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Wufei's bedroom

Walking behind him Wufei nuzzled his neck. " You can open your eyes now." He whispered.

Blinking Duo opened his eyes and gasped. " Wu-"

" Do you like it?" He asked wrapping his arms around Duo's waist, he loved the way Duo smelled like strawberries and sunflower seeds…(1)

" I love it!" He smiled looking around the candle filled room. They were everywhere! Covering the dresser, except on the nightstand by the bed, a big clear plastic bowl sat with ice in it, a can of some kind sat in the ice along with a smaller bowl of strawberries and an even smaller one of something he couldn't make out from where he was.

Wufei smiled turning his lover around to face him. His smile faded at the solemn expression he saw there.

" You did this for me?" Duo asked.

Wufei nodded.

" Why?"

Wufei raised his hand to Duo's cheek, resting his palm against the delicate skin. " Because you deserve it." He answered pulling Duo close. He kissed him, attempting to convey with his lips and tongue what he couldn't with words. He loved Duo, he loved him so much it hurt the pain only worsened whenever he saw Duo suffering…He'd been suffering since Wufei had found him, but not anymore. No not anymore Duo was his now and he'd do everything he could to make him happy. He wanted to see that light burning again…Duo wasn't Duo without it.

Reluctantly Wufei pulled away from the kiss, licking his lips to swipe the last of Duo's flavor from them.

Duo blinked. " That was new."

Smirking Wufei tugged at Duo's robe belt. " Yes it was new, and hopefully they'll be many more new things this night." Giving another little tug Wufei smiled as the neat little bow Duo had tied came undone. Letting the robe fall open Wufei stepped back to admire the body beneath it. Oh yes this was his now, all his…and he intended to explore and relish every inch of it. Smiling he trailed the silk blindfold down Duo's chest.

" Wufei?"

Snapping out of his daze Wufei looked into the wide violet eyes that were staring at him. He grinned when he saw the slight pink stain to Duo's cheeks. " Why Duo I do believe your blushing?"

The blush brightened.

Wufei laughed shrugging out of his own shirt letting it slip to the floor before relieving Duo of his robe. Sucking in his breath.

Duo stood before him completely bare. Wufei almost lost what little control he had left when Duo tossed his hair over his shoulder fixing violet eyes on him. Duo extended his hand to hand then palm up beckoning him to come. He seemed to almost glow in the golden candlelight.

Wufei was left to wonder for a moment if he was indeed looking upon Venus…a sharp reminder that Venus was female alleviated that thought. Taking the hand offered to him Wufei squeezed it pulling Duo against his chest. He ran his hand down Duo's back, coming to rest at the base of his spine.

Duo wrapped his arms around Wufei's neck placing light nipping kisses on his cheek and chin.

Tightening his arms around him Wufei guided him back towards the bed. Duo made the trip a little easier by wrapping his legs around Wufei's waist…and more difficult by capturing his mouth in a searing and very distracting kiss. Needless to say they landed on the bed in an ungraceful heap.

" Gah! Duo hold still! Will you let me- mmmmm No! Duo stop tha-Ohhh your good at that- NO! Will you just-HA! GOTCHA!" Wufei grinned triumphantly as he pinned Duo's arms over his head. " Now hold still!"

Duo poked out his bottom lip.

Sighing Wufei sat up looking down at his flushed lover taking in the fan of his hair on the pillow the soft pink flush that covered his skin. The little pink nipples perk with arousal only one of them had a ring in them this evening. That was to bad he thought of how much fun two could be tonight…

" Wufei NOW!"

The impatient sulk of an extremely horny half-crazy ex- pilot broke his train of thought.

" Patience is a virtue." He chuckled giving into the temptation the nipples presented. Taking the ring between his teeth he tugged on it gently while rolling the other between two fingers.

" Not right now it isn't." (2)Duo growled lacing his fingers in Wufei's hair.

Pulling away Wufei smirked.

" What now?" Duo sulked.

" I want to do something Duo…but I want your permission first ok?"

Duo frowned and then nodded.

" Move to the center of the bed…over a bit more…that's good." He said.

Duo looked confused crossing his feet and waited.

Allowing himself a moment to admire the body beneath his. Wufei smiled leaning forward to press his lips against Duo's. Distracting him with the kiss Wufei fished the velvet rope from beneath the pillow. Pulling it free he leaned back coiling it around his hand.

Duo looked at him his face registering surprise for a moment. " Wow Wu I didn't know you were into bondage." He said smirking.

Wufei arched a brow. " Not really…may I?" He asked gesturing at the rope.

" Yes you may." Duo answered with a smirk. He liked this kind of treatment…and he hadn't been dommed in a long time not since-

" Place your hands over your head." Wufei continued in that soothing tone.

