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Heero sat back against the plush couch, absently twirling the gold liquid in the crystal glass in his hand. Rubbing the bridge of his nose, it had been a long day. He hadn't figured that being married to the Queen of the World would be so draining. He had spent the day meeting and greeting with whomever he was supposed to meet and greet. Then there was the parade for D.G.'s birthday, not to mention the party that followed. Heero smiled at the image of his children's faces came to mind. Daniel Gregory Yuy and Veronica T. Yuy. He truly loved those two…..Sometimes Heero thought they were the only reason he stayed. And other times he knew they were the only reason he stayed. Taking a swallow of the liquid he closed his eyes and enjoyed the numbing burn that coursed though him. More and more he had been indulging in the numbing effects of liquor. Snorting to himself he took another sip. Indulging? More like hiding. So caught up in his thoughts Heero never noticed another person in the room, until a soft hand landed on his shoulder…and he nearly broke it out of instinct before he realized who it was.

" Heero." Relena said softly. " It's late, you should come to bed, we have another long day tomorrow the ambassadors from L3 are coming in for a conference on-"

" I know. I'll be up later." He said sharply. A bit too sharply when he felt Relena wince.

" Heero I really think you should come to bed." She said again tightening her hold on his shoulder. Sighing Heero knew that tone in her voice, and he just wasn't in the mood.

" I'm not tired Relena." He lied sipping from his glass. Abruptly she let go of his shoulder with a defeated sigh and came around the couch to sit next to him. Glancing at her, his suspicions were confirmed about her plans for the evening. The low-cut pink silk nightgown covered by a gauzy pink robe her blond down and flowing over her shoulders, she had developed a lot in the last seven years, both physically and mentally…. She was beautiful, it's to bad he didn't want her. Snorting to himself to proceeded to silently wish she'd leave him alone. " If you're so tired Relena you go to bed." He watched out of the corner of his eye as she curled her hands into tight fists.

" Heero. Do you know how long it's been since we last made love?" she asked calmly. 'Yeah never. I also know how long it's been since we've had sex.' He thought bitterly.


" Heero." She said laying her hand on his arm gently, and just as gently he pulled his arm away, taking another sip of his drink…Or tried to since she jerked it out of his hand and set it out of reach.

" That would be me. Heero Yuy." He said with a sigh reaching for his drink only to have her move it out of his reach again.

" Heero…"

" Yes that's me Heero Yuy. And you are Relena Peacecraft Yuy." He said reaching again for his drink. When she moved it again he mumbled to low for her to hear " You got what you wanted. Now let me have what I want."

" What did you say?" she said her tone dangerously cool.

" I said give me my damn drink." He said reaching again.

" Why Heero?" she asked

" Because I'm thirsy."

" That's not what I meant and you know it Heero!" she said pouring the liquor into the potted plant on the table. Heero watched his salvation be fed to the plant with a frown. Pressing the button on the side table to signal his butler to bring another brandy. " Why don't you want me anymore Heero?" she finally asked. Heero still didn't look at her. Bill entered the room a moment later with the bottle of brandy and a new glass. " No Bill Master Yuy has had enough." She said nodding to the butler.

" Master Yuy is more than capable enough to decide when he has had enough." He said through his teeth, taking the bottle and the glass from the butler who left very quickly. Pointedly ignoring Relena, Heero poured his drink. Relena reached to take it from him, but he caught her wrist, in a firm but gentle hold. " Relena. I married you; you are my wife. That does not give you the right to decide what I can and can't do. I am not one of the children, or one of your servants, or one of your many worshipers. Don't push me." He said meeting her eyes for the first time. Releasing her wrist he turned back to his drink, out of the corner of his eye he saw her swallowing back tears.

" You can at least answer my question." She said her voice thick with tears of frustration.

"What question?"

" Why don't you want me anymore Heero? Did I do something wrong?….Are you angry at me? Is there……is there….someone else?" She asked the last question slightly wary. Heero snorted. ' Of course not who could cheat on the Queen of the World…..Who would want to cheat on the Queen of the World' he thought bitterly.

" Do you want the truth Relena? Or do you want me to tell you something close enough to the truth that you can believe it?" he said snidely. He turned to look at her then, as she lost her battle with tears.

