Ok here's my entry for Urban Legend week, but it's a little bit different.

Legend of the Shooting Stars
by Lady Douji

  It was a perfect night for camping.  The weather was warm, and the sky was
clear.  The sun had almost finished it's descent and already stars filled
the pristine sky.
    A small group of friends gathered around their campfire to begin the
time honored tradition of s'mores and ghost stories.  The fire rose high,
the friendly flames the only source of light.  Laughter rang as the 4 traded
stories, and jokes.  Late into the evening
the stories stopped as five shooting stars streaked across the sky.  One of
the girls on the trip raise her hands as if in supplication, before passing
one hand over the other, than bowing her head.
    "Hey, Tiffany.  What was that?" her friend Jake asked, puzzled over the
strange motions.
Tiffany smiled, brushing her hair back, "Something that my grandmother
taught me
when I was little and we went camping.  It concerns an old legend about the
Gundam Pilots"
    "You mean those fighter pilots from centuries ago?" Chris asked, "The
ones who fought in the Final Colonial conflict"
    "Yes those are the ones." Tiffany nodded, "The story goes like this.  As
tensions mounted in the colonies, and on Earth five scientists built five
fantastic mobile suits, that far surpassed anything used at that time, and
probably goes beyond what's used today.  They also selected five young
pilots, of extraordinary will and strength.  With hearts strong, and sure
and good.  And sent them to earth under the guise of shooting stars.
    "We already know all  about that war, we only have to listen to lectures
and write papers about it every year in school" Jesse whined, as she checked
her cooking marshmallow.  " What do they have to with the weird hand thing?"
    "Let me finish the story and you'll find out."  Tiffany answered,
setting her own marshmallow to the fire to cook. "These pilots began
fighting against impossible odds to the forces that
wished nothing but to bring war and strife to Earth and the colonies.  They
suffered many failures, and defeats, and were even betrayed by the very
people they wished to protect.  But they persevered and eventually came out
victorious.  Their victory allowed the ideals of Pacifism to be instilled
into the government on all levels, and has lead into the era of peace we
live in now.  The pilot went on to live their lives, but when ever peace was
threaten they would come together again to protect the peace people so
    But despite their strengths they were still mortal, and so eventually
died.  People mourned the passing of these great heroes, and feared that
without them, war could return and plague humanity again.   The legend
began in the years following their deaths.  In times when unrest threatens
to break out into violence, there will be a sighting of five shooting stars.
All streaking to the area of unrest.  People who lived in such places
at those times report seeing large mobile suits in their dreams, as well as
dream of unusual despair, and the tension and violence they felt fades away.
People began to say that it's the Gundam Pilots, still protecting the peace,
by letting people experience in their dreams the horrors they experienced
in their lives.
    According to the story my grandmother told me.  Whenever you see a
shooting star in the sky, you should offer up a prayer of thanks.  Because
that shooting star could be one of the Gundam pilots, patrolling the earth
and the colonies, watching for a time and place where he will be needed.
And whenever you see five shooting stars, you should send a prayer of thanks
and hope, for it is most assuredly the five Gundam pilots racing to preserve
the peace of the world.  We must never forget how much we owe to their
sacrifice and to their constant vigilance."

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