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Heero sat in the booth absently turning a cup of coffee around and around in his hands, waiting…. It'd taken him two months but he'd finally worked up the nerve to call him, glancing at his watch, Heero sighed and contemplated leaving, that was when a familiar head popped into the diner granted it was covered with a short black wig and baseball cap, but familiar nonetheless. Smirking he waved him over. Adjusting his wig a bit Duo tucked his hands into his pockets and moved to the sit across from him.

" Hello Heero… it's been a long time." He said smiling. Heero looked him over.

" Yeah it has….you look good." He mumbled suddenly finding his mug of coffee very interesting. Duo started drumming his fingers on the table looking anywhere but at Heero.

" Thanks…so do you." Heero nodded and took a sip of his coffee. Feeling more than a little uncomfortable with his ex-lover sitting so close to him. There was so much he wanted to ask him, and he'd gone over it in his head so many times it was ridiculous. But now that he had Duo right in front of him, he couldn't bring himself to say anything at all. After so long it still amazed him how much Duo could effect him. " Listen Heero, let's go for a walk….I know you have a lot of things you want to talk about…" Heero looked up from his coffee at the man across from him. A sarcastic smirk turned up the corner of Heero's mouth. How Duo knew what he needed, he'd never know.

" Ok." Standing he fished money out of his pocket for the coffee, settling it on the table he waited for Duo to lead the way.


Wufei sat at his desk, reading over the final exam he'd give to his sociology class tomorrow. " Challenging, yet fair. " he mumbled to himself, saving the program he pulled the granny glasses off his face and set them beside his computer. Absently rubbing the bridge of his nose, he stood up and stretched glancing at the clock. Sighing he rubbed the back of his neck, Duo wouldn't be back until late tonight…he had agreed to meet with Heero the night before. A slight frown found it's way onto Wufei's face. It's not that he didn't trust his husband to be…it was that he didn't trust his husband to be's ability to think straight around Heero. Shaking his head, he turned off the computer and started for the kitchen. There was no way he could sleep with out Duo beside him so it would be a waste of time to even bother trying. He'd might as well make some tea while he waited. A soft warm brush of fur passed around his ankles, looking down Wufei smirk and picked up the black ball of fur, and continued on to the kitchen. " It looks like it's just you and me tonight Uzi." He said softly to the cat tucked under his arm. While he filled the teakettle at the sink. Uzi blinked up at him suspiciously when he turned on the water, green eyes wary. Chuckling Wufei shifted the kettle to the stove. " No little one it's not bath time…. right now anyway." Turning on the stove he headed back to the living, an indignant mew from Uzi stopped him. Sighing Wufei looked down at the cat. " Oh that's right your 'mommy' isn't here to feed you tonight. Stepping back into the kitchen Wufei opened the fridge and pulled a plastic covered dish from the top shelf, along with a small dish of milk. Rolling his eyes he set it on the floor in the corner of the room. " There you are." If looks could kill Wufei would be a dead man. " What? Fine." Snatching up the dish of food he walked to the microwave, tossing the dish inside he turned to glare at the cat while the dish warmed. " Duo spoils you rotten." The bell on the microwave dinged….and so did the doorbell. Arching a brow, Wufei took the catfood out of the microwave placing it on the floor on his way to the front door. Swinging it open, he had to force his mouth shut. " R-Relena?" there on his front step stood a teary eyed Queen of the World.

" Wufei…" she said forcing a smile. " Is Heero here?" Wufei thought she looked a bit too hopeful.

" No he's not…." He answered stepping aside for her to come inside. " He asked Duo to meet him somewhere….I don't know where sorry." Relena nodded entering the house.

" I understand….." she said looking around the house. " So this is where you and Duo live?…It's nice…cozy even." Relena fiddled with the strap of her purse.