" Why do you treat me like this?" she asked. " I've given you everything you ever wanted." ' No you didn't Relena you gave you everything you ever wanted. Not me.' " I've given you a son and a daughter…. money, power, patience and understanding, love…..oh God did I give you love! What more can I give you Heero." Shaking his head Heero took a sip from his glass. He waited for her to explode, but she surprised him by chilling her voice several degrees. " I've given you everything I can Heero, I've been everything you've wanted me to be…. But the one thing I can't be is what you want isn't it." She said wiping at the tears in her eyes. Heero looked at her and arched a brow, she just smirked at him bitterly. " I can't be him Heero. I can't be Du-" She said. Heero's head snapped around to her, his eyes narrowing dangerously.

" Don't say his name. Don't even think it." He hissed at her, then turned away.

" Don't ignore me Heero. Please don't ignore me. " Heero ignored her. " Heero! Let him go! It was just a phase in your life that you were going through you were confused. You're with me now…. Were married, we have children…Were a family…." She reached for him again, but stopped when he glared at her. " Heero."

" I don't feel like talking to you right now Relena, damnless touch you. Just leave me alone. Please." He growled sipping from his glass again.

" Heero!" Leaning forward he swiped up the remote and turned on the TV with a bit more force than necessary. And he froze at the scene before him. " Heero please lis-" Relena cut off abruptly and turned to see what had shocked Heero so much, and her face paled. There on the screen siting with Carson Daly XXII. Was a boy….a man that had stood between her and Heero getting together. Blinking a few times she shook her head, then looked again….still the image was there. A petite young man with a hip length brownish-gold hair, falling over his shoulders wearing a baggy black sweater with black jeans and black combat boots. " Isn't that-"

" Duo…"


Heero stared at the screen in astonishment, Duo Maxwell after so many years, he looked so different….'No' Heero corrected himself. He didn't look any different with the exception of a pair of black rimmed glasses, and his hair down…it was something else that made him seem so different…..Heero couldn't put his finger on it till he laughed….He was happy….Really happy, not like he had been when they were-. Shaking that thought away Heero listened to their conversation.

{"Duo it's nice to have you on the show." The crowd cheered at that and Duo grabbed his chest and pressed his other hand against his forehead.

" Please! Please! Stop my heart!" the crowd teetered but quieted down. " Thanks it's nice to be here!" Heero smirked, same old cheesy Duo.

"As you know your song, I try is number one on the charts! Congratulations!" Duo laughed again and nodded at the crowds applause.

" Thank you! I guess, I am talented then eh?" he said winking at the VJ.

" Very! Now seriously, I've read your lyrics there all pretty dark, and rather depressing about lost love, and the uglier side of life. But you seem like such a happy person. What's the story behind this album?" he asked leaning forward.

" Well Carson, I am a happy person, a very happy person, but I've had my fair share of bad times and hardships just like everyone else but I do my best to be optimistic, I can't always be that way about everything though and there are times when the sadness gets to me…this album is about those times…or to be more exact one of the worst times…my first love." Heero winced at that verbal slap. But his heart tore at what was next. " It's about letting go of that love. It's taken me a while to do it but with this album that is exactly what I'm doing. Letting that last shred of hope that it can be fixed, that everything can be alright go. "

" Well that would explain my next question then why would you name the album 'Duo Maxwell on how life is' " }

" Duo sure has changed hasn't he?" resolving to ignore her, Heero turned up the volume on the tv.

{ " Ok Duo it says here that you are releasing your next single from the album what is that single?"

" The name of the next single is Still, it's basically about needing to let go of something…but still not being able to let it go. It's like when you love someone so much, and they can't give you that kind of love back, and you know that they can't, but you hold onto what little piece of them you have and take whatever they give you, just to be near them. The desperate time, is what I call it." He said laughing pushing up his glasses. Heero winced again, missing Relena's smile completely.

" Wow, that's a tough time."

" Yeah it is. "

" I've actually heard the song. I went out and bought the album, the song is absolutely beautiful. I'm telling ya everyone needs to go out and buy this album! Duo here is…you are a very talented individual." Everyone clapped their agreement.

" Heh um thanks I know!"

"Did you write everything? I know you wrote all your own lyrics, but what about the music did you write that too?"

