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Wufei/Maxwell living room

Relena sat quietly on the couch, her blue eyes turned toward the carpet. She'd learned it was pointless to try to rush Wufei in his tale.

" Did you want some more tea Relena? I think we need a fresh pot." He said lifting the cat from his lap.

Relena jumped up quickly. " Oh! I'll get it!" She smiled picking up the tray and heading to the kitchen.

Leaning back again, Wufei draped the cat over his lap. " Well Uzi, how much do you think she needs to know?" He asked smiling.

The cat blinked up at him indifferently then went back to cleaning her paw, very clearly giving her opinion on the situation.

Mercifully enough Relena returned sans tray then. " The water's boiling." She said in explanation.

" Well, while we wait I might as well continue." Wufei said.

Relena nodded. " If you don't mind."

Wufei's face darkened a little. " Like I said before, Duo was very damaged…and despite that I was very much in love with him. The problem was if he loved me or not. Or at very least if he could possibly love me."


Wufei's living room

Wufei sat on the couch, watching the hallway and carefully schooling his features into passivity, this was too important for him to mess up. Everything he wanted rode on this conversation, namely Duo. He had to tread carefully if he didn't want to spook him away for good and thus loosing all that he'd worked for.

Finally, after what felt like an eternity Duo came into view…And what a view it was. Drawing in a breath Wufei willed his eyes to behave, and remain fixed onto Duo's face. They had other ideas though instead of staying where he commanded them they wandered down Duo's robe clad form of their own accord. Even though Wufei had seen just about every part of Duo's body, since Duo had become allergic to wearing clothing. Seeing him garbed in this near transparent bathrobe was doing things to his body he wasn't all that comfortable with. Although it could be the aftereffects of their earlier 'play'.

" You wanted to talk?" Duo asked shifting from one foot to the other.

" Yes." Wufei croaked. Clearing his throat he tried again. " Yes. Come sit down." He said, patting the couch beside him.

Duo smiled and walked across the room, taking a seat beside Wufei. His eyes just a little too bright.

Wufei thought he was going to bolt at any second. " Duo-"

" Yes." He answered a bit to quickly.

Wufei arched a brow. The fact that he didn't immediately correct him told him how nervous he truly was. " I'm fairly certain you know what I'm going to say."

Duo nodded solemnly. " I'll be packed by tomorrow." He said standing.

Wufei grabbed his arm. That tactic didn't work. " I'm not throwing you out, Duo. I like having you here."

Duo blinked then asked suspiciously. " Really?"

" Really." Wufei assured him gently with a smile, pulling him back down to the couch. Keeping a firm grip on his hand he tried again. " What I was trying to say is…I-you-I mean to say-hn." Frowning at himself Wufei shook his head at the babbling. " What I'm trying to say is that I-I care for you. I have for a long time even when you were with Hee-him I l-cared for you." Not really sure what else to say Wufei lapsed into silence.

" Why?" Duo asked, looking down at where his hand rested in Wufei's. " Why would you of all people 'care' about someone like me. It's the hair eh? Just girlish enough to merit as-"

" No." Wufei said simply. Tightening his fingers around Duo's. " Don't blow off what I'm saying Maxwell. I love-" Wufei frowned behind the hand clamped over his mouth.

" Don't say that." Duo said. Wufei could see the panic edging it's way across Duo's features. " You don't mean it, so don't lie to me like that. You have no idea how…"

Wufei's eyes widened in indignation then promptly narrowed in anger. There were many things that he'd tolerate from Duo, but being called a liar wasn't one of them. Firmly but gently Wufei removed Duo's hand from his mouth…

" You think I'd lie to you about something as important as this?"

Duo turned his head away. " It's not that. You just *think *it's love Wufei, all it is is pity. Poor Duo the psycho idiot who didn't even notice his boyfriend was -"

" No Duo, I say its love because that's what it is. Besides the only reason you didn't see Heero as the bastard he is, is because you loved…"

" Like a damn fool."

" Like a boy in love." Wufei corrected him. Picking up the hand Duo had used stifle his words he kissed the back of it, rubbing the knuckles against his lips. " I've loved you for so long Duo…so very long. You never once noticed it either." He sighed. " I used to lay awake at night you know…listening to you and Heero fight. I used to imagine going into the room and telling Heero what an idiot he was and how he didn't deserve you. Then, I'd take you away from him, away from the house, away from the war. Away from everything."

Duo tilted his head to the side and examined Wufei's face. Then smirking he replied sarcastically. " Then why didn't cha? I coulda used the break."

Shaking his head, Wufei opened Duo's hand. Placing a gentle kiss on his palm. " I couldn't I knew your answer before I even asked…" He said distractedly. " When did your hands get so soft?"