" Relena." Wufei sighed moving to sit down in his chair again. " Heero and Duo are just talking, nothing more." He said leaning back against the chair. " I trust Duo….maybe you should trust Heero." Shaking her head a bitter smile formed on Relena's lips, Wufei felt his stomach clench at the site of it. He'd seen that same smile so many times before, a smile that he hadn't seen in so long. Yet he still remembered it like it'd only been yesterday. " So he's done it again." Relena looked up sharply and then did the very last thing Wufei had expected, launched herself at him and sobbed like a baby against his chest. Blinking in surprise he forced himself to wrap an arm around her, and waited for her to finish. So much for a quiet night at home.


The Riverfront

Heero trained his eyes on the sidewalk, scuffing his toes on the tuffs of grass that came up between the cracks. " So. You and Wufei are getting married?" he finally said. Duo nodded his consent.

" On the 10th." He smiled.

"Congratulations." He murmured. " I'm very happy-"

" Heero what the hell do you want!" Duo snapped stopping in the middle of the sidewalk.

" I just wanted to see you…" Duo shook his head, and starting walking again. Only to stop a few steps away.

" Why? After seven years Heero….Seven years! You left without saying saying anything more than 'I'm leaving.' I didn't even know what the hell happened to you until I saw you on the news coming out of a church with Relena on your arm! Now that I've got what I want, I'm happy! I'm getting married! I've finally put you behind me….you have to come back into my life. Why Heero? Does it hurt you, to see me happy?"

" No! It's not that….I just needed to see you…I know what I did was-"

" Was what? Wrong? Cruel? Shitty? What do you want to apologize now? You want forgiveness? Fine I forgive you! There is that what you want?" Heero stood there watching Duo's expressive face change right before his eyes, from livid to sad back to furious, then to hopeless as if he were putting on and discarding masks.

" I don't deserve your forgiveness Duo….I know that-"

" Your damn right you don't Heero!" Duo said brushing the back of his hand across his face.

" Duo…." Heero reached out for him only to have Duo jerk out of his reach. His voice low and bitter once again.

" Do you know what it was like? Do you have any idea how much it hurt to love you so much and give you so much, just to have you ignore me….treat me like I was nothing…Do you know how much it hurt when you just walked away from me like that? Do you know how I felt? Did you care? You have no idea what kind of hell I went through after you left me….You have no idea what it did to me…..no idea." Finally catching his arm Heero pulled him close to his side. Forcing Duo to look at him, he met his eyes for the first time in years. Examining their violet depths intensively Heero swallowed hard.

" No I don't know….Tell me." Duo's eyes widened in surprise. " Please." Duo looked back at him for a moment before nodding slowly in consent. Pulling his arm out of Heero's grasp Duo walked calmly over to the grassy hill, taking a seat on the top of it he watched the city lights flicker over the water. Heero settled right beside him. Together they sat in silence just watching the water for what seemed like hours…then finally Duo began to speak…..

" The day you left was the day the me you knew died… and Venus was born…I learned later of course that me was just scared into hiding….sleeping really….."


Wufei held onto Relena till her sobs died down to soft hiccups. Then he gently lifted her up and settled her on the couch. Making sure that she was sitting comfortably….he walked to the kitchen and retrieved the tea set. Bringing it back to the living room he set out the cups and begin pouring, all without saying a word. He nearly spilled the tea when Relena broke the silence with a most unusual question. " Tell me what it's like." Blinking Wufei looked at her.

" What's what like?" handing her the cup, she took it gratefully.

"What's it like to be in love with someone….who loves you back?" she asked. Wufei smirked.

" Ah I see."

" I've seen, Duo on talk shows and on that music station Daniel is so fond of. He's always talking about you…." Relena got a distant gleam in her eye. " He looks so happy when he says your name…his eyes light up, his face…..he just looks so alive and so…so in love…." She said looking back to Wufei the wistful smile disappearing from her face. " What's it like to be loved like that?" Wufei shook his head and picked up his tea.