" The music oh no I didn't write that, actually all the music was written by Quarte and Trowa." Heero choked on his drink.

" The other Gundam pilots?" Carson asked leaning back in his chair.

" Oh yeah they were very supportive through the whole album. Very helpful, Trowa actually sang back-up for me…. Actually Quarte played lead violin for me in Still. After much begging bugging and being a general pest." Everyone giggled.

" And your gonna be playing a bit of Still for us later on tonight aren't you?"

" Yes I am." Duo smiled.

" But right now we have ta pay the bills." The screen changes to the MTV logo then a commercial starts up.}

" Well it seems Duo has moved on." Relena said barely bothering to hide the smugness in her voice. Heero continued to stare at the TV, where some commercial about fishsticks played out.

" Good for him." Heero said his voice guarded.

" Then maybe you should too Heero." She snapped.

" I have moved on Relena. I married you didn't I." He said his tone anything but happy. Relena clenched her fists onto the material of the couch. They sat side by side in silence as the show came back on.

{ " Hey Hey! Were back! Still with Duo Maxell. Former Gundam pilot! For those who don't know. Duo tell us you obviously keep up with Trowa and Quarte but what about the other two pilots do you keep up with them as well?" Duo's cheeks flushed for a second but he covered it quickly.

" Well I do keep up with Wufei very well since we've decided to get married, so I'd better know him pretty well!" Duo laughed his eyes lighting up. And Heero felt his guts twist into a knot, the gleeful look on Relena's face escaping his notice completely. " And well who doesn't know what Heero Yuy King of the World is up to eh?!" he said nudging the vj. " No I don't talk to Heero as much as I'd like to, he's a busy busy man, King of the World and everything, not to mention those two children of his…. And of course Relena." He said smirking. Carson just nodded and chuckled along with the audience.

" I see that well congratulations! So Wufei is the reason you have gotten over your grief so well?"

" Yeah he is. He was there from the beginning. I can't tell you in words how thankful I was for that….Or how much I needed it. Or even how much I love him." Heero winced and reached to turn off the TV, but he couldn't do it. " He's done a lot for me…and even if he is a gruff, arrogant, justice obsessed loud mouth. He's still showed me a lot more trust and love than…And I'd better stop now he hates it when I get sappy." Duo chuckled again disregarding that last comment, but that comment had hit Heero like a blow. A lot like all the other comments he made about him.

" Well congratulations to you and Wufei, I hope you two will be very happy!" Carson said grinning.

" I know we will." Duo replied.

" Hey alright! We have to take another commercial break. But when we come back we'll have Duo singing his new single 'Still' for us!" The MTV logo comes on the screen again, then followed by the commercials. }

Heero refused to take his eyes from the screen, he didn't want to meet Relena's expression…He just might kill her if he did.

" Maybe we should send them a wedding present? What do you think? Maybe a nice pot set…. Or maybe a potted plant? What do you think Heero?" she asked sweetly. Heero ignored her to stare at the TV instead. " Did you see how happy he looked? He had that glow about him…. You know the one. The I'm-so-much-in-love-glow?"

" Whatever."

" Heero-"

" Shh! Its back on."

{" Hey it's Carson again." Carson waves at the camera standing beside the couch, that Duo had been sitting at before. " Welcome back, now let's hear a round of sound for Duo Maxwell!" he said clapping and the audience picked it up immediately. The camera panned to where Duo sat behind a baby grand piano, grinning at the audience like an idiot. His band surrounding him, his hair had fallen over hiding half his face, the audience goes silent as he begins the first note of his song. Heero watched as Duo closed his eyes and began to sing. The first few words alone brought back memories he would have rather forgotten about.

In my last years with him there were bruises
On my face
In my dawn and new day
I finally… got… away
But my head's all messed up and he knows
Just what to say
No more dawn and new days
I'm goin back to stay
So why say bye bye
When it only makes me cry

I still
Light up like a candle burnin when he calls me up
I still
Melt down like a candle burnin every time we touch
Oh sat what you will
He does me wrong and I should be gone
I still
Be lovin you baby and it much too much

We are going down
Cuz you're always getting high
And your crumbs of lovin
No longer get me by
Wow! It gets better every time that we get high
Then your crumbs of lovin
They somehow get me by
Why say bye bye
When it only makes me cry
I still
Light up like a candle burnin when he calls me up
I still
Melt down like a candle burnin every time we touch
I still
Oh say what you will
He does me wrong and I should be gone
I still
Be lovin you baby and it's much to much

Can't I go my severed way?
Some rain for my sunny day
Not even one reason to stay
I should've left you
I can't forgetcha baby
Ever since I metcha it's
Why? Why? Why? Why?

