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Warning: heh nudity limey and Professor Velvet is in here in all his perverted glory
I'm trying really hard to finish this sucker off this section is short

Wufei's Office

Wufei looked at the test scores with a smile…much better. This batch had potential…

A commotion in the hallway caught Wufei's attention frowning he walked to the door. He could hear Professor Velvet trying to calm someone down…

"I'll take you to Professor Wufei! It'll be alright!"

At the mention of his name Wufei swung the door open and stepped out into the hallway. There with Professor Velvet was a tear streaked pissed off Duo. His hair was unbound and wind whipped.

" Duo!" He called.

Both Duo and Velvet looked up…both with relief clearly written across their faces, but for very different reasons.

Duo immediately broke away from Velvet's side and ran at Wufei grabbing him in a tight hug he buried his face against the Professor's shoulder.

Wufei frowned stroking Duo's back. "Duo what's wrong?" He whispered in his ear placing a light kiss on the top of his head.

Velvet stood a little bit away from them, a blond eyebrow arched. " Good Wufei. Cheer him up…Noone that beautiful should cry for anything." He said studying Duo a moment longer and then turning around to leave.

Wufei watched him go slightly distracted and then guided the mumbling Duo into his office. Kicking the door closed Wufei locked it making certain they wouldn't be disturbed before guiding Duo to the couch on the far wall. Setting him down in it Wufei kneeled in front of him pushing his hair out of his face.

" Duo? Duo what's wrong?" He asked rubbing the hands he held.

Duo looked at him finally with puffy eyes. " He didn't even tell me…He could have at least told me…He didn't…I don't understand why he…"

Wufei frowned. He guessed Duo meant Heero by he but what did the bastard do now? " What happened Duo."

Duo's eyes darkened. " He married her." He said finally. " He left me for her! He didn't tell me…and he married her! "

Wufei shook his head…Duo couldn't mean Heero…Heero would have at least told Quatre who would have warned him. " Who?"

" Heero married Relena! I saw it on the news today…. He married her! I couldn't eve-"

Wufei stopped his words with a kiss. " No. Duo don't think that…the fact that Heero was unhappy with you has nothing to do with you…" He said evenly holding his eyes.

" I'm sorry Wufei I-"

" It's alright Duo that's what lover's do dump their problems on each other." He smiled drawing Duo down against his chest. " I know how much you loved him and for how long…I don't expect that love to go away over night…and finding out that someone you loved married someone else without bothering to tell you is enough to upset anyone." He continued rubbing soothing circles on Duo's back. " Heero is the one who is wrong not you." He whispered. " He never deserved you anyway." Pulling Duo closer Wufei continued to whisper and rub until he felt Duo beginning to calm down.

Duo wrapped his arms around Wufei and let his voice soothe him. " Wufei…"

" It's alright Duo…Everything is going to be fine…I've got you and I have no intention of letting you go."

Duo lifted his head from Wufei's chest slightly teary violet-blue eyes looked in dark brown. " Promise? Or if you do…will you promise to tell me who you're marrying?"

" On my honor." He whispered. " Besides since the person I'm going marry if it's anyone it's going to be you. I'd have to tell you then wouldn't I?" He sighed.

Duo smirked and put his head back down. " Wufei?"

" Hm?"

" Does your door have a lock?"

" Yes why?"

A slightly mischievous smile played across Duo's lips as he pressed firmer against Wufei's chest.

" Oh…Duo you do realize we're in my office? And the walls are really thin?"

" Well I guess we'll have to be extra quiet then…" He murmured.

Wufei stiffened. " Oh…."


Lecture Hall

Wufei sat at his desk, trying valiantly to keep his mind on his work. But the memories of what happened in his office came back to haunt him and he alternated between frowning about the news he'd received about Heero and forcing himself not to blush as the way he had comforted Duo came to mind.

" We will adjourn early today." He finally said standing up from his desk. " Read chapter 15-27 tonight. Good day." He said simply going back to his office. Ignoring the murmurs that passed through his class…but being college students they knew not to look a gift horse in the mouth and immediately bolted.

Wufei sighed looking into his office, Duo lay curled up on the couch a satisfied expression on tear streaked face. Smiling Wufei knelt down beside him leaning close he brushed his lips across Duo's lips.