" It's wonderful." He answered simply. " But it was not always wonderful, it was a long hard trip to get Duo to trust me…Your husband hurt him very deeply, Relena. I won't lie to you, I wanted to kill him for what he'd done to him. Just thinking about it makes me want to kill him now." Frowning Wufei sipped his tea.

" What do you mean?" Relena asked, her hands shaking slightly….she didn't really think she wanted to know….but she had to know. Wufei leaned forward, looking her in the eye.

" What I'm going to tell you goes no further than this room Relena understand?" Relena nodded, knowing for sure now that she didn't want to know.

" On my honor…" she said. Wufei looked at her a moment longer than nodded again sitting back.

" Good." He said. Pausing for a moment when Uzi hopped up into his lap. Smiling he passed his hand down the cat's back. " Duo spoils you." Shaking his head, his face became serious once again as he looked at Relena. " The Duo you've seen on tv recently…..is a much different Duo from when Heero first left him…the Duo you've seen is a healed Duo…the Duo I found after Heero left was a very different boy, one hurt inside, who liked to make others feel like he did. Empty, cold, cheap…..worthless. All the things that Heero had made him feel. He made others feel…..many others." Wufei scratched behind the cat's ears, absently playing with the soft fur down her back. " You see Duo has always been one for extreme's during war he was the God of death….during peace he became the God of Love… Venus they called him, why not Cupid or Eros I don't know…but he became Venus…and he was just as cruel and petty as the emotion itself." Relena looked at him flabbergasted.

"Duo? Intentionally hurting people? He would never…I mean he was suc-"

" A kind hearted giving baka?" Wufei arched a brow. " Yes he was….but like I told you…he was hurting and he wanted others to hurt as well…." Wufei winced when Uzi decided his lap was a nice place to stretch her claws, gently moving the cat to a more comfortable position, Wufei looked to Relena again. " Do you want to hear it all Relena…or have you heard enough?" Relena lowered her eyes to the teacup in her lap. Then raised them again to meet Wufei's a determined light in her eyes.

" I've lived so long with my image of Heero and Duo together…I think it's time I know the truth….Tell me it all." Wufei nodded again.

" Alright if that's what you want…." Leaning back he pulled the cat against his chest. " As you know I'm a Professor now….have been for the last 9 years….I'd lost touch with everyone after the war so wrapped up in my duties as the head Professor for the Sociology department….why I don't know considering I taught Psychology….anyway I hadn't known what was going on with the other pilots till out of the blue Quarte with his ever present shadow Trowa showed up at my University I had been grading the final exams for my Psychology 101 class……



(1)" Idiots! I'm teaching idiots! What did I do to get stuck with such an incompetent group of- How is it possible that 32 people get the same wrong answer to the same question?! I went over that chapter at least 15 times!" Grunting in frustration Wufei tossed the papers off to the side of his desk. Looking up at his clock he groaned…he had another test to administer in half an hour. " Another test another set of failures…." Groaning he laid his head on the desk.

" Wufei?" a soft voice from the doorway called. Blinking he sat up hastily readjusting his glasses.

" Yes how may I help- Quarte!" he said standing up. Quarte smiled and walked further into the room.

" Hello Wu- Your wearing tweed?!" Wufei looked indignant and Quarte blushed to his roots… " I mean um…tweeds not bad. Really it's not….." smiling for his sake Wufei leaned back against his desk swiping at his coat.

" Good to see you again too Quarte." Quarte nodded, and smiled still staring at Wufei's choice of clothing…doing his best to hide the surprise he felt.

" Actually….I'm afraid it's not all that good…." Quarte said lowering his eyes. Wufei frowned.

" What's wrong? Did something happen to Trowa?" Quarte blinked.

" Oh no it's not Trowa…he's fine….he got swiped by one of your art teachers as soon as we got on campus…someone calling himself Red Velvet…." Wufei coughed into his hand stifling a chuckle.