(Heero watched in fascination as Duo played. Every note seeming to sing out the pain that he had caused him. Both physically and otherwise. Each note taking an ounce of the pain away with it into oblivion. The bittersweet smile on his face as he let it go…Let him go, hurt more than any wound a knife or gun could ever inflict. Swallowing hard Heero closed his eyes not able to look at that face…. That face…that beautiful loving expressive face…the face that covered a wounded soul, that was allowing itself to heal. With his eyes closed Heero couldn't avoid the music and words that scrubbed at his mind like acid.)

I still
Light up like a candle burnin when he calls me up
Ohh I-I still
Melt down like a candle burnin every time we touch
Ohh Ohhh say what you will
He does me wrong and I should be gone
I still

Be lovin you baby and it's much to much.

Smiling Duo stood up from the bench and took a bow before the cheering crowd, a bright smile on his face. He blew kisses to the crowd. Then at the camera, winking mischievously and then mouthing something that shattered what little of Heero's control was left. 'Love ya Wu.' Carson came back to stand beside Duo.

" Wow that was-" Heero didn't hear anymore since he clicked the TV off and stormed out of the room. Relena hot on his heels.

" Heero! Wait! " She called chasing him up the stairs toward their room. Once she caught up she looped her arm in his, and tried to steer him toward the bedroom. Heero jerked away from her roughly, knocking her slightly off balance in the process. Growling he stalked down the hallway. Regaining her balance Relena followed him. " Heero! Heero! Where are you going?" she asked. He ignored her, and sped his step. Stopping in front of a guestroom, he opened the door and stepped inside. Relena followed him. " Hee-"

" Leave me alone Relena." He said in monotone.

" No Heero." She said shaking her head, her hands clenched by her sides. " I am your wife. Wife! Heero and I deserve to know what is going on." Suppressing a sob she moved closer to him. " It's him isn't it." She said.

" You'd like to believe that wouldn't you Relena. That it's all * him *" he said turning on her. For the first time Relena took a step backward.

" Because it is him…you were just fine until-"

" No. Relena I wasn't. You said you wanted me to tell you what was wrong earlier? Fine I'll tell you now!" Heero grit his teeth and moved closer to her. " Everything is * his * fault isn't it? " he said throwing his arms wide. " From me not wanting to have sex with you, to me not going to those stupid dinners you plan. To me not holding your hand in public. Anything I do that you don't like is his fault. Isn't that right?" he said. Relena stood her ground a bit pale.

" I never said that…."

" Yes you do Relena. You do." Snorting Heero turned away from her.

" Well if I do. It's the truth."

" Oh yes of course because the Queen of the World is never wrong." He said plopping onto the settee to take off his shoes. " Whatever you say Relena. Now leave I'm going to bed." Relena stiffened.

" What do you mean?….In here?"

" Yes."

" Come to bed Heero…..please." she said clutching her hands firmly in front of her, her blue eyes pleading.

" I am going to bed. Right here. Now good night." Heero stood and shook off his jacket, then began working the buttons lose.

" Very well then, if this is where you want to sleep, then we'll sleep here." Relena moved to go to the bed, and Heero held up his hand.

" No. I am sleeping here. You are sleeping in your room. Or where ever else you please as long as it's not here." Heero didn't even look at her.

" Heero please…I know you don't want to hear this but you need too. We need to talk about this…..You can't let * him * destroy our marriage!" Heero froze mid-step and turned back to her with an exasperated expression.

" Let him destroy our marriage? I don't know what planet you've been on Relena but our marriage has been 'destroyed' for a long time."

" No Heero, our marriage would be fine if it wasn't for * him *!" sighing Heero shook his head.

" How? Tell me how Relena hm? We haven't seen * him * in seven years. We haven't spoken to him in seven years. So tell me how? How is he destroying our marriage?" shaking his head in disgust Heero laid down on the bed crossing his arms behind his head he closed his eyes.