Violet eyes opened immediately blinking at the sudden onslaught of light.

" Well it's nice to see you're awake." He smirked leaning down to steal another kiss. " Let's go home hm?" He said kissing him again.

Duo nodded and pushed himself to a sitting position. Wufei stood up slowly dusting his pants.

" Mmm Wu we've got to try it on your office floor more often." Duo winked trying to muster up a cheerful expression and failing.

Wufei didn't agree.

" Let's save it for home Duo." He sighed.

Pouting Duo wrapped the tweed coat tighter around himself.

Looking at him Wufei smiled and leaned over pressing a light kiss to his forehead. " Come on and get dressed. We can go home now."

Duo grinned and stood up slowly letting the jacket slide off his bare body reaching his arms over his head he stretched his long hair falling over shoulders to spill down his back in long glistening waves…

" Perfection." A breathy voice called from the now open doorway…the now open doorway that neither of them had noticed.

With a yelp Duo picked up the jacket again.

" Velvet!"

Breaking away from the vision Professor Velvet turned to Wufei. " He's beautiful Wufei…."

" I'm aware of that. What did you want Velvet?" Wufei frowned moving to stand in front of Duo effectively blocking Velvet's view of him.

" I had come by to ask you to pose for my class again…"

" No."

" Very well then…how about you my vision?" He asked to the dangerously flushing Duo.

" No." Wufei answered again.

Velvet frowned. " Come now Wufei don't be selfish hiding such beauty from the world is surely an injustice to us all!" Velvet said looking over what he could see of Duo.

" No."

Sighing Velvet cast him a pitiful glance. " You are truly a selfish selfish man Wufei! "

Wufei arched a brow. " If you had this would you want to share?"

Velvet seemed to think for a moment. " No I wouldn't…but who of us can truly claim to hold the heart of a child of Venus?" He said walking backwards still eyeing Duo.

" I can." Wufei said with a smirk reaching back to pat Duo on the thigh. " Now leave!"

With a sigh Velvet clutched his heart and bowed before stepping out of the room.

Wufei rushed over and locked the door behind him.

" He's weird Duo frowned still clutching the jacket.

Wufei had to nod his agreement. " Just get dressed angel."


Wufei's apartment

Wufei determinedly ignored his neighbors' catcalls and whistles, while Duo winked and blew kisses to his adoring public. Snorting Wufei unlocked the door of his apartment dragging a bowing Duo in behind him. With a firm glare at his smug neighbors he slammed the door.

" Aw Wu! They love us! What say you we give em a real show tonight eh?" Duo winked.

Wufei studied his face intently for a moment Duo was building his old cheer around him like a protective wall again. Pulling the other boy close Wufei pressed a kiss to his lips and then pulled back preparing to say something when the phone rang.

Frowning he moved to answer it and Duo skittered off to hide in the kitchen.

Flicking a button he frowned at Trowa's frazzled image on the little screen…well frazzled for Trowa anyway. Wufei guessed the screaming and slamming objects in the background where the cause.

" Hello Wufei." Trowa said flatly.

" Hi Trowa what's up?"

" 15 of the children have the flu 3 more have chicken pox 4 more have the stomach flu and 1 has strep the nannies quit Quatre's men don't have the first clue about children we haven't slept in 3 days. Then we just found out that Heero went off and married Relena with no warning or indication to anyone. Quatre isn't taking the news too well."

" Damn it Rashid where is my rifle?! I know you hid it!" (1)

Wufei winced. " Sounds like you're having a rough week…Duo and I can be there in a few days to help if you like."

" No it's alright. But could you have Duo come to the phone and tell Quatre he's alright?"

" I can't believe the nerve of that-that-that-Ohhhh! I can't think of anything to call him!"

Wufei winced as the blond stormed pass the view screen again.

" Are you sure Quatre is alright?"


" Trowa! What'd you do with my pistol? Where are my bullet?!"

"Please get Duo…Hurry. "

" Duo! Quatre needs to talk to you!"

Duo came from the kitchen then smiling and humming to himself.

Wufei looked at him skeptically…he knew what Duo was doing but he guessed for Trowa's sake he'd let Duo do it a bit longer.