" Yes Professor Velvet is our um…Still art teacher…" Wufei smirked. " He inadamant objects…..Trowa should do nicely." Wufei intentionally left out that Professor Velvet also painted people in their…er natural state.

" Funny Wufei." Frowning Wufei pushed his glasses up again.

" So Quarte. If it's not Trowa then what's wrong?" he asked. A dark looked passed through Quarte's eyes momentarily.

" It's Duo…." He said. Wufei arched a brow.

" Didn't Duo go to L2 with Heero? They had a nice little place there last I heard." Wufei said reaching back to grab the test he'd be giving out in 15 minutes.

" Yes he did." The hard edge in Quarte's voice brought Wufei's full attention back to him.

" What's wrong?" Wufei could see Quarte struggling with his emotions, his fingers twisted together squeezing hard.

" He left him."

" Duo left Heero? That's something I thought I'd ne-"

" No! Heero that bastard left him!" Wufei dropped his papers then…he'd never heard Quarte call anyone anything before. A small voice in the back of his mind suggested he comfort the ex-pilot.

" Heero's left Duo many times before Quarte….he always comes crawling back after a few months…he-" Quarte shook his head briskly, swiping a tear that managed to escape from his eye.

" He's really gone this time….Trowa and I were on L2 to pick up three children we'd adopted, we thought since we were in the area…..we'd stop by and visit….We got to the house, and we heard shouting inside, we weren't sure what to do, then we heard Duo scream something and then Heero….and then…..and then Heero came storming out of the house a pack slung over his shoulder….You had to see his face Wufei…he looked dead….so calm and cold. He didn't even acknowledge Trowa and me when he walked past. As soon as he was gone we rushed into the house, and found Duo sitting on the floor in the corner….he looked like he had been crying. But he wasn't then…he was just sitting there his eyes were empty…I tried everything I knew of to get him out of it…but he didn't….Trowa and I stayed with him for a week….he didn't move from that spot….he wouldn't speak, he wouldn't eat…..I was so scared, we had to go home, but we didn't want to leave him alone….but the children we…had to get back home to the children…but Duo….and so I decided to bring him home with us…..the day we were going to move him was the day he came out of it. Wufei….he's not the same Duo we knew….he was different so very different. I asked him to come home with Trowa and me, and that he could stay with us and the kids as long as he liked, but he just shook his head and walked out of the house… and disappeared. I've looked everywhere for him…I can't find him, now I can't look anymore Aiden has the flu and Trowa and I need to get back to the house, we've been away from the children too long as it is. I thought that maybe you-" Wufei watched Quarte's earnest face for a long moment. The only thing that registered to his mind, was that Heero had left Duo…

" What do you want me to do?" he asked. Quarte smiled.

" Find him….I learned he has come to earth. I tracked him to this area but I lost him….I thought that maybe you can help him where Trowa and I couldn't maybe you…."

" Quarte…..I'd love to help but I've got so much work to do and-"

" I understand that Wufei….but something is telling me that Duo is in real trouble…there is something very wrong with him….he needs someone badly Wufei, I would do it, I want to do it, but I have an empire to run, and 20 children to raise….24 counting the four I just adopted from L3. Please Wufei…." Sighing Wufei tried to look anywhere but at the piteous look Quarte was giving him.

" Damn don't do that Quarte! Fine it's only right that I do it, since Duo is a fellow ex-pilot as well as a friend and it would be wrong to just leave a friend when they need help." Quarte smiled at him again.

" Thank you Wufei." He smiled.

" It's justice."

" I see Wufei has agreed to take up our search for Duo?" Trowa said from the doorway….his one visible eye shining.

" Of course." Wufei frowned. " So how did it go with Professor Velvet?" he smirked. Much to his delight Trowa flushed a slight pink.

" Thank you again Wufei." Trowa said grabbing the collar of a very confused Quarte. " Keep us informed….we have to go now. Goodbye." With that Trowa disappeared from the room, dragging Quarte behind him.

