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Epilogue- One of the Winner Estates Ball Room's

"Aw come on Wu it's tradition!" Duo goaded holding the slice of cake up to his suspicious husband's face.

"Why?" Wufei frowned.

Duo shrugged. "I don't know but I feed you a piece of the cake and you feed come one please?" Duo pouted.

Wufei finally consented, picking up the other thin slice of cake he cradled a hand under it and guided it to Duo's mouth. Duo, took it two bites sucking one of his icing covered fingers into his mouth teasingly thus catching Wufei off guard when he shoved the whole slice of cake in his mouth.

Wufei bellowed something at him that sounded like his name, but it was hard to tell around the mouthful of cake he was currently trying to swallow whole.

Trowa of course took a picture, of the fuming ex-pilot.

Duo chuckled at him and leaned forward licking the extra frosting from around his husband's mouth before planting a wet sloppy kiss on his lips.

"Duo! Don't corrupt the children," Quatre teased.

Duo pulled back from Wufei poking his tongue out at Quatre.

Trowa took another picture.

Duo made a mental note to hide his camera.

Duo felt arms, sliding around his waist and turned into his new lover's arms, wrapping them around Wufei's neck he didn't know why, they'd been together for 7 years, but today felt like the first day together they couldn't seem to stop touching one another.

Pressing his forehead to Wufei's, Duo kissed him again he hadn't felt so content in his life.

"PAPA! Make Amy give it back!"

"Papa it's mine!"

"Papa! Kara hit me!"


"That's enough all of you sit down! Or no cake! Silver no! Don't touch that! Melissa! Michael! Stop that! Haru get down from there!"

Duo and Wufei kissed again. " No kids." They said in unison.


"Let me handle it Quatre." Trowa said softly, tugging his husband's hand. He turned to the children, folding his arms across his chest he didn't say a word just looked at them.

Instantly 24 little children, and several adults were sitting and quiet.

Quatre looked at him flabbergasted. " How do you do that?!"

Trowa shrugged. " Simple child reasoning, Papa is for fun, Daddy means business."

Quatre glared at him, for a second then shook his head turning back to Wufei and Duo, who were currently oblivious to the world around them. "Trowa"

Trowa nodded, and snapped another picture.

"They look about ready to spend some time alone" Quatre blushed.

Trowa smiled. "Wedding song?"

"Yeah I think, it's about time for their dance" Quatre said taking Trowa's hand, he nodded toward Rashid, who stopped the band from playing, then disappeared behind the curtain on the little stage.

"Duo Wufei! Time for your dance." He smiled, as Duo and Wufei exchanged another glance he still didn't know what the song was, Duo refused to say, and Wufei was just as closed mouth.

Suddenly the room was filled with loud blaring music American music a man screaming ' Devil man' was all he could understand.

"Wrong cd Rashid!" Duo screamed over the noise.

A muffled sorry floated across the now silent ballroom.

Shaking his head, Duo looked Wufei and winked, pulling him towards the center the room. Duo pressed closer to Wufei when he felt his husband's arm go around his waist. Leaning forward he stole another quick kiss. Then finally their music began resting his head on Wufei's shoulder Duo closed his eyes and let himself float in the song.

I've seen the Seven Wonders of the World
I've seen the beauty of diamonds and pearls
But they ain't nothing baby
Your love amazes me.

Quatre watched the two dance for a moment, before turning to his own love and wrapped his arms around him, moving slowly with the music Duo had chosen well

Don't you ever doubt this love of mine
You're the only one for me
You give me hope, you give me reason
You give me something to believe in
Forever faithfully
Your love amazes me

I've seen a sunset that would make you cry
And colors of a rainbow reaching
Across the sky the moon in all its phases
But your love amazes me

Don't you ever doubt this love of mine
You're the only one for me
You give me hope, you give me reason
You give me something to believe in
Forever faithfully
Your love amazes me

I've prayed for miracles that never came
And got down on my knees out in the pouring rain
But only you could save me
Your love amazes me

Heero watched Duo and Wufei dancing in the center of the room, their eyes locked with each other no one else seemed to matter to them. He felt Dlan's hand squeeze his, and he smiled. Turning to meet his lover's blue-violet eyes. Leaning down slightly he brushed his lips across Dlan's cheek. "I-"

" I know." Dlan said, patting his hand. He gave it another gentle squeeze. " I know." He said again slightly wistfully as he watched Wufei and Duo dance

Don't you ever doubt this love of mine
You're the only one for me
You give me hope, you give me reason
You give me something to believe in
Forever faithfully
Your love amazes me

Relena watched Dlan and Heero, even though seeing them together hurt. God did it hurt, but it was wonderful to see him happy something neither she or Duo hadn't been able to do.

Turning away she smiled slightly at the sight of Duo and Wufei holding each other close even as the song ended

She smiled slightly when Wufei lifted one of Duo's hands and brushed his lips over his knuckles.

Duo pulled a face at him, but kissed him again anyway.

Your love amazes me I got down on my knees your love your love amazes me


-And I mean it this time unless I do a side story


Ok for those who don't know the song is " Your love Amazes me" By John Berry it's a beautiful country song.

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