practically purred, hands closing on the Chinese boy's ass and
grabbing hold, thrusting forward to grind their hips together. "A pet's no
fun if he doesn't squirm a bit. New flesh'll do me good; and you *know*
after those wonderful silent screams I need something *special*...Mmm," he
hummed low in his throat, a satisfied, pleasure-filled sound as sharp teeth
bit into his shoulder. "And that other me...this *Duo* Maxwell...he's
strong..." He breathed into the smooth shell of the bronze ear, pressing
harder as Chang's hands slipped under his shirt and curled into claws
against his back, digging into his skin with a delicious flash of pain. "Ahh
. . . he'll last a long time. Maybe longer than Yuy." His mouth fastened
onto the hot skin of Chang's neck, sucking harshly.

"Hn. Just take the other Yuy," Chang answered with a shrug, one hand
slipping between them to press against the American's hard stomach and
sliding slowly lower.

"Been there, done that. It's no fun playing the same game twice." Maxwell
pulled away and grinned harshly at the flushed face, sliding up to sit on
the table and pulling the Chinese boy between his legs with a hard, languid
roll. "Perhaps I should pick up the little Chinese tart. Nothing could beat
breaking another you...and then I could kill this you off. It wouldn't be
too difficult. You're so careless."

"Ha. You wouldn't dare." Chang's breath was coming hard now, as was
Maxwell's, as he brushed their lips together in a brief, bruising kiss
before pulling away and smirking. "I'm the only equal you'll ever have. You
need me around for when that pet Yuy doesn't deliver and you have a taste
for real sex."

"And so what if I do? Nothing wrong with having the best of both worlds. A
beautiful body to break at night, obedient, trained to respond to my every
whim..and pure fire during the day. Perhaps I will take that niave, idiotic
little ex-pilot." He thrust hard, erection grinding into Chang's, that
harsh, evil glint in his eyes never wavering. They moved against each other
in an increasingly violent rhythm, the room filling with the sound of cloth
against cloth as their eyes slid shut-

"Again? Yuy not whimpering enough to hold your attention anymore, Maxwell?"
Two sets of eyes opened and slanted to look at the newcomer who stood calmly
leaning in the doorway.

Still pressed to the Chinese boy, Maxwell purred, "Jealous, 'Nashi? Wanna
piece of the action?"

"Hardly." The tall, thin boy known only as Nanashi pushed off the wall with
a look of faint amusement. "I have better things to do than spend my life
screwing a sadistic bastard who's claim to fame is owning the world's
largest whip collection."

Chang smiled slyly. "You've lived a very sheltered life, haven't you?"

Nanashi looked almost annoyed a moment, but shrugged it off and slanted a
look from under a long bang. "Winner's coming, you know. He won't be happy
that you weren't watching the tapes like you're supposed to."

Maxwell scowled and wrapped a leg around Chang's waist, trying to restart
that delicious friction. The Chinese boy certainly wasn't adverse to the
idea, audience or no audience and a small smile twisted his lips as Maxwell
pouted, "I'm busy."

"I can see that." Maxwell and Chang both froze, hearts stopping for a moment
at the sound of that soft, almost feminine voice. Chang stepped away,
Maxwell's leg sliding off his waist as they both looked impassively at the
blond who now stood beside Nanashi.

"We watched the tapes. The mission will go as planned," Chang said evenly,
despite the fact that his heart was hammering in his chest.

"Good." Winner stepped forward with a hollow smile, circling around between
the two boys who pulled hastily apart to allow him passage. The expression
turned satisfied. He had caught the hitch in their breath when he entered,
could almost smell the fear mingled with the musk of arousal that they
carried now. Their fear of him was blatantly clear to his sharp senses
despite the carefully schooled expressions and Chang's even tone. Good. Not
everyone earned the fear of two of history's greatest assassins. Speaking of
which..he frowned. It was a slight expression but enough to make the two
boys practically break out in a cold sweat. "I do have one question."

Chang and Maxwell exchanged a nervous look and nodded. "Yes?" the American
asked, and Quatre's frown darkened.

"What the hell am I supposed to do with Yuy?"

Maxwell looked surprised. "Anything you please. He's a trained assassin."

"Even though he can't talk?" Winner asked, voice low and dangerous.

"He's always served us well despite his inability to speak," Chang said
certainly. "And this..Heero he's replacing doesn't speak a terrible lot
since the war anyway."