" I know Heero…..I know we love each other…..we can work this out now pl-"

" Love?" Heero cracked an eye open. " I never loved you Relena. I cared for you. I felt obligated to take care of you, but I never loved you." He said rolling onto his side.

" You do love me Heero! I know you do! You have to…."

" No Relena it's the truth. I managed to con myself into believing you were what I wanted…that you were what would make me happy…that you were the one I loved…. And not him. But I was lying to myself…. I accepted that years ago. I was going to leave you then, but then Daniel came, and I had a new obligation. And then later Veronica came and that was another obligation. I love my children Relena, I love them enough to stay with you this long." A cold knot of dread formed in Relena's stomach.

" W-what are you saying Heero?" she asked her mouth suddenly dry. Heero turned over to look at her, his eyes cold and hard as they bore into hers.

" I'm saying Relena. That I love my children, and they are the only reason I stay at all. Now what I am going to do. I don't know yet. I need to sleep on it." With that he closed his eyes, feeling numb Relena backed out of the room and shut the door heading down the hallway to their bedroom.


Two months later…

Duo flopped boneless onto the bed in their apartment, smiling contently. A sated grin plastered on his sweaty face. Turning a 1000 smile on his lover, he flipped onto his side. " Mmm wow Wu you were something else tonight!" he grinned wrapping his arms around his lover's pliant body. A mischievous look came across his face then. " You wanna go another round?"

" Let me sleep Maxwell…."

" Ah come on Wu…. Just once more…" Duo pleaded running his finger around in a circle on Wufei's chest. Catching his hand Wufei brought it up to his lips, placing a tender kiss on his palm, he laced the fingers with his and rested the joined hands on his chest. He closed his eyes preparing to sleep. " Wimp." Duo teased snuggling closer. One dark brown eye cracked open to glare at him, but shut once Duo wiggled into a more comfortable position against his side, draping one of his legs across Wufei's thighs in the process. While tucking his chin between his collarbone and cheek…. His usual sleeping position. Finally Duo's eyes drifted shut lying in his lover's embrace comfortable, warm, and secure. Knowing for certain that when he woke up Wufei would still be there…..And he wouldn't ignore him…or pretend to not know him….or leave him for someone else, someone he could give his love to a lot more willingly, with more assurance that they were who he really loved and-…….A warm hand stroking his shoulder brought him out of his thoughts. A light kiss on the top of his head followed. Smiling again, Duo really did settle down to sleep. That's when the phone rang.


Relena Peacecraft Yuy paced the confines of the parlor, absently playing with the gold wedding band on her finger. Heero had been gone for a month now, without so much as a word from him. Swallowing hard Relena still remembered the day Heero had left, it had been the morning after he'd seen that damn interview with * him *. Relena had been sitting at the table with Daniel and Veronica, when Heero had walked in unusually late. Even the children had noticed, Relena had known something was wrong the second he walked through the door, a suitcase at his feet, and a bag slung over his shoulder. The children immediately jumped up from the table and ran to him. He kneeled down in front of them and gave them each a kiss like he always did. Relena had remained in her seat frozen, finally after he had given into Veronica's insistant and repeated demands for hugs and kisses, she had found her voice. " Heero….Where are you going?" she'd asked. He'd just looked at her, and then down at their children.

" I'm going away for a while." He said standing up and brushing off his pants absently. Lifting his suitcase " I don't know when I'll be back," ruffling Daniel's hair he proceeded toward the door, without giving Relena a second glance. The children trooped right along behind him, whining at him not to go. With a patient sigh Heero had removed them from his legs, and walked outside the palace to a waiting car. Relena watched from the breakfast room, as he waved goodbye to the children, as the car pulled away. Relena repeated to herself over and over, that he wasn't leaving her…he'd be back in a little while…. He just needed to bury some old ghost….he'd be back…..He'd be back…but no matter how many times she told herself that. The cold knot in her stomach refused to release its grip.

Now standing in her parlor, she couldn't help but think how wrong she was, Two months…he'd been gone two months. She could feel the tears coming to her eyes, he'd left her, he'd really left her…. But that wasn't what hurt…oh no what hurt was that he had left her because of him…And what made it worse was that the 'him' was with someone else…Sitting down on the couch, she rested her head in her hands.

