Citrus Spice

Author: Lady Douji

Disclaimer and warnings:Bakuretsu Hunters is owned by Satoru Akahori

and Ray Omishi, Iím only borrowing their characters for a little fun.This fic

will contain yaoi, pairings OcxCarrot Gatuea+Marron, violence, and lemon (eventually)




Carrot held tightly to the guiding lines of the flimsy rope bridge he was
currently crossing. Heavy rains had weakened the soft soil the bridge was
secured to and none of the Sorcerer Hunters had wanted to cross, but the map
showed that all the other crossings on the river were hundreds of miles
away. So now they were carefully crossing over one at a time with the ones
waiting ready to grab the ropes in case the posts gave away.Gateau and Tira had

already made it across, thinking that if the bridge could hold Gateau they could

hold all of them

Unfortunately they were wrong.

Midway through his trek Carrot suddenly felt the ropes jerk, looking up he
saw Gateau and Tira's shocked expressions just past the fraying ropes.
"NISAN!!!" Marron's horrified yell caused Carrot to turn his head and see
the ropes behind him were having the same problem.

"Oh you have GOT to be KIDDING me!!" He yelled trying to judge his
chances of reaching the other side before the ropes snapped. Gingerly he
took another step forward and was rewarded with more violent shaking from
the bridge.

"Carrot, wait." Marron called out, wrapping some spare rope around his
waist, "I'll come out and get you."

"Oh no you WON'T!" Carrot yelled back "Chocolate if he tries, just sit on him.

Anymore weight will just make this stupid bridge snap."†††††††††††

"The hurry up and get your skinny little ass over here." Gateau yelled
looking ready to ignore Carrot's warning himself.††††††††††

"What do you think I'm trying to do?!!!" Carrot yelled, taking one more
step forward.†††

With a loud twang the overstrained ropes finally snapped sending Carrot
down into the rushing river.††††††

"NISAN!!!" Marron's horrified cried tore from his throat as he
watched his brother's head disappear under the water. Only Chocolate's firm
grip on his robes kept him from diving in after Carrot. For a few moments
he dared not breathe, until he saw Carrot's form struggle to the surface,
bobbing as the river's currents tried to pull him under again.†††††††

"MARRON! CHOCOLATE!!" Gateau yelled, "Don't just stand there! Let's go
find a spot to fish him out."
So they ran trying desperately to stay close as the swollen and angry river
swiftly pulled Carrot out of sight.

A few hours later Carrot woke feeling mud squelching against his face,
water lapping at his waist while the late afternoon warmed his back.

"Ugh," he groaned, as he raised himself up on his arms to drag himself out
of the water. Mentally he ran a checklist on himself, "Let's see bruise,
bruise, another bruise BIG BRUISE! cut, cut, and yet another bruise. Hmm
nothing feels broken though, that's a good sign. But damn it feels like I
pissed off the Misu sisters big time."

Feeling it safe enough Carrot sat up and visually confirmed what his body
told him and more. Rocks had torn his tank top to a miserable few scraps,
as well and several large tears in his pants. Shuddering, he tried to
repress thoughts about how easily those rocks could have torn him to shreds
instead of just his shirt. His sword was gone, apparently fallen out of its
sheath and lost in the river; his boots were a soggy mess. Wringing out his
boots he began planning.

"Okay, so I got swept downriver and chances are the rest of the guys are
looking for me. So if I just follow the river upstream I'll run into them
eventually. Or if that doesn't work I can just find a Stellar Church and
send a message home to Big Mama."

Pulling on his slightly drier boots Carrot got up, and was ready to go find
his friends when he was distracted by a groups of riders heading toward him.
As the riders surrounded him in a loose semi-circle Carrot found himself
squirming under the gaze of their leader. A powerfully built man, with fine
aristocratic features, long red hair tied back and the sorcerers' mark upon
his forehead.

Shifting nervously Carrot wished he was wearing Marron's robes, or even
Tira's cloak, anything other than the pitiful few scraps of cloth he had on,
as the sorcerer unabashedly ran his eyes down Carrot's form.

"Hi" Carrot said, plastering a friendly smile on his face while watching
the men carefully, " I hope I'm not trespassing or anything. You see a
bridge I was on collapsed and I got washed up here."

"Oh that's terrible." The sorcerer crooned. "I am the Marquis de L'Orange,
lord of this region. After such a harrying ordeal you must be in need of some medical assistance.

Please, come to my home and refresh yourself. I have some highly skilled physicians who can

see to any wound you may have."

"Oh that's real nice of you sir" Carrot said, "but I'm fine, and I was with
some friends who are probably out looking for me." Starting to the edge of the circle Carrot waved

to the Marquis de L'Orange, " So if you don't mind I'll just be on my way . . ."

