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Wufei/Maxwell living room

Relena leaned forward in her chair, listening intently. " Was it really that bad? Why was he calling himself Venus? What happened after you grabbed him? Wh-" raising a hand Wufei shook his head.

" Slow down Relena, I'm getting to that next." Clamping her mouth shut she waited patiently for Wufei to continue. " Needless to say Duo...or rather Venus, was upset when I grabbed him. But the shock of seeing me must have knocked the wind out of him a bit. Not for long though. That's one thing about Duo I've learned, he doesn't stay down long… "


Club Ecstasy

Wufei frowned disapprovingly at his old teammate. Running his eyes over the
Leather-clad form. A few years ago the outfit would have been enough to give him the mother of all nosebleeds, now he just found it disturbing and vaguely enticing. By the time his eyes wandered back up to Duo's face, the boy was smirking at him.

In the dim lighting Wufei looked into Duo's eyes . Still beautiful…Soft violet just two shades darker than lilacs…Something was different there…Something seemed to be missing, blinking Wufei stared harder into Duo's eyes, nearly smacking himself for missing it before... the light was gone. That inner radiance that made itself known to the outside world through Duo's eyes...It wasn't there anymore. The last time Wufei had seen Duo, he'd been head over heels in love with Heero. His face seemed to glow whenever he looked at the frosty pilot. Wufei remembered well all the times he'd seen Duo's eyes shine whenever Heero would enter a room. As well as how he'd silently seethe with jealously whenever it happened…. The anger he'd feel whenever the cold bastard would kill that light.

With nothing more than a gesture or snort Duo's face would crumple. The light would go out to be replaced instantly with pain… But moments later the light would be back. How he recovered so quickly? Wufei did not know.

Now, standing here holding his arm and looking into those same eyes, the light that he'd loved so very much was gone. Gone without so much as an ember remaining to mark where it had existed. Now the eyes were. Cold? No not cold, Duo could never be cold, they were passionate. Teasing. Beautiful like spun glass is beautiful. Distant, unmoving…fragile. That's exactly what he looked like at that moment. Wufei wanted nothing more than to pull Duo close and keep him there. Maybe coax those burned ashes back into a flame.

" Well whaddaya know it's Puff the Magic Justice Dragon. Never thought I'd see you in a place like this…. Did somebody manage to work that thorny stick out of your ass or what?" Duo smirked.

So much for that line of thought, let's just work on not choking the hell out of him.

" Maxwell! The only reason I'm in this disgusting place to begin with is because Quatre sent me to look for you! I figured a more seedy area of town would be the best place to begin looking. It seems I was right." Sniffing disdainfully Wufei frowned, crossing his arms in front of him. He thought he saw a flash of pain in Duo's eyes but it vanished to swiftly for him to tell.

" Quatre huh. Yeah well don't worry about it Woof Woof I'm fine. Here with the scum of society…. Just where I belong right? " Snorting softly Duo turned on his heel and started walking away. A wave of guilt flooded Wufei and he sighed. Duo was even more delicate than he originally thought…the last thing he needed right now was insults.

" Maxwell…."

" Don't call me that!" he snapped. " It's Venus now…. Venus Blade." Wufei shook his head. It was just getting worse and worse.

" Maxw-"

" Venus."

" Venus! Maxwell! Blade! It doesn't matter. You are still the same infuriating you no matter what you call yourself! Now shut up and come on, you're coming with me to go see Quatre and assure the poor boy you're all right!" Duo's eyes narrowed and Wufei knew his tactic wasn't the best.

" Is that what this is about? Quatre's peace of mind?" he hissed.

It wasn't, he knew it wasn't just that… But he couldn't say it…he couldn't say what it really was…. Not to this Duo… no, never to this Duo… How could he say that Quatre's well being wasn't the only…or even the first reason he came? Frowning he tightened his arms around his chest.

" I'm sorry."

" Y-" blinking Duo looked at him surprised. " Did you just say you're sorry?" he asked suspiciously.

" Yes I did. I'm sorry. I'm sorry I called you an idiot, I'm sorry I grabbed you…I'm sorry Heero hurt y-" Man Wufei you're on a roll with the stupid comments.

" Heero didn't hurt me! He left and I moved on with my life! Better off without the idiot anyway." He grumbled. Wufei reached out a hand and grasped Duo's arm. Let him say whatever he wanted to say if it made it easier for him…. The important thing was getting him out of there.