Duo complied silently for once.

Smiling Wufei leaned in for another kiss while his hands worked on the knot. Giving one last tug he leaned back to look at his handiwork…

Duo looked vaguely surprised…and a bit peeved about being tied without noticing it. He quickly got over it when Wufei's mouth closed over his nipple again.

Toying with the little ring Wufei watched Duo's face carefully. When the flushed boy looked ready to scream he stopped pulling away flicking his tongue over the nipple once more before sitting up.

" Damnit Wufei!" Duo glared at him. " Will yo-"

Wufei pressed a finger against Duo's lips effectively cutting him off.

Duo crossed his eyes trying to look down at the finger and then looked back up at Wufei to seethe silently.

Wufei smiled. " Close your eyes."

Duo looked wary for a second then did as he was told…but not until he'd gotten one last glare in.

Wufei glanced around the bed, spotting the discarded black cloth sitting beside him he picked it up, rubbing the silk against Duo's cheek. " Ah-ah keep your eyes closed." He said softly. Lifting the cloth away from his cheek. Wufei refolded it. Placing it lightly over Duo's eyes. He felt him start slightly, but after a few comforting words Duo relaxed again.

" I heard this song the other day…I know how you like music." He said softly running his fingers over Duo's thigh. " It made me think of you…Do you want to hear it?" He asked watching his fingers slid across Duo's skin.

Since becoming a professor Wufei had been exposed to a great deal of music…of all kinds some of it he even liked but this one song…reaching to his nightstand he opened the little drawer under it taking out a little remote control. Pressing a button he smiled as the first strands of music began. He wondered if he'd ever thanked Quatre properly for the gift.

Turning back to Duo he looked down at the thigh he had been caressing. Again the thought that this was his now struck…Leaning forward he pressed a soft kiss to Duo's navel.


" You aren't going to stop talking are you…maybe I should have gotten you a gag too."

" Wufei!"

With a chuckle Wufei sat up again and reached for the bowl of fruit beside the bed. Taking one from the chilled bowl he dipped it in the chocolate sauce before bringing it to Duo's lips.

Duo sniffed and then bit into it.

Wufei pulled it away before he could get more of it grinning he took the remainder of the chocolate covered fruit and passed it over Duo's bottom lip smearing the chocolate onto it. Leaning forward again he swiped it off with his tongue and then the inside of Duo's mouth briefly before pulling away.

" Duo are you comfortable?" He asked slipping a hand under Duo's knee and raising it slightly.

Duo nodded swallowing hard at the sensations flowing through him…

" That's good." Wufei smiled. " Cause there is a lot more to come before the evening is over…

Duo wasn't sure if he should meep or moan. Wufei's mouth on his inner thigh made the decision for him. Groaning Duo let go of the last of his control and let Wufei work his magic on him.

Needless to say it was an interesting night…


Mae's apartment

Mae sat alone in her rocking chair petting the cat that was perched on her lap. Loud thumping and whimpers had been coming from the apartment above hers. That was odd considering the man that lived there and his roommate were usually so quiet. She'd lived under him for a good three years now and she still didn't know his name or much about him…well she'd met that roommate of his Venus. What a pretty young man he was…but he wore the strangest clothing. She wondered absently why Venus was screaming like that…


Hm. So that was his name…Wufei what a strange name. She wondered if it meant anything just before she nodded off to sleep.


The next morning…

Wufei woke to the feeling of a body draped over his…a puddle of drool on his chest as well as a chin perched rather uncomfortably in his collarbone…As well as a very relaxed and slightly smug.

With a satisfied smile Wufei began disentangling himself from his lover. Gently removing the hands that held him down he rolled out of bed…as happy as he would be to stay in bed with Duo forever he still had to go to work. With one last glance at the sleeping form Wufei walked to the bathroom to take a shower glancing back at the bed he saw Duo turn over knocking the blanket off himself as he laid spread eagle across the bed completely naked…better make that a cold shower…

With a resigned sigh Wufei walked into the bathroom.

A half an hour later he walked out fresh clean and gelled to perfection. Looking around the room, he winced at all the burned out candles and the bowl of half-eaten fruit…as well as the destroyed chocolate covered sheets on the floor. His eyes drifted to Duo's prone body on the bed…and he quickly averted his eyes…damn that boy could make him want him even in his sleep.

Striding over to his closet Wufei pulled the door open quickly scanning the neatly lined clothing he reached for one of his many tweed three piece suits but paused. He really didn't feel like wearing that today. Pushing the suits aside he moved to a corner of his closet he hadn't been to in a while. Picking a black slouch neck sweater and a pair of slacks off their hangers he headed back toward his dresser pulling a pair of briefs from his drawer he slipped them on easily underneath the towel he had wrapped around his waist.