At an imperceptible gesture from L'Orange his men moved to block Carrot's

"Ahh but I insist young man" L'Orange purred, a thin hint of steel entering
his voice. " I would not be able to sleep tonight knowing you were out
there alone. After all there's no telling how long it will take you to find
your friends."

"T-t-there's really no need for that sir." Carrot said still smiling, but
warily backing away from as some of the men dismounted and were approaching
him slowly. "My friends would get real upset if they found out I was
relaxing in some-one's home while they were out looking for me. Trust me

it's just not worth it."

"Perhaps I should make it clear that I am not making a simple invitation or
request. You will be staying at my home tonight and for quite some time."
L'Orange said, his voice full of promise and menace, as only a man used to
getting his way could sound. " I have been in search of some new male
companionship and you look like you will fill the position nicely."

Carrot's hand instinctively dropped to where the hilt of his sword would
lay but found only his empty scabbard."N-n-now wait a minute," Carrot stammered, " I am NOT

interested in guys!!"

"You will adjust." L'Orange gestured to his men "Take him, but try not to
damage him any further."

As the men converged upon him Carrot pulled his scabbard off his belt and
used it as a club. Swinging wildly he forced some of the men back. Turning
around he then threw the scabbard at the legs of two men who had been ready
to tackle him, tripping them.

Leap-frogging over them, Carrot made a dash for the horses, thinking that
if he could grab one of them he might have a chance to escape. He felt
something small and burning hit him hard sending him stumbling to the
ground. A familiar warmth spread through his veins and he smiled at the
realization that the sorcerer had used magic on him. The smile quickly
faded when he looked down and saw the transformation was incomplete.
His hands had sprouted razor-sharp claws and were covered and dark, fine
fur. He could feel the beginnings of horns jutting from him forehead, and
over-sized canines fighting for space in his mouth.
"SHIT!!!" Carrot thought, "Must have only been trying to stun me,
shot was too weak to trigger a full transformation."

Dimly he heard L'Orange saying "Hmm the power of Aranju. I shall have to
be careful of that, but it does have some possibilities."

"Oh well" Carrot though flexing his claws, "At least now I'm not completely

With a growl he lunged at the man closest to him, managing to slash him across his

stomach and chest. He turned to give another one of his assailants the same treatment when

something slammed into the back of his legs forcing him back down. Snarling Carrot tried to

squirm away from the man who tackled him but was quickly pinned by the rest of the men.

Struggling under their weight Carrot felt something hard strike the back of his head. There was

a burst of light behind his eyes, quickly followed by darkness.

The sun was beginning to set and the Sorcerer Hunters had found no sign of
Carrot. Tira and Chocolate alternated between simply calling Carrot's name
and threatening dire consequences if he didn't show himself soon. Marron
moved like a man possessed, eyes frantically searching for any sigh of his
brother. Gateau sighed as he watched the darkening sky, hating what he had
to do.

"Guys" He said watching them tense as if knowing what he was going to say
"We have to stop and make camp for the night."

"But we can't stop now." Chocolate whined, "My Darling is still out

"I agree with Chocolate." Marron said, oblivious to the leaves and twigs
that had embedded themselves in his hair during the search. "My brother
is alone out there, and could be hurt. We have to find him."

"I know. I know." Gateau sighed in exasperation "I don't want to leave
him out there any more than you do, but we have to face facts. It's getting
dark and it won't do Carrot any good if we're stumbling around in the dark.
It would be too easy to walk right past him and never know. Or get hurt

Looking over his companions' worried expressions Gateau felt as if he had
been kicking puppies. Continuing on he said "Looks I know we're all worried
about Carrot, but we'll have a better chance of finding him in the

Tira looked down at the ground and said "I-I'll start digging the fire

So they drifted off to their normal camping chores. The evening passed
silently and solemnly until the Misu sisters fell asleep close together
seeking comfort in each other. Gateau and Marron were left alone watching
the fire.

"Do you think we'll find him?" Marron asked as calmly as he could, his
worry betrayed by the tension in his shoulders.

"Yeah, we'll find him." Gateau said "Carrot's a tough little shit. He's
survived worse than a dunk in a river. Hell knowing him he's probably found
a cozy shack or farmhouse to spend the night in."

"Yes. Nisan does seem to have the most unusual luck when it comes to
surviving." Marron said, almost smiling. "Still I can't help but worry
about the trouble he might get into."

"Keep that up and you'll give yourself an ulcer with all of the trouble he
does get himself into." Gateau grinned as that coxed a smile out of the
mage. Putting one arm comfortingly around Marron shoulders, he continued
"Look I'm sure Carrot's fine and we'll find him. I promise. Now get some
rest. We're going to want to get an early start tomorrow."

"Yes. Good night Gateau. And thank you." Marron said drifting to his
chosen resting spot. Wrapping his blanket around him he laid down to rest,
hearing Gateau's soft "You're welcome and sleep well" in reply, just before
falling into a fitful sleep.