A couple nights ago in order to banish some extremely nasty mental images,
caused by a caller(long story only ask if you don't mind being squicked) I
had at work, me and Madame Blue wrote a PWP in icq. We don't own any of the
Gboys, they're owned by Bandai and Sunrise. Warnings yaoi, lemon, 5x2

Moonlight Sympathy

Moonlight shines down through the curtains, where soft pink fingers play
with raven black hair. It washes over his palms like silk. Coral lips
brush against caramel skin...

Nibble fingers teasingly pull at obstructive clothing; candles send the
shadows dancing in exotic mimicry of the action on the bed...

Sweat glistens in the candlelight and a tongue tip maps a long graceful
neck, feeling the excited pulse, pressing in time with gasping moans...

Strong callused hands trace patterns on creamy white skin, finally reaching
down and grabbing his lover's buttocks, pulling him close as if to melt into

Skin against skin, lips against lips, each groan answered and gasps
devoured. For every candle that surrendered to the night the two straining
bodies delved into each other only to rise again from previously spent

Two slender, lithe bodies wrestle for control, pitting strength against
strength, and skill against skill. As each vied for dominance their desire
and passion grew...

Moans grow louder as fingers press against giving flesh, callused hands are
made gentle as they ghost across lovers skin, each knows their lover's week
spots and draw on that knowledge to send the other to dizzying heights

In the end it is Duo who gave way as Wufei caresses him in just the right
spot, reducing him to a purring fey being, bowing to the will of the dragon
above him.

Duo gives up, gives in, lets the skillful fingers mold him into something
new. Throwing his head back as a shiver raced down his spine, he grabs at
the glowing bronze vision above him and whispers his love to the night

Wufei descends and devours the vision below him, relishing the salty
sweetness of his lips and skin. His hands grip silky strands like a
lifeline, as he plunges into his love's tight entry

Moving together, shaking with tension, they strain against the night.
Looking down, Wufei traces Duo's cherub cheeks with gentle fingers. Slowly
in, slowly out. He bends down and nips at that long white nick. Slowly in,
slowly out. The flushed skin is teased as violet eyes plead for more.
Slowly in, slowly out. Reaching lower, he grasps Duo's straining arousal
and starts to pick up the pace.

Faster and faster they race to ecstasy, hearts and bodies beating at a
frantic pace. Until time seems to freeze and coalesce into one sweet
moment, stretching into eternity, as waves of pleasure ride over each of
them, and their seed spills forth.

Nuzzling together in the final candles guttering light, they hold each other
softly. Cool flesh melds against cool flesh as they lay side by side,
whispered affirmations floating across the dark. Duo leans forward and
brushes a kiss on the warm lips he loves. This is where he belongs.

Wufei smiles as he pulls Duo closer, reveling in his warmth. He sends soft
caress through long chestnut strands. As sleep steels his conscious he
feels truly at peace.

Moonlight shines down through the curtains where soft pink fingers sleep
curled in silky raven black hair. Coral lips smile at their dream memory of
caramel skin, and long finished candles silently watch over the sleeping
lovers until dawn.

The End!