" Duo-"

" It's Venus! Don't call me * that * again!" he said.

" Woah Teach you know the hottie?!" a new voice said both boys turned to the newcomer glowering and frowning.

"David." Wufei mumbled. Of course the perfect topper to a miserable night; humiliation in front of his worst student, turning his eyes just to David's left he nearly snorted. Oh and look his best student was right there with him. Suppressing a growl of annoyance, Wufei tightened his grip on Duo's arm.

" Let's go." He said.

" I'm no-" Duo shuddered at the look Wufei gave him. Recognizing it as the ' Come-on-your-own-or-I-swear-I-will-drag-you-out-of-here-kicking-and-screaming-by-your-hair!' look. " Fine."

" Good." Smiling, Wufei turned back to Edwin and David. Both boys were staring at him wide-eyed with shock…a tiny hint of jealousy in Edwin's. " Thank you Edwin…. David…excuse us." Wufei started past his two students, still holding onto Duo's arm.

" Oi! Wufei! Aren't you gonna introduce me to your friends here?" Duo asked smiling mischievously at the two boys. Wufei frowned and then turned back to his students.

" 'Venus' meet David and Edwin, two of my students. David and Edwin meet 'Venus'" Duo smiled wickedly at Edwin, resting his head on Wufei's shoulder and snaking his arms around the Professor's waist.

" Nice to meet you boys…" he purred nuzzling Wufei's shoulder.

Wufei rolled his eyes." Come on 'Venus'" he said continuing on to the door trying to pry Duo's arm off him while valiantly ignoring the heated glares sent his way from the other patrons.

" See ya around!" Duo called back to the students, giving a rather angry looking Edwin a knowing smirk. Once they were sufficiently out of earshot David leaned closer to his friend.

" Woah man did you see the way he was all over Teach? Man oh man someone's gonna be gettin' some tonight! To bad it ain't you eh Eddie?"

David snickered stepping out of reach of the punch Edwin aimed at his head.

" Ohhh feisty!"


The Riverfront

" So Wufei physically dragged you from the club? Why did you tease Edwin like that? " Duo shrugged.

" At the time, I told myself I did it because I thought it would be funny but… I'm honest enough now to admit I was marking my territory." Duo smirked. " Cleaner than pissin' on him and less painful than branding." Heero looked dumbstruck for moment.

"…. Did you two…."

Duo frowned." No! Unlike our relationship, Wufei and I didn't start with sex and work our way down…. Hell at first I didn't even think he liked me. It wasn't until a week later that I caught him for the first time."

" Caught him?" Heero asked. " Doing what?" Images of Wufei raiding Duo's underwear drawer immediately came to mind and he almost laughed. (1)

" Looking at me…"

Heero arched a brow." Looking at you? Just looking?"

" No not just looking… He was looking at me in a way that I'd dreamed someone would look at me. Not just as something to lust after…. I don't know how to describe it…there was lust there but it was more than that…. It was somehow deeper…. Stronger. Like to him, I was the only thing in the world. Even now I can't name it, but that first brief glimpse of it was enough to get me hooked. I wanted to see it again and I was determined to do so! I had one goal in mind then and that was to get Wufei into the sack…unfortunately he had other plans. He was completely not interested!"


Wufei/Maxwell living room

" Duo seemed to take great joy in torturing me. He'd walk around the house wearing nothing but a pair of socks, this short gauzy skirt thing and his hair…. I know he was trying to make my nose bleed, the little brat. Fortunately for me I had gotten over that little problem…." Wufei continued on oblivious to the bright red blush that spread across Relena's face. " I guess the reason he did those things was to get my attention…. And boy did he get it! I remember one night in particular…. It was about 4 months after he'd come to live with me…. In all that time he'd been teasing me and prancing around nearly nude as the day he was born…I had gotten good by this time at looking at him without looking like I was looking… "



" So I finally accepted that the direct approach wasn't going to work with Wufei…. Which really irked me since by then I had gotten used to being the chasee not the chaser. I mean come on, I'm hot and I know it! I was practically throwing myself in his lap and he didn't even care! There are people that would kill for that kind of attention from me!" Shaking his head Duo looked to Heero, a slow grin coming to his face." But then that one night…things changed. "