" Trowa wait! What session?" smirking Wufei picked up his tests and headed to 'his' lecture hall. Where his students where already settled and waiting for him to give out the tests.

" Good afternoon class." He said politely. " As you know I have your final exam in my hands right now….I do so hope that you will do better than the last group." Nodding he gave the papers to his assistants to pass out. Straightening his jacket again he walked behind his desk and sat, lifting up a pen he pulled a notepad from his desk drawer and settled it in front of him. Pushing up his glasses again he, looked out over the full room and frowned. " Once you've received your papers you may begin. Good luck." With that he proceeded to block out all that surrounded him, and concentrated on the task Quarte had dumped into his lap….Duo Maxwell was not only on Earth…he was somewhere close by….and he needed help….The problem was finding him…Wufei had learned that when Duo didn't want to be found he wasn't found. Sighing he began jotting down the different places Duo could possibly be staying… If he had just up and left like Quarte said…he couldn't have too much money so that narrowed things down a bit…. For the next two hours while his class struggled through the test…. Wufei struggled with a challenge of his own. Everything he jotted down he had to discard for one reason or another. He almost groaned aloud at one point. This was going to take longer than he expected. Ripping off that sheet as well, he tossed it toward the garbage. As he began on his next piece of paper he paused when two of his best students began towards his desk tests in hand. Looking up he arched a brow. " How was it?" he whispered. Edwin his favorite looked down at the desk and smiled, his dark brown eyes glittering.

" Piece of cake." He said giving Wufei his test. " If you studied that is." Winking he set the test down on the desk. Followed immediately by Richard's. Wufei shook his head and picked up the tests, to begin grading them. Both boy's watched for a moment before leaving the hall. Soon after many more of his students began filing down to his desk placing the papers in a pile one by one. Wufei gathered the papers into a neat pile and started grading. Looking at the stack he decided he should be done some time around never. Sighing he set to work bent on getting it done as soon as possible. After several hours of grading he felt a shadow pass over his desk, letting his glasses slide down to the bridge of his nose he glanced up.

" Yes Edwin." He said sparing a smile for his student.

" Heya Professor Wu fei umm I was wondering if you'd graded my test yet?" he asked looking sheepish, his dusty blond hair falling into his eyes. Wufei nodded.

" Yes I have….you did really well." Wufei said. " I'll have the grades posted tommorrow." With that he looked back to the test in his hands. After a few seconds the shadow didn't move, and he looked up again. " Yes?" Edwin blinked and then blushed.

" Ah nothin' I was just um wondering if you'd um…I don't know since it's winter break and all and I don't really have family to go see and stuff so I was wondering if you'd like to go get some coffee with me or something sometime during the break and….well since I'm going to graduate school next semester and… what I mean is I'd like to you know if you'll go to The Coffee Couch with me this evening…." Wufei looked at him slightly surprised. He'd known Edwin was fond of him….just not that fond…..granted the boy was cute…and two years older than him….but he was still a student and Wufei wasn't allowed to date students.

" Umm I'm sorry Edwin but I can't policy and all." He smiled. Edwin shrugged.

" As of next week Professor I'll have my Masters and I won't be a student anymore….well here anyway." He grinned. " I still have to get my Ph.D." Wufei smiled.

" Very true Edwin…but still I-"

" Aw come on Sir it'll be fun….I'll buy! And …and if it makes it easier for you, we don't even have to call it a date. It can be a social situation between two peers." He said smiling. Wufei looked at him, and then shook his head.

" That's a kind offer Edwin…and I'd love to take you up on it, but I have something of a rather urgent nature to take care of this evening….I don't know how long it could take and-"

" It's ok Professor….I shouldn't have… I'm sorry." Edwin said stuffing his hands in his pockets.