" Daddy's not coming back is he." Relena looked up with a start, right into a pair of cobalt blue eyes. Relena summoned up a smile for her daughter. Veronica was so much like Heero, not just in looks, she did have his darker hair and eyes, but the resemblance went deeper than that…at 5 years old, she was a very shrewd and strong willed child. Much didn't get by her, and if it did, she'd always catch it later. The scowl on her face at that moment rivaled Heero at his worst.

" Of course daddy is coming back…..Sweetheart he just needed a little time to himself that's all." Relena answered her…the same way she'd been answering her for weeks.

" No he's not. He's never coming back because you drove him away!" she said stomping her foot. Relena gasped, not really at the words but more at the conviction behind them.

" Who told you that! That's a lie! Daddy just needs some time to himself." Veronica shook her head stubbornly.

" Daniel said it, and it's true! He said that daddy wasn't happy, and that daddy didn't want to stay here because of you!" Relena swallowed hard, tears brimming in her eyes.

" Daniel's wrong…." She said her voice cracking slightly.

" No he's not! Danny's not wrong! Danny would never lie to me! He said that you made daddy leave and I want to know what you did to make daddy not love us anymore…..It's your fault!" Standing abruptly Relena towered over her daughter a cool composed look in her eyes. Much to her surprise Veronica stood her ground. Cobalt blue eyes meet lighter blue in a battle of wills.

" Go to your room until supper." Folding her arms Veronica glared up at her.

" No. Not until you tell me why you drove daddy away!" Relena swallowed again, and said firmly.

" Veronica go to your room this instant."

" No!" she said stubbornly. " Tell me-" finally reaching her limit Relena snapped.

" Veronica this is not something I wish to discuss with a child, I did not drive your father away and he will be coming back, he just needed some time now go to your room this instant or no dessert for a week!" Relena stifled the desire to take a step back, the dark look in her daughter's eyes very reminanisence of the ones her father gave her just before he threatened to kill her.

" You did drive daddy away! It's your fault he'll never come back! I hate you!" a tear slipped from Veronica's eyes, as she sped toward the door.

" Veronica!"

" I hate you!" Relena winced at that statement, in the distance the sound of a door slamming echoed through the palace. Sliding her hands through her hair she sat down again, dabbing at her eyes with a white handkerchief. She didn't notice at first the soft eyes watching from the doorway. Looking up she watched her eldest child watch her.

" Daniel…Why did you tell your sister those ugly things?" Daniel pushed dusty blond locks out of his eyes, and looked at her blankly.

" Because it's true." He said, without another word he turned on his heel and left, leaving his mother behind in the darkened parlor, confused. Lacing her fingers together, Relena leaned back against the couch, the words of he children flowing through her mind. ' You drove daddy away…because it's true…because it's true' closing her eyes Relena listened to those voices, images coming to the fore of her mind, jumbled together in a disorderly manner. Their seven years together coming back on her in a wave. All the times, he'd disappeared for days, all the times he'd ignore her to go to the children when he returned. All the excuses he made for not wanting to touch her, all the little things he'd done to be away from her, all the trips, all the times she nearly pleaded with him to stay. It was then it hit her, she had pushed Heero away…. Only she had done it by trying to hold on to tight. Shaking her head Relena stood up from the couch…her people couldn't find him anywhere, but she knew where he was…where he had to be. Walking to the doorway she called her maid.

" Gwendye get my things ready were going on a trip."


Duo sat numbly on the bed, rubbing his own arms, his lover was beside him frowning.

" Duo who was that?" he demanded. Duo just shook his head, and lay down cuddling close to his lover again.

" A buried ghost." Wrapping his arms around him tightly Duo closed his eyes, a signal that he didn't want to discuss it. Nodding Wufei laid back on the bed draping an arm across his lover's back. Something wasn't right…and it was going to shake up their world soon. Music from the streets below drifted up to his ears as he settled down for the night

Games, changes and fears
When will they go from here
When will they stop…

Smirking Wufei nuzzled Duo's hair. " When indeed." Sighing he decided that staying awake and worrying about it wouldn't help. He'd sleep and worry about it. That probably wouldn't help either but at least he'd get some rest while he worried.

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