Wufei's apartment

Venus lounged on the sofa, his hair draped over his shoulders flowing down his body like chestnut colored silk and pooling in his lap covering the more sensitive area of his body before continuing on in waves down his thighs. He was a stunning sight and he knew it. But, nevertheless, a small pout marred his otherwise serene face. He'd done everything he could think of to get Wufei into bed with him…. At this point he'd settle for Wufei to admit he existed. Damn that stubborn man to hell! Here he was lying on the couch * naked *…OK nearly naked, he admitted adjusting the filmy slip of cloth around his waist…and damn if Wufei even blinked. Sighing Venus jumped to his feet, walking to stand behind Wufei while he typed something or other out on his computer. Leaning close to the side of his head Venus blew a gentle puff of air into the shell of his ear. " Wuuuufeeeei" he murmured.

" What is it Maxwell."

" Venus!"

" Whatever. What is it?" he asked without lifting his eyes from the screen.
The words reflected in his ever-present glasses. " I have to write my lecture for tomorrow." Sighing Venus moved away from his intended victim.

" You're no fun."

" I'm a teacher, I'm not supposed to be fun." He answered dryly. Venus poked his tongue out at Wufei's back.

" I saw that. Keep it in your mouth Maxwell."

A wicked grin spread across Venus's face and he opened his mouth to reply.

" Pull your mind out the gutter Duo…if that is even possible."

Pouting Venus walked to the stereo. Flicking his hair out of the way he picked up the box of CD's that always sat directly on top of it. Flipping through it Venus arched a brow…. You could learn a lot about a person by their music choice. Lifting one from the box he nearly choked. Wufei listening to Prince? Or whatever he changed his name too…it was too long ago to remember. Flipping it over he looked over the songs. A wicked smile slowly spreading across his face. Quickly removing the CD from the case and settling it in the player. " Hey Wu I didn't know you liked Prince."

" Who? Oh Prince. I don't one of my students gave it to me. The whole class laughed so I guess it was some kind of joke. I didn't get it." Venus giggled. Finding the song he wanted on the player he pressed play.

Here we are
In this big ole empty room
Staring each other down

Venus began singing along with the lyrics as he walked up behind Wufei. The steady clacking of keys paused for a moment. " I didn't know you could sing Duo…" Venus draped his arms over Wufei's shoulders lowering his voice to a whisper, he began singing softly in his ear.

You want me just as much as I want you
Let's stop fooling around
Take me baby

" I get the joke now." Wufei replied. " I swear I'll fail every last one of them." Grinning Venus nuzzled against Wufei's ear still singing. " Um Duo…"

Kiss me all over
Play with my love mmmhmm
Bring out what's been in me for far to long
Baby you know that's all I've been dreaming of
Do me baby

Grabbing the side of the chair, Venus pulled the chair around to look at him, pushing Wufei's legs apart he settled his knee on the chair in-between them. Leaning forward he let his hair fall over Wufei's face…

Like you never done before
Oh give it to me
Till I just can't take no more
Come on do me baby

If Wufei blushed any brighter Venus was sure his head would explode. Grinning, he leaned forward, passing the tip of his tongue over Wufei's cheek.

Like you never done before
Ooh I want cha now
I just can't wait no more
Can't wait no….

Venus smiled when Wufei tried to squirm away. Lowering his eyelids, Venus looked at him though his lashes violet eyes hazy with passion. Venus gave the Professor a smile that said everything he wanted right then… passing his tongue in-between Wufei's parted lips, being sure to pull away when Wufei began responding to the kiss. Nudging his chin up, Venus brushed his lashes over the inviting warmth of his lips…Continuing to sing…

Here we are
Looking for a reason
For you to lay me down
But a love like ours
Is never outta season
So baby….

Arching his back Venus pushed his hair over his shoulders, letting his hands rest gently on Wufei's shoulders as the Chinese professor kissed down his chest…. Continuing his serenade Venus hissed in surprise when Wufei's tongue found the looped ring in his left nipple and tugged it gently…moaning Venus arched more into the sensation…who knew Wufei had it in him?

Please stop teasin' me
Ooh! Whatcha do
I could never love no other
You're the best I ever had

Tugging at Wufei's pigtail, he brought the other man's attention back to his face. Smiling Venus straddled Wufei's lap. Leaning his forehead against the professor's, he pressed his bare chest against Wufei's work shirt.