" No no it's alright Edwin…I it's just that this is very important and it must be taken care of and quickly…" Edwin nodded but he still looked a bit dejected. " Edwin maybe-"

" Eh! Eddie! What's up man!" Wufei looked to the door as black haired boy came in waving to Edwin. Looking down at Wufei he smirked. " Heya teach what's up?!" Wufei frowned.

" David. Hello again." He said evenly. David nodded at him slinging an arm over Edwin's shoulder.

" So Eddie here asked you out and you turned him down cold huh?" he clucked his tongue. " That's too bad man you don't know what you're missin' Eddie here is goin' places and he's gonna be big one day yah know you'll be sorry!" Edwin blushed a deeper crimson.

" Yes I know Edwin is going places….he'll be very successful in what he does, I'm very certain of that…" Wufei said smiling proudly. " I'll see you around Edwin….maybe we can have that coffee another time." Edwin's blush lessened a bit and he nodded.

" That'd be nice Professor." He said. David gave him a squeeze.

" Score one for the Ed-man! You got a date out of the Ice King!"

" David!" Edwin hissed at him. As he pulled his friend toward the door. Wufei just shook his head.

" Ok ok sorry! Sheesh. Congrats loverboy….say me and a bunch of the guys are going to 'Ecstasy' tonight wanna come?" David said.

" Ahh no thanks not my kinda place." Edwin's voice drifted back to him.

" Oh come on Eddie loosen up! Don was there last night and he said there was this hot little number there, he thought it was a chick at first with all that hair…and those eyes man said they were purple or something.." Wufei paused mid-mark, dropping the pen he dashed out into the hallway.

" David!" he called, both boys stopped and turned to look at him. " Where exactly is this place?"


Present Riverfront

Heero waited patiently for Duo to continue. " Soon after you left Heero…..I left too, just looking at the things in our house hurt too much….the fact that Quarte and Trowa were there only made it worse….it's like you planned it so very perfectly! So that not only did you leave me without so much as telling me why…you humalited me in front of Quarte of all people! Do you have a clue as to how embarassing and painful it was, having Quarte hovering over me….piting me while clinging to Trowa like a damned vine! And when he asked me to come stay at their house with them-"

" Why didn't you?"Duo glared at him briefly then turned back to the water.

" and subject myself to their 'looks' everyday for the rest of my life no thanks….so I left. I started going to clubs….picking up guys going to cheap hotels screwin' em and leavin' em dry without so much as telling them my name…Then I'd go back to the club and do it all over again the next night seeking new conquests scourning and ignoring the ones I'd already had…. I had a blast….soon people started calling me Venus. I liked it so I kept it. Everywhere I travelled whenever someone asked who I was…Venus was the answer…and to be honest I became Venus a new person with a new identity, a free spirit doing what I want who I want when I want, and there was no one there to stop me…..eventually I ended up on earth….that's when everything changed…I'd reached my peak as Venus then, just the sex and dancing wasn't enough the pain was coming back I wanted more….Of course even at my lowest I refused to do drugs, I'd seen what it'd done to so many people back when I lived on the streets, and no matter how much I hated myself, or how useless I felt I just couldn't do it….so I decided that more would make it better…I took more lovers….I drank more….I danced more….I was crueler to my conquests….I demanded more things from them….took more and then left them…..humalited and hurt. Just like I felt, and looking back on it now….I feel like shit, all the things Venus did….all the pain Venus caused….in the hope that my pain would go away…if I made others feel like I did….I was wrong very wrong….ack! I got off track. Anyway all that changed when I went to club called 'Ecstasy' funny but it was the most unlikely place, but that's where I met Wufei again….in tweed"


Seven years ago
Club 'Ecstasy'

Venus felt like dancing……so that is what Venus would do. Smirking Venus tossed his hair over his shoulder, he picked up his wine glass running a sharp black nail around the rim. Calculating violet eyes surveyed the smoky club. A seductive smirk turned up the corners of his mouth as he noted more than half the eyes in the room, where reverted to him. " Good." He mumbled. " Let them look…they can do that all they want…but nobody touches without my permission." Draining his wine he set the glass on the counter giving the bartender a sultry look, causing the poor man to drop the glass he was cleaning. Laughing Venus walked toward the dance floor. Skillfully avoiding wandering hands and fingers, a song that he hadn't heard in a while begin to play, moving through the room in sensual waves. Closing his eyes Venus began to sway to the music, as he made his way across the dance floor, running his fingers lightly over everyone he passed. Ignoring their attempts to hold his close as he did so.