Letting the towel drop Wufei moved back to the bed, pulling on the sweater and slacks as quickly as possible. He turned back to the still sleeping figure on the bed. Walking around to the side Wufei watched the steady rise and fall of his chest remembering all the things he'd done to that chest the night before. Shaking his head Wufei dug his glasses out of the nightstand. Slipping them on he turned to look at Duo again…a smug little part of him marveled at the fact that he had obviously wore Duo out. While another part of him was yelling to get back in bed…Wufei was more than a little tempted to do just that.

'No Wufei. You have to go to work!' He chided himself…still staring at the peaceful face before him…

'Just a few more minutes and I'll go…really I promise… '

Duo stirred then, violet eyes fixing on the boy hovering over him.


"Wufei?" He asked

Then Duo did something Wufei hadn't really expected. He blushed and snatched a sheet up to cover himself.

A slow smile crept across his lips…"I have to go to work." Bracing his hands on the bed Wufei leaned forward and placed a light kiss on Duo's lips. " Mm one more…Ok one more this is the last one…ok just one more…last one I gotta go…just one more…one-mmmmmm." Wufei melted into the arms that suddenly wrapped around him.

" Wu do you * have * to go to work?" Duo asked tugging on Wufei's sweater…Hey it was kinda nice he'd have to borrow it sometime. (4)

Wufei really wanted to say no. " Yes. I do." He sighed.

Duo pouted then grinned wickedly. " I'm sure they won't mind if you miss one day…"

Wufei swallowed hard. ' Must be strong. Must resist. Must resist.' " I can't Duo. I have tests to give and-mmm stop that I have to go…Duo."

Duo looked up at him innocently for a moment then went back to nibbling on his neck.

Drawing in a deep breath Wufei firmly unwrapped Duo's arms from around him. Lifting one of the hands he kissed the back of it and set it in Duo's lap.

" I will be back tonight as I always am." He smiled kissing Duo on the forehead.

His smile widened as he saw the beginnings of something he'd been longing to see. The light was coming back. " I love you Duo." He whispered then swiftly walked out of room…otherwise he'd never leave.

Duo sat on the bed watching him go, he brought his fingers to kiss swollen lips and he smiled. Rising from the bed he looked around the messy room.

" Well if Wufei went through all the trouble of putting it up for me I might as well clean it…besides I have nothing better to do."


Lecture hall

Wufei leaned back against the desk in the center of the room looking out over his class…as he explained the effects of abandonment on the delicate human psyche. However it seemed they weren't really listening…in fact most of them were staring at him strangely. " Ok what is it?" He finally asked.

A murmur went through the room. " Um Professor Wufei what's that on your neck?"

Wufei's eyes widened…and he blushed to his roots.


Wufei's apartment

Duo stood in the middle of the kitchen wearing the pink apron and floral gloves Mrs. Kinds had lent him. He'd already cleaned out the bedroom, the bathroom, the living room, his room, and the kitchen. Hell he'd even done the laundry and went shopping for some decent clothing. He'd already decided Venus's clothing would become F.W.E.O. (5) Sighing he stripped off the gloves and started out the kitchen.

" Hello and welcome to another addition of Cooking with Bill!" Duo paused and walked back into the kitchen, leaning on the counter he watched the smiling woman on the television screen. " Today were going to try out a really old recipe that's been in my family for centuries. American southern fried chicken, and then we're going to make a nice radish salad.

Looks like Duo had found something to do already.


Wufei's apartment

Wufei walked quickly to the door of his apartment his hand still firmly clamped onto his neck. He'd been getting strange looks all day…and now that he was back in his apartment building he was getting more of them. People were whispering behind their hands some of the bolder ones gave him a thumbs up.

The kicker was when his next door neighbor that he had yet to talk to greeted him by name with a wink. This made him rather uncomfortable. Wufei hadn't even gotten the key in the lock when the door swung open and he was dragged inside.

" Wufei!" Duo said before pulling him into closer for a kiss.

Wufei decided it was a good day. Wrapping his arms around Duo's waist he leaned into the kiss.

Finally Duo pulled back. " How was your day lover?" He whispered.

Wufei was about to answer but he sniffed…"Chicken?"

Duo nodded enthusiastically pulling away from Wufei.

That's when he noticed Duo's outfit…he couldn't help but chuckle. " Duo why are you wearing a pink apron?"

Duo paused and turned to look at him. " It's Mrs. Kinds." He said offensively. " She let me borrow it…and besides I kinda like it." He smirked and walked back into the kitchen. Wufei followed him and stopped dead in the doorway.

" Um Duo?" He said looking at the food set up on the counter.

" I made dinner."

" I can see that." Wufei answered. He didn't have the first clue of what half of the food was but it looked distinctly American.