" Oh that's from the lotion I use. Five times a day for a month, made my hands softer than a baby's bottom…I thought that maybe…Heero would…well you know."

Nodding his understanding, Wufei continued. " I see…Duo I know what I said is a bit overwhelming, if not a bit sudden, but I want you to answer a question for me."

Duo stiffened slightly. " What is it?"

" Could you love me? "

Duo smirked. " I was afraid you'd ask that." Duo closed his eyes, letting himself get lost in the feel of Wufei's lips against his fingers…Trying to imagine the tender gesture was being done by Heero and failing. The only face he could see doing this was Wufei. A small bitter smile formed on his lips. " You don't deserve me Wufei. You haven't done anything that horrible." He felt the lips quirk against his knuckles.

" Oh really? And what pray tell would I have to do to be worthy? Kill a stony faced ex-pilot in the slowest most brutal manner possible? Or maybe subject said pilot to a slow boring death via my famous justice rant." Wufei asked only half kidding.

" Hm. That would do it, but Quatre might take exception to you killing his husband." Duo said, sliding his eyes open slowly.

Wufei shook his head. " Impossible, that's what you are. " He sighed releasing Duo's hand.

Duo looked disappointed at the broken contact.

" Duo." Wufei said drawing his attention back to him. " I've waited this long…I can wait a bit longer for you to decide."

Duo nodded. " Thank you."

" But I have to tell you…I do love you. I probably always will, no matter what you decide." Wufei said brushing his hand over Duo's cheek. Leaning forward he pressed a soft kiss to his lips. " I will respect your decision…but I won't give up without a fight. Of course you know that already…" Standing abruptly Wufei walked to the door and lifted his coat from the hook. He turned around and smiled at Duo once more time before he walked out.

Left Duo alone on the couch, Duo looked at the hand Wufei had kissed. " Damn you Wufei why'd you have to get so damn mushy." Standing up Duo sniffed wrapping his arms around himself. He lowered his head and walked back to his bedroom. Wufei had given him a lot to think about.


Wufei/Maxwell Living room

The kettle gave a shrill whistle, jostling both people out of the story. Without a word Relena jumped up, and walked swiftly to the kitchen. She returned a moment later with the tray setting it down on the table again.
" So Duo was frightened to commit I take it…all because of what Heero did." She said her voice low.

Wufei nodded.

" And all this time…Heero wouldn't talk about Duo, so I thought Duo had been the one to end it all…and brashly at that! Or maybe…I didn't want to think about that possibility." She said looking up at Wufei.

Pouring himself a cup of tea Wufei nodded. " Perhaps." He said.

" Because maybe if I did see it…I'd see that he might…"

" Do the same thing to you? " Wufei asked.

" Y-Yes, and that's something I just couldn't handle."

" I imagine that's how Duo felt." Sipping his tea, Wufei watched Relena's bowed head.

" I think I understand now." She said. Raising her head, tears clinging to the corners of her eyes. " Please continue."

Nodding Wufei set his cup down. Ignoring the cat's insistent demands for attention.


The Riverfront

Heero leaned back against the grass, mentally kicking himself for what he'd done. The haunted look in Duo's eyes was killing him. He wanted to hold him so bad it hurt…but he didn't have that right. Hell he didn't even have the right to be talking to him, damn-less touch him. Like a fool he'd given up that right, it was Wufei's now and Wufei's alone. But still he was so beautiful. He always looked his best in the moonlight…even with that ridiculous wig.

" It was the hardest thing I'd ever done." Duo said suddenly snapping Heero out of his examination.

" What was?" He asked.

Duo drew his knees up to his chest. " Face Wufei. Saying no meant being Venus for the rest of my life, I didn't want that anymore. Saying yes meant letting you go for good."


Venus's bedroom

Sitting on the edge of his bed Venus passed his brush through his hair, forcing himself to not think about anything. His hand still tingled slightly from Wufei's touch. He knew from the moment Wufei had said those words…he knew. Now, he was determined to enjoy his last few hours of existence. He'd heard Wufei return about half an hour ago from wherever he went. Tossing his hair over his shoulder, Venus lowered his eyes to his bare feet. Soon, he'd go to see Wufei soon.

' What if he changes his mind? What if he sees that he doesn't want us?'

" He doesn't what us. He wants you. Duo." Venus mumbled to himself. " Just you."

' But what if he changed his mind and he doesn't want us anymore. What if he laughs at us and says he was just kidding, who could love someone like us. We can't go we can't!'

" Will you calm down. Besides you know Wufei isn't like that." Standing up Venus walked toward the door. It was time.

' But what about Heero?' The voice asked a bit meekly.

" What about him? 'He' left 'you 'remember."