Whenever we're not close to one another……

Rocking his hips forward Venus moaned at the feel of the silk rubbing against his skin, blocking the rougher texture of Wufei's tweed. " M-Maxwell" Wufei groaned out, Venus brushed his lips against Wufei's continuing to sing softly, letting his lips touch his lover's in feather like caresses…as he whispered the lyrics…

I want you so bad so…

Venus rocked harder against Wufei, the pain disappearing momentarily.
Reaching down with his free hand, he slid his finger around the top of Wufei's trousers. Opening his eyes he found glazed dark chocolate staring back at him. Smiling against Wufei's lips he moved the fingers to the front of his pants. Popping the button with an experienced flick of his wrist…. Pressing his chest harder against Wufei's he lowered the zipper… reaching into the opening he groaned when Wufei arched into his hand.

" Duo is this a good idea?" Giving the boxer covered shaft a firm squeeze, Venus didn't answer for once so caught up in the moment…Instead Duo answered.

" I don't know…but it feels right."

Do me baby!
Like you never done before
Ooh give it to me
Till I just can't take no more
Come on do me baby

Duo let Wufei grip his hips and pull him forward. Wrapping both his arms around Wufei's neck, he pressed his lips down on Wufei's in a crushing kiss… Demanding more of what he was doing…Wanting to make everything go away and leave him alone.

He let Wufei decide their rhythm.

Like you never done before
Ooh I want cha now
I just can't wait no more
Can't wait no…

Duo broke the kiss gasping for air, Wufei's fingers tangled in the long loose locks of Duo's hair gently pulling his head back exposing more of his neck to his searching lips he continued rocking against him in a slow steady rhythm that matched the music. Wufei nibbled gently on Duo's neck pulling little bits of the flesh between his teeth and suckling them (2).

Building a new sensation in him that Duo wasn't accustomed to…gentle pleasure.

Duo was used to violent sex, being taken quick and brutal…. Venus was accustomed to taking just as rough…But the soft almost nonexistent kisses were stirring a new kind of pleasure in him that he loved…and Venus feared. Squeezing Wufei's shoulders Venus urged him to do it harder. Squeeze him tighter…make it hurt… While Duo insisted it was fine as it was…

Do me baby!
Do me baby all night long!
Do it till I just can't take no more
Come on!

Venus squeezed his shoulders harder, digging his nails into the shirt. " Harder!" He said sharply. Pressing his mouth down hard onto Wufei's.

Wufei turned his face away from the desperate kiss. Shaking his head, he kissed Venus lightly on his chin, nuzzling his neck one last time before firmly pushing him away.

" No Duo…" he whispered holding him at arms length… " I can't…. Not like this…" Shaking his head Venus looked at him slightly confused, then hurt and dejected. Pushing himself off Wufei's lap he backed away out of reach wrapping his arms around himself. Feeling self-conscious for the first time…

" Duo-"

" Venus! I'm Venus!" he yelled. Wufei nodded. " Why can't you get it right? Why don't you want me?…"

" It's not that I don't want you… I do believe me I do! Just not like this… "

" Like what?!" Venus snapped.

" D-"

" Venus!" he nearly screamed. Sighing Wufei reached out to him. Venus stepped back again. " Why do you tease me like that? I know you want me! I can see it in your eyes when you look at me…you had me but you won't…and I don't understand?! What is it? Is it me? Did I do something wrong? (3)" Wufei looked at him blankly then shook his head.

" No it's not any of that it's just… you deserve more than a quick roll in a chair. You're worth a lot more than that...a lot more." Venus looked at him flabbergasted.

" Fine! Then we'll move to the floor." Venus tightened his arms around himself at the look in Wufei's eyes. " What?"

" You think that little of yourself?" he asked. " If you had any idea
D-Venus…any idea at all what I think of you…how I feel about you…. You'd understand that a roll in a chair or on the floor isn't enough…. Never could be enough…."

" What do you mean?" he asked suspiciously. Wufei shook his head.

" I won't settle for less than all of you Duo Venus..." with that Wufei did his best to collect himself and turned towards his computer again. Leaving Venus behind him chewing on the end of his hair. A cold hand gripped the inside of his chest, when he realized what Wufei meant.