Duo smiled and walked back to Wufei's side. Wrapping his arms around his lover Duo rubbed his nose against Wufei's. " The baked macaroni isn't done yet."

Wufei wondered absently when Duo learned to cook.

Wufei's apartment

Duo sat beside Wufei fidgeting as he watched his eat. " You don't like it do you?" He finally asked.

Wufei looked up at him from studying the mashed potatoes, his glasses slipped down to the tip of his nose. " Hm? No it's fine I was just thinking about our neighbors…"

Duo frowned. " What about them."

"Well the man next door I'd never talked to him before other than to say good morning. And he greeted me by name. Did you talk to him or something?" Wufei said absently taking a bite of the potatoes he'd been studying.

Duo blinked. " No…the only people I've talked to in the building are Mae and Mrs. Kinds." Duo shrugged.


Duo knotted his fingers in his lap and continued to look at Wufei.

Finally after a few minutes Wufei set the fork down and turned to Duo. " Ok what is it?"

Duo bit his lip and shook his head. " Nothing!" He forced a cheery smile. " Nothing at all I just like making you nervous he winked.

Wufei smirked and pulled him into his arms. Pressing his nose against Duo's hair he closed his eyes. " So did you move into our room yet or do you need some help?" Wufei asked. A smile touched his lips when some of the tension left Duo's body. So that was it?

Duo shook his head. " No I-"

" I'll help after dinner." He said letting go of Duo and turning back to his meal.

Duo sighed. Was there anything Wufei couldn't figure out ab-

"Nope there isn't before you ask."

Smiling Duo shook his head.


Maxwell/Wufei living room.

Relena rested her elbows on her knees and her chin in her hands. " So you and Duo settled into a routine you sound like things were better." She said softly.

Wufei nodded. " Hai they were better. I went to work…Duo was addicted to Cooking with Bill and pine sol…we might as well have been married."

Relena nodded.

" That is everything was perfect until the announcement." Wufei said.

Relena frowned. " What announcement."


The Riverfront

" Wufei and I were real happy at that point. He even tolerated my cooking with a smile. I'd managed to forget about you to the most part by then. I was still in the healing process though although at the time I didn't know how fresh the wound still was. That is until you abruptly made your presence known in my life again. " Duo swallowed hard. " Did you even think about what that might do to me Heero? Did you even consider that it might hurt seeing you married to Relena on live television without so much as a word that you were going to do it? Not even a frickin' postcard Heero! There I was putting my life back to together piece by piece and when I'd finally gotten it half-way you show up to knock it down again!"

Heero wisely remained silent.

" Thank God I had Wufei otherwise I don't know where I'd be…and you're lucky Quatre has Trowa otherwise you wouldn't be here today. "


Wufei's apartment

Duo sat on the couch watching Bill explain about how important it was to let Beef stew simmer on low for several hours. Duo looked over to the giant pot on the stove and nodded. He was getting into a routine now, he cooked he cleaned he did laundry just like a good little housewife.

This thought gave him pause and he shuttered. A hentai little housewife he smirked to himself thinking about the fun he had planned for Wufei that night with whipcream and vanilla pudding.

" We interrupt this broadcast for a special news bulletin." Duo frowned he hated when this happened.

His frown gave way to shock as Relena with Heero on her arm came down the stairs of a church. Decked out in white and pink Relena was beaming holding onto Heero's arm possessively.

Duo felt numb…

" Early this morning in a private ceremony Queen of the World Relena Peacecraft became Relena Yuy when she married ex -gundam pilot Heero Yuy. When asked afterwards about how she felt this is what she had to say. "

" I am very happy! Heero and I have been in love for years…it wasn't until recently that he took care of some unfinished business and now that it's been cleared out of the way he can settle down." She said smiling.

Duo cringed.

One of the reporters spoke up next. " So it's happily ever after for the Queen of the World?"

Relena laughed. " Hai Happily ever after." She said looking up with adoring eyes at Heero.

Duo felt like his heart had been ripped out of his body. He didn't even tell him…the least he could have done was tell him! " Heero…" Duo whispered unable to take his eyes from the screen even as he saw Relena closing in to kiss him he could do nothing but stare in mute shock. It was her lips touching Heero's that finally drew him out of that state. Throwing the remote down he screamed something at the TV before running out the door only pausing long enough to grab and coat and lock it.

He had to get out…he Heero was…Oh God…


1) I don't know why but every time I see Duo I think sunflower seeds and sunshine. Don't know where the strawberries came from though * sweatdrop*
2) Ah the mummy what a great movie
3) Yes he has done this before * evil laughter* ahem sorry.
4) Datin' the guy officially one day and he's already taking his clothes.
5) For Wufei's eyes only heh