The sun moves high above
Watching below all that moves so fast
Plus taking on a different game
A future that was built to last
I see your face light up my screen
You say hello but I can't
Hold you
Does this all feel somewhat for real with what no limits to us,
We can do…….

Venus paused once in front of a tall man with black hair and eyes, grinning up at him. Venus winked running a fingernail down the man's chest, before turning away….coming face to face with a blushing blond. Venus leaned forward and swiped his tongue over the man's lips, with a giggle he turned away quickly and moved off into the crowd…..

We're making such big steps
It's got me in a spin
Are we aiming too high
Of wanting to feel your skin against my skin, my skin, my skin

Venus sunk his teeth roughly into the shoulder of one of the men he passed. A smirk coming to his lips when the man turned to try and capture his lips in a kiss. Venus turned his head away at the last second, the man's lips brushed lightly over his cheek….a pair of strong arms locked around his waist from behind, Venus let them pull him deeper into the crowd for a moment, then spun around in the arms that held him….he froze solid when he met cobalt blue eyes, then the light blond hair registered and he tore himself away from the boy rougher than was necessary giving him a nasty smile….as the throng of people closed in on him again….

Neon lights are everywhere
Lighting up the crowded streets
It brightens up my floating bed
Where I lay myself to sleep
Did you receive the kiss I sent today
Up on the box in Time Square?
How I love the once and yesterday before it vanished into thin air…..

It wasn't long before another pair of arms held him, and another pair of lips tried to kiss him….Didn't they know? No one kissed Venus unless Venus let them….pulling away smoothly again Venus danced away from his latest captor….right into the arms of another…laughing he arched his hips backwards into the man's groin, grabbing hold of the hand, that was valiantly trying to find it's way up his shirt, Venus brought one of the fingers to his lips and bit gently, sliding it down to the front of his pants, he rocked forward into the palm. A low gasp of surprise sounded from the man…..Venus didn't care. Wrapping his free arm around the man's neck, Venus started a gentle wave motion with his body….rocking backwards against the man's thighs and forward into his hand…

We're making such big steps
It's got me in a spin
Are we aiming too high
Of wanting to feel your skin against my skin, my skin, my skin

You're never really here
This is all a big mistake
My heart is feeling cold
I don't want to bake it

Tiring of his game, Venus pulled away from the man, noting the bulge in the front of the man's leather pants stood out prominently….he whisked off into the crowd once again…No one held Venus still longer than Venus wanted to stay. No one.

" Maxwell! What the hell are you doing?!" Venus's paused for a moment…. Recognizing the voice…. And the name. Shrugging he kept walking away, a firm warm hand closed around his arm then. Holding his still, instinctively Venus brought his hand up to smack the person across the face, only to have his other hand caught as well, swinging his head around his eyes crackled with cold fury, till he saw who held him….then they widened in shock.

" Wu-Wufei?….You're wearing tweed!" (2)

We're making such big steps
It's got me in a spin
Are we aiming too high
Of wanting to feel your skin against my skin, my skin, my skin


1) My mythology class did that, it was me and 3 other students that actually got the right answer!

2) Ok I personally thing Wufei would look like a hottie in tweed with those funny little glasses of his and maybe a pair of brown leather loafers…with that little pigtail….kinda like a Giles look from Buffy.

Wufei: What are you doing to me?!