Disclaimer: Sorcerer Hunters is owned by Satoru Akahori and Ray Omishi, the story however is mine.†† This is a first person pov and I hope itís pretty obvious who it is.††††††††




I can't believe that I snuck out of my nice, warm, and cozy bed to watch you sleep.It's my own fault though.If I had left that journal of yours alone I wouldn't know about your nightmares, and I wouldn't be here worrying about your mental health.Granted if I had known the journal was yours in the first I would have left it alone, you should think about labeling it, or at least put a lock on it. ††††††††††† Still, itís too late to do anything about it.I know now about your fears and worries and canít help but worry about it.

††††††††††† Ugh, maybe itís the sleep deprivation taking over, but I think Iím beginning to see why Milphy is so attracted to you.You may never be called beautiful, but here and now without a goofy or lecherous expression, only a blind man would be able to call you ugly or unattractive.Heh that could be a new girl-chasing tactic for you.Just find a good spot, take a nap and youíll probably wake up surrounded by a harem.Would probably work a lot better than that crazy routine you usually do.

†††††††††† Though I just canít seem to understand you Carrot.It seems like you were a pretty smart kid, so why do you go around acting like such an idiot now.†† After reading your journal I could kinda understand why Marron, Tira, and Chocolate are so devoted to you, and curious enough to ask a few question.You did some pretty impression stuff as a kid, fighting off a fire bear 5 times your size with only a stick.††† Knowing when to help the others out, and when not to so they could stand on their own.Always being what they needed at that time.

††††††††††† I know that smart, sensitive kid is still there.I saw him when you convinced Chocolate to let me face down …clair, and when we were facing down Jingo Roe.And yet when I think about the number of times you ruined a serious moment by asking an incredibly stupid question, or saying something completely inappropriate.So why do you hide him now, why are you such an idiot, unless?

††††††††††† Maybe it really is an act.You said it yourself we kill people for a living.Sure the people we kill are abusing others and they deserve death, but itís still killing.It really is depressing when you think about it.I know when Chocolate and me are off on assignment together the whole mood is so oppressive, we never joke, never laugh.Just concentrate on killing the target and finish the job.Itís not pleasant.But when weíre with you, Marron and Tira itís different.Weíre too annoyed at your antics to brood, and as long as youíre goofing around we feel that we can to and so we do.We still concentrate on the target, but it never seems as bad.Could it be that youíre still trying to protect Marron, and Tira in some way now that they no longer need you looking after them physically?Youíre looking after their emotional and mental well-being?

††††††††††† Uh-oh, your browís starting to knit together, youíre frowning, and starting to twitch in your sleep.It doesnít take a genius to figure out a nightmareís starting.I gather you in my arms, blankets and all, and hold you like a parent comforting a child.Gods, I hope you donít wake up right now, that would be real awkward.I stroke your hair and back, while you whimper and cry caught in your nightmare.It takes a while, but gradually, the whimpers cease and your breathing evens out back to normal sleep.So I ease you back to the bed and walk away.

††††††††††† I think Iím starting to get it now.Ok then, you look after the others the best way you know how, and Iíll look after you, and no one else will know.Iím beginning to think youíre more like your fatherís namesake than your own, just layers buried beneath layers.Just as sorcerers never suspect the power you hide inside, I never would have suspected some of the things I think now.Good night Carrot, sleep well.


Authorís notes

Well, there it is, the much asked for continuation of Beneath the Surface, and as much as some would probably like me to continue through all the characters itís probably going to end here as none of the ideas Iíve had to go further seem to work, and go to far away from what I want this fic to be.Which right now is as a vehicle for me to voice some of my opinions and theories about Sorcerer Hunters.But hey if anyone feels the urge to pick up where I left off, or take the idea and run with it in a totally separate direction feel free (uhm just try not to use my words ok, and the person Iím talking about you know who you are)

And yes I am now aware about how Gateau joined the Sorcerer Hunters, I just didnít know back when I wrote the first chapter because the English version hadnít been released yet and the info wasnít out on the net.