" What's up?" He asked leaning on Wufei's chair. " Hi Trowa!"

" Hello Duo."

" Where is it?! Where is it?!"

" Duo blinked " What's with Quatre?"

" He's going to kill Heero. Would you mind talking to him please? Just let him know you're alright."

Duo blinked as he watched Quatre run by again in the background. The sound of children coughing and whining could be heard clearly.

Frowning Trowa turned to look behind him. " Quatre. Duo wants to talk to you." He said flatly walking away to check on the kids.

Quatre's smiling face came on the screen a second later…clutching an old fashioned double barrel shotgun. " Hell Duo how are you?"

Smiling wider Duo waved. " Oh I'm great just great! Say did Wufei tell ya were going out now?" He said cheerfully gripping Wufei's shoulder.

Quatre blinked. " Why no he didn't. Congratulation!" He said chipper as ever. Gesturing with the rifle every now and then.

Wufei nodded taking Duo's hand.

" Ohh you two look so cute !" He bounced. Ignoring a frazzled Rashid chasing a naked giggling child around in the background. "I'm very happy for you!" He said.

Duo nodded. " So what's with the gun?"

Quatre frowned. " Oh nothing…" He said innocently…too innocently.

Smirking Duo arched a brow. " Really Quatre I'm fine now What Heero decides to do with his life is his business I have my own happiness." He said looking pointedly at Wufei. " I wish him and his fairytale bride the best." He smirked. " And may they live happily ever after in their castle in the sky."

Quatre studied him for a moment…"Du-"

" Oi! I'm fine Quatre…besides you'd better be worrying about that little hellion running around with the matches!"

Quatre blinked and turned around just in time to see one of his children running past carrying a big box of matches and giggling like crazy. " Silver no! Give Papa the firesticks!" he yelled forgetting about the phone as he took off after his daughter.

Wufei and Duo exchanged a look and then shut off the connection. " We are not getting children." Wufei said.

Duo had to nod his agreement.


The Riverfront

Heero closed his eyes. " I didn't realize it'd be that hard for you Duo…"

Duo snorted. " I lived and breathed for you and only you for years Heero how could you possibly not realize that?" He snapped.

Heero looked away. " For what it's worth I'm sorry."

Duo shook his head. " It's not worth much." He said narrowing his eyes.

" I know." Heero replied. " Please finish." Heero had something of his own to confess but it could wait for a while….(2)


1) If you've ever been in a situation like this then you know this is not OOC…..
2) What is Heero's confession you ask? Muhahahahahaha! Tune in next time for another installment of Reality ever after

I swear this thing is turning into a season of As the world turns…


Vat? You are still here? Anyway this is a lost fic piece from the beginning of REA The second chapter to be exact but I lost this and just found it recently see how much different the fic would be if I followed this thread.

Duo & Wufei

Wufei laid back on the couch, a book perched comfortably on his stomach. Glancing up at the clock Wufei sighed and propped the book back up. Maxwell would be leaving soon. Shaking his head he mentally csed Heero for the 100th time. Of all that stupid boy was he was loyal, kind, annoying, sexy, absolutely delicious...Pausing at that Wufei's minf wandered back two days ago when Duo had worn his dark red bodysuit molded tightly to all the right curves.

He had opted to put micro-braids in his hair that night...How long that had taken to put in he Lord only knew. But he looked damned good nonetheless.

Wufei could feel more than a slight stirring in his pants at the memory. Heero was a fool. He thought shaking his head.

It was then Duo decided to step out of his room. Or more accurately saunter out.

Running his hands teasingly up the shiny material he licked his lips. " So what do ya think Wufei?" he asked a sultry smile on his lips. " Is it me?" he purred.

Wufei looked him over then frowned willing his body back under control. He crossed his legs in an attempt to hide the bulge.

" It would be you Maxerll if you were a cheap street corner whore." Turning back to his book Wufei missed the brief flash of hurt in his eyes.

Duo shrugged. " Might as well be, at least I can get paid for it then eh?"