" I-I don't know what you're talking about!" Venus shouted at his back before running to his room, slamming the door behind him.


Venus paced the confines of his room, silently yelling at himself for being an idiot. " I am Venus. I control love it can't hurt me." He mumbled to himself. " What's wrong with me? Wufei doesn't love me he's just…he's just the gentle type where sex is involved that's all…Venus is not to be loved…but worshipped"

' He'd probably do that too if you let him…' Another voice inside him said.

Shaking his head Venus went to his closet pulling out clothing with reckless abandon. " I'll go out tonight! That's what I'll do…. I'll dance, I'll have fun…. I'll…. I'll "

'But that's not what you want to do is it? That's not what you want at all.'

"Shut up!"

'You promised Venus, you said if we did this…no one could hurt us, no one could make us feel like this again…. You lied!'

" Be quiet! "

' No! I can't do it again….I can't take it again…I can't I just can't I …it hurts to much to just think about it! I-' A soft knock on his door brought Venus out of his thoughts.

" Yes?"

" Venus come into the living room…I'd like to talk to you." Wufei's muffled voice floated through the door.

" About what?" Venus asked instantly suspicious.

" I…. Wanted to talk to you…I have something I need to tell you." Wufei said. " I'll be in the living room." Venus waited until footsteps sounded in the hallway before moving back into the closet pulling out one of his more modest outfits….a filmy white silk robe Dressed quickly and gave himself the once over in the mirror... He almost walked away without noticing the change. Pausing Venus looked at his face… Something was different…. Something around his eyes…they seemed brighter for some reason

' It's happening already….' The voice said again.

Shrugging Venus walked to the doorway and opened it, mentally preparing himself for whatever Wufei had in store for him. Taking a deep breath he swiftly shut the door again. Leaning against it he took a deep breath…and sobbed.


Wufei/Maxwell living room

Relena sat with her teacup perched on her knees. "So?" Wufei blinked at her letting Uzi curl her tail around his finger.

" So what?"

" So what'd you say to him?!" Relena looked exasperated. Smiling Wufei leaned back.

" Well…Before I could talk to him I needed him to come out of his room…"


The Riverfront

" So basically you did something dumb and hid in your room." Heero said bluntly. Smirking to himself. Duo glared at him.

" If you want to be blunt about it….Oh shut up Heero and let me tell the story!"

" All right. I'm not stopping you...but let me get it straight how stupid was it?"

" Heero!" (4)


(1) Sorry I couldn't resist don't hit me!
(2) No Wufei is not a cannibal I just couldn't come up with a way to write
it ok!
(3) Ahh do we recognize this? Hmmm?
(4) Ok I know Heero wouldn't act like that but I hate leaving things tense…sometimes.

~Now I know alot of you are looking at this going....um ok let me explain something. Duo does not have MPD! He just built up a persona to protect himself from being hurt, and in the process the persona took over. What's happening now is that the persona is being disolved because it's not needed anymore...but Duo isn't ready to accept that. I'll shutup now that I've confused everyone more.

Oh and one other thing you are all getting alot more details of what's going on than Heero and Relena ^_~ I don't really see Wufei suppling that kind of information...Duo on the other hand...

Wufei: I am very unhappy.

Duo: At least you aren't a slut!

Heero: Oh what are you two complaining about I'm a miserable-alcoholic-child support dodger.

Quatre: Oh boo-hoo, I have 24 kids under the age of 5! When are we going to be in the story again? You left us alone with 24 children! You could have at least given us a nanny! We need some help! Poor Trowa's loosing his mind. The tick he's developed is really starting to worry me.

Trowa: Children bad...very bad...

Quatre: There there Tro-chan....I'll go make you some tea...

Trowa: With brandy? Lots and lots of brandy....

Bob: *puffing on her cigar* Hn. If I'd known he was this weak I'd have had you give all those kids to Hiei and Kurama.

Hiei: NO!!!

Kurama: Well that was unmanly.

Hiei: So you want 24 children?

Kurama: That wouldn't be so bad...having little...uh er Hiei's running around with little Shuuichi's **I'm not either but your probably right that's why I usually write Kurama easier to spell.

Bob: ok you asked for it! *Insert echoing evil laughter here*

Hiei: Stupid fox.