"Aa. But I need someone who can interact. Someone with fire in his eyes."
Winner's gaze settled firmly on Maxwell. "Have you seen fire in his eyes?"

"Quite often," Maxwell answered with a smirk, eyes closing at the image of
that toned body spread across the large bed in the..playroom, those usually
fierce eyes wide with fear, mouth open in a soundless shout as the edge of a
razor-sharp knife caressed warm brown skin, leaving an ultra-thin trail of
crimson in its wake. A tingling of pleasure spread out from his spine. His
chosen pet was really a wonder . . . His eyes snapped open when fire erupted
across his cheek, his head snapping back from the force of Winner's palm
striking his face.

"See that it stays that way. I know you want to break him, Maxwell. I know
you've been dragging it out. But we need him with some fire left, some
fight. This alternate of his is a man of many levels. It won't do to have
one of your placid little toys taking his place. Am I understood?"

Maxwell scowled, nursing his injured jaw. "Perfectly." Beside him, Chang
smirked. Maxwell's penchant for rough play was well-known and his tendency
to toy with new lovers until breaking them was established. Frankly, the
Chinese man was surprised Winner had allowed the American to have the
beautiful mute at all; despite being the newest addition to their little
group, Yuy was an excellent fighter who was incapable of divulging secrets
since his voice box had been removed years before, a perfect fighter. Chang
had assumed his long-time lover's fascination with the Japanese boy would go
unfulfilled; Winner had certainly surprised him on that count. And Yuy was
more delicate than Chang had at first thought . . . scarred from any variety
of the sadist's "toys," he was already becoming subservient to the braided
American. Chang didn't really care one way or the other; he and Maxwell were
equals in life, war, and bed. What Maxwell did with his "pets" on his own
time wasn't a major concern.

"Good." Winner smiled, the expression seemingly as warm and sweet as the
almost cute face and shock of blond hair would imply the five's leader was.
A shiver ran down Chang, Maxwell, and even the stoic Nanashi's spines
simultaneously. That Winner could seem so innocent was far more terrifying
than Maxwell's sensual sadism, Chang's arsenal of ways to kill or Nanashi's
emotionless attacks. "Now...you all understand the mission, right? The
doctors discovered this alternate universe by accident, and now the empire
wants it. The fact that their were copies of all of us was pure coincidence;
that they're symbols of this universe's hope," he spit the word out as if
the very concept was a joke, " was nothing more than an incredibly
fortuitous accident. The government's tacticians are convinced the best way
to undermine this alternate society is to discredit and destroy their belief
in these five former pilots. That's why we were called in."

"Logical," Nanashi said evenly.

Maxwell hopped back on the table, tracing the wood with sensitive fingers.
"From the videos, it's obvious this'll be easy. None of them want to fight,
and they're letting their abilities go now that their machines have been

"One of us could take all five of them bare-handed," Chang said with a
snort. "They're nothing without the . . . Gundams."

Maxwell licked his lips. "What I would have given to have one of those," he
purred, violet eyes alight with a disturbing light. "Such simple destruction
. . ."

"Don't get too cocky," Winner said, voice cold. "They're stronger than they

"Of course." Chang sounded faintly insulted at the insinuation that he
didn't know how to do his job. "When will the costumes arrive?"

"They should be here. Yuy's picking them up." Winner turned, calling down
the hallway. "Yuy!" A pounding against the wall answered him and a moment
later Yuy stepped through the door carrying a large box. The silent boy
looked briefly at Maxwell, his eyes lowered, and he came to a stop beside
Winner. His lips moved soundlessly and the blond nodded. "Good. Then we
should be able to leave in a few hours. Chang. You're going to have to cut
your hair before we leave."

A scowl crossed both Maxwell and Chang's faces. The slender black ponytail
hung past the Chinese boy's hips and happened to be a favorite of his
American lover. At least Maxwell didn't have to cut his hair, worn half
pulled back and half loose and falling to his knees in waves. Chang looked
ready to argue, but one look from their blond leader lowered him to a mere,
"Fine," his voice tight and angry.

"Excellent." Winner smiled. The sacrifice was just another symbol of the
blond's power over his men. "I'm just sorry you have to do it," he said,
voice sounding completely sincere despite the fact that the four with him
knew the truth about his personality. "It is pretty. Now." He glanced at the
images on the wall and smiled. It was the newest shots, the ones of five
boys in school uniforms, standing outside a private school with expressions
running from goofy to annoyed to sweet. Such innocence. "It's time to go."