Before Wufei could reply Duo had fled out the door. With a grunt Wufei returned to his book but images of a certain violet eyed naked idiot kept dancing infront of the pages. Finally shutting the book with a snap Wufei hopped to his feet, and skidded out the door Duo had just vacated. Sliding it silently shut behind him Wufei walked downstairs to where Duo was just pulling out of the garage.

How he could stand to ride a motorcycle in that outfit was beyond him, but he was man enough to admit he looked good doing it.

An image of himself riding Duo on said bike came unbidden to Wufei's mind.

Growling he moved quickly to the car and started it. Preparing to follow Duo to whatever sin den he'd go to.

Wufei's scowl intensfired when he read the sign. Leave it to that baka to find a place like this. Snorting disdainfully Wufei walked through the front door of 'The open hole' then promptly stifled a nose-bleed. Everywhere he looked were men that were either naked or getting there doing things that he was certain were not legal.

A couple that was currently engaging in an intense game of tonsil hockey noticed Wufei. One of them pulled away and gave him a wink, the other opted for the more forward approach of sliding his hand into the front of his partners pants. " Care to join us?" He asked with a smile.

Wufei glared at them before turning back to his search for Duo. The idiot had disappeared the second he walked in the door. " Maxwell where the hell are you?"

A hand snaked up his shirt then and he squeaked innediately grasping the wrist and twisting.

" Ohhh so you like it rough huh pretty boy..." An unfamiliar voice purred in his ear. " I can go for that..." Wufei pulled away roughly turning he glared at the boy that dared to touch him.

A tall slim black haired youth stood before him smiling down at him wickedly. " Hi. I'm Toby wanna fuck?" The boy said in an overly perky voice.

" No thank you." Wufei murmurred scouting the crowd his eyes nearly came clean out of their sockeys when he did finally spot Duo.

He was dancing...if you could call it that with three guys. One with black hair, one with white hair, and the verdict on the lat one's hair color wasn't in yet. " I'm looking for someone and I just found him excuse me."

The black haired boy looked up to where Wufei's eyes had tailed too and frowned. " Oh you're a Venusite." He said flatly.

" What?"

The boy blinked at him like he was an idiot.

A description Wufei didn't like.

" You're a Vensite. One of Venus's fanclub eh?" He said nodding toward Duo who was currently being...um well....Wufei wasn't certain what they were doing but they were touching him and he was getting pissed.

The black haired boy moved closer to Wufei again wrapping an arm around his waist.

" Well Venus has picked him temple priest for the evening." He said flicking his tongue over Wufei's cheek/ " So why not make do with lowly little ole me for now?" He purred nudging Wufei's cheek.

Too stunned to reply Wufei stood there while Toby began kissing him ligjhtly at first gentle presses on his lips then his tongue...

" So Wufei.: A sharp voice said beside him. Snapping him from his daze.

He heard Toby gasp in surprise.

Turning he met glazed and extremely angry violet eyes.

" Duo?"

Frowning Duo stepped between Wufei and Toby swaying slightly on his feet.

" Duo how much have you had to drink?"

Ignoring him Duo contined to glare at Toby.

" You'll let *him* a total stranger kiss you like that in front of people! But you won't even put your damn book down and talk to me!" Duo spun around to Wufei falling off balance slightly as he did so.

Wufei blinked at him.

" Am I that repulsive to you? That stupid american who can't do anything right...Who can't even keep his damned boyfriend!" Duo shouted at him hissing. " Go on say it! Duo Maxwell the cheap-"

Clamping his hand over Duo's mouth Wufei leaned closer.

" Shutup Maxwell." He said.

Duo glared at him.

" Now how much have you had to drink?"

Duo smirked and snaked his tongue between Wufei's fingers.

Pulling it away roughly Wufei scowled at him.

" I'm here to bring you home Maxwell." He grumbled tugging at Duo's arm.

Toby had backed off a bit and was now watching them with humor in his eyes.

" So you know Venus..." He drawled. A flash of jealousy dashed through his eyes. Wufei nodded gripping Duo's arms tighter.

" You could say that. Now excuse us." He snapped dragging Duo behind him....who was currently singing in his drunken state.

"What do I do? What do I do? What do I do? What-do-I-do-right?!"


Aren't ya glad I lost this?

Hey can you name the song at the end?