Smiling slightly Venus opened the bedroom door…and came face to face with Wufei poised to knock. " Hello Wufei." Venus said gently.

" Hello." He replied.

Venus took a deep breath.

'Are you sure?'

' Yes I'm sure now shut up.'

" Wufei I-" Venus looked at him helplessly for a moment.

Wufei's eyes darkened. " It's all right I understand. If it's to-"

" No! It's not that…I'm just…Duo can't handle another heartbreak." Venus finally blurted out.

Wufei nodded extending a hand. " Then it's a good thing I have no intention of breaking his heart or anything else then. Isn't it."

" I'm serious Chang."

Wufei arched a brow. " So am I Duo Venus. I've loved Duo far to long to do anything to compromise finally getting him."

" If…If I let you have him…What will you do?" Venus asked, watching Wufei's hand longingly.

" I'll love you of course." Wufei answered extending his hand closer to Venus. " For as long as you let me."

Venus nodded. " And if it's forever?"

" Then I guess I'll be stuck with a long haired baka forever." Wufei shrugged.

Venus examined his face, his expression serious. " Don't tease m-him Wufei. Don't say things you don't mean."

" When have I ever said things I don't mean?" Wufei asked.

Venus shook his head, slowly he raised his hand to hover over Wufei's outstretched one. " Do you promise to be good to him?" He asked cautiously.

Wufei nodded. " On my honor."

With a small smile Venus lowered his hand to Wufei's.

Wufei immediately squeezed it tight bringing it to his lips. Then releasing it. " I lo-"

Venus placed a hand over Wufei's mouth. " Don't say that." Taking his hand away he replaced it with his lips. Wrapping his arms around Wufei's neck.

Wufei allowed Venus to embrace him for a moment before gently removing his arms. From around him, stepping back he kissed Venus once on nose. " I won't say it anymore…I'll show you." He said smiling stepping away from Venus toward the hallway.

Venus moved to follow him. " Where are you going?" He asked.

Wufei just grinned. Stepping close once more to steal another kiss and pressing Venus back into his room. " It's a surprise." He said. Guiding him backwards toward his bed. " You like surprises don't you?"

Nodding Venus kissed Wufei's collarbone. Letting himself be pushed down onto the bed. " Yep…as long as the surprise is good…"

Wufei slipped his hand under the robe, running his fingers over Venus's thigh. " Yes, it is." He said. Placing one last kiss onto Venus's lips. Removing his hand from the robe, Wufei backed away from his soon to be lover smiling as he walked out of the bedroom.

Venus sat up on his elbows as soon as Wufei closed his door. " Damnit! I have a boyfriend now and I still can't get any!"


The Riverfront

Duo stopped talking for a moment as a giggling couple walked past them.

The couple stopped to look at them and giggled again. " Sorry we didn't see anyone here." The woman giggled.

" That's all right." Duo answered.

The couple nodded and walked on down the grass to a more secluded spot, turning on the radio they were carrying with them.

If you should lose me
Oh yeah
You lose a good thing…

Heero smirked at the lyrics. He'd already lost the best thing he'd had…no wait he didn't lose Daniel and Veronica…just the first good thing he had. Duo. " So where were we?" Heero asked.

" Huh? Oh. Sorry. I had no idea how much of a romantic Wufei could be…"


Venus's room

Stretching Venus lay back on the bed, waiting for Wufei to return. It wasn't more than 15 minutes before a knock sounded at his door. Standing up Venus straightened his robe, and finger-combed his hair quickly before swinging the door open. Wufei stood on the other side…Venus squeaked in happiness at the image he made. Dark hair free for once from the little pigtail, dark red satin pajamas the top completely unbuttoned exposing a very nicely defined chest. Venus ran his eyes down to where the baggy pajama pants hung loosely from his hips, the free end of the drawstring dangling against his thighs. As he twirled a black silk scarf around his fingers…(1) Duo noted the green and red dragon embroidered on the silk before returning to his drooling.

Grinning Wufei leaned against the door jab. " Surprise." (2)He said an arrogant smirk on his lips.

" Yeah, I'd say surprise." Venus mumbled.

Wufei stepped closer to Venus still smirking. " You trust me don't you?" He asked.

" Dressed like that? Do you even have to ask?" Venus asked arching a brow.

" Close your eyes." Wufei whispered lifting the scarf to Venus's cheek passing the silk over it lightly.

Leaning into the caress Venus did as he was told. Allowing Wufei to lead him from the bedroom. " Where are we going?" Venus asked.

" To see the rest of your surprise of course." Wufei said gently guiding Venus into what he guessed was Wufei's bedroom. The scent of roses and vanilla filled his nostrils as soon as he entered.

1) Let's try to imagine this, I know it's hard but try anyway
2) Would you be surprised?

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