Title: It's the Pilot Part 9/18

Author: Truth

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AU - Wherein the Gundam pilots have known each other for a little while, but the war is still stalled back before the pilots return to space. Meanwhile, the five mad scientists have had second thoughts about some of the pilots. Probably OC as well, but I did my best.

First person stream of consciousness/POV.

Rated PG-13 at least.

Disclaimer: Gundam Wing belongs to somebody else, sadly.

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I never thought that I'd be genuinely pleased to see Relena Dorlan.

That sounds a bit harsh, doesn't it? Please don't misunderstand me. She's a nice girl, and well brought up. However, her habit of chasing Heero to the ends of the Earth is a bit hard to take sometimes. Not that it matters, really. If he is willing to put up with it, it is not my place to make judgements.

But I was glad to see her. I had been wracking my brains, trying to think of a plausible excuse that I could give S for going to ground completely, when I heard her calling for Heero.

That sort of surprised me. Her usual modis operandi is to ambush him at school. Why, or rather how, had she tracked him here?

When I peered out my window, she was standing in the front yard of the little house where we were staying and shouting for Heero at the top of her lungs. I'm not sure what she has against ringing the doorbell, but decided that I'd better go out and ask her to come in. The neighbors would certainly have something to say if she kept that up for long.

Luckily, Heero wasn't home or he'd probably have shot us both. Relena for announcing his presence to the world, and me for inviting her into the house. That's all right though. If things went well, she'd be long gone by the time he got back from the store.

Things did go well, and I managed to convince her that Heero would contact her very soon. He arrived, groceries in hand, about five minutes after she left.

I let him read the message to S that I had composed before I sent it and he seemed pleased with it.

He was less pleased that I had promised Relena that he'd send her a note. I pointed out that if he corresponded with her, the chances of her showing up on our doorstep were approximately halved, and the odds of her giving advance notice of her visits increased dramatically. It wouldn't be a hardship for him to at least be civil to her. After all, she _is_ a nice girl.

I left him hunched over his laptop composing a short note to her. See, being pleasant and reasonable works! If only we could convince Oz and the Alliance of that.

Trowa came by a few days ago and retrieved Heavyarms, saying that he had found the perfect place to hide it for a bit. I managed to convince him to stay with us for a few hours, and even got him to have dinner before he left.

That's when it happened.

This one at least used the doorbell.

I'm not going to waste much time describing him. Duo was right. I didn't like him. I didn't like him at _all_. Also as predicted,

Heero had him up against the wall with a gun at his head the minute he realized who the new arrival had to be. Trowa produced a pair of knives from somewhere or other and was _flipping_ them in the air.

He's been spending too much time at the circus.

At any rate, it took me almost an hour to get the them to calm down enough to let the young man sit down. After the casual brutality of their little conversation of the best way to dispose of his body, his legs wouldn't support his own weight. Heero didn't seem to be having any trouble supporting the young man, but being held up by one hand wrapped around your trachea can't be said to be comfortable.

By the time we got him to a chair he was so terrified that he spilled his guts.

I don't understand this at all. Why try to replace Duo in the first place, much less with someone like - like this? He has an attitude, or rather, he did before Heero and Trowa got to him. He also has no determination or strength of character. It only took them an additional ten minutes to convince him to let us have Deathscythe.

They didn't even have to hurt him, which is good. I would have been very upset.

Trowa and Heero went to get it while I watched the kid. I guess he thought I was a pushover, because he tried to intimidate me. I was very polite, but firm. The knives helped.

Maybe I'm spending too much time with Trowa.

Trowa came back after a while, confirming that it was indeed Duo's beloved Deathscythe, albeit rebuilt to a fare-thee-well. Heero stayed with the Gundam for awhile, doubtless to assure himself that there were no nasty surprises secreted away in or on it. Trowa amused himself in the meantime by sharpening all the knives. There were seven or eight of them.

When Heero came back, they took the new pilot out and locked him up. I didn't ask how they made sure that he wouldn't escape. I had been sure that they would kill him. When I asked about that, albeit hesitantly, they gave me identical cold smiles.

"We're saving him for Duo," Trowa told me.

"And Wufei," Heero added.

I gulped. I do believe that killing him out of hand would have been


Duo's little trip to military school had apparently been the brainchild of our unwelcome guest. I could guess why. The little monster knew exactly which buttons to push. He couldn't have found a better way to torture Duo if he'd brought on the branding irons.

Trowa left again after that, and I haven't seen him since. He does

send us a note every day or so, just so we won't begin to worry.

I miss Trowa. I miss Wufei. I miss Duo. It's not that I don't like

Heero, or that he's poor company, but I am accustomed to being surrounded by other people. Sometimes the silence gets to me.

I have a huge family, even though I've distanced myself from them. I have the Maguanacs, who are my family in yet another way. And I've had to leave them all behind in order to hide from S. I have the other pilots, who have been lost and scattered. Now all I have is Heero, and he's not exactly the warm and fuzzy type.... 

Anyway, I after I sent my message, we wasted no further time. We sent Trowa a message, packed up our own Gundams, and left. Trowa's things had been sent to one of our other safe houses, along with Duo and Wufei's various possessions. I kept the leather coat. Somehow, I just couldn't bring myself to leave it behind.

The Maguanacs will look after Wing and Sandrock for awhile. Heero

and I are attending a public school on the far side of the globe from our last safe house. I'm wearing glasses, Heero has dyed his hair (blonde, if you can believe that) and we're both answering to names other than our own.

I told S that we'd be going completely underground for a bit. The

way Relena keeps managing to track us shows that there's a problem with our supposedly secure communications. Therefore, I didn't tell him where we were going. Or why we were going there. Or for how long.

Now do you see why I was so happy to see Relena? She gave me the perfect excuse to pull a disappearing act of my own and take the others with me. S must suspect something, but as long as he can't prove it, we should be all right.

We got a message from Trowa this morning. His perfect hiding place already had a Gundam in it! He and Wufei think along the same lines sometimes. I sent a message to Rashid, and he'll go out and pick up Heavyarms for concealment. I got the feeling that Trowa was feeling more than a little peevish that Wufei managed to nick his Gundam cache for Shenlong.

He'll get over it, though. Trowa is a very mellow person in some ways. The other three are all over sharp edges. Yes, even Duo, although he tends to hide them better than either Heero or Wufei.

He's had more practice, I think.

I'm worried about Duo. While he's not the type to crack under 

pressure, I'm very fond of our jester. I wouldn't want to lose him, and something tells me that he's in terrible danger.

I'm worried about Wufei. His last message was a bit - intense. He hasn't sent me anything since he left his family, but I know that he was worried. While I've seen Wufei angry, pensive and sad, I don't remember ever seeing him worried.

Heero tells me that I'm going to give myself an ulcer. He may be right. For now, we'll just wait and watch. I hope that we hear something soon.


Quatre: I'm going to start chewing my fingernails in a minute.

Truth: You can't. You filed them away with those knives.  Speaking of which, where did you put them?

Trowa: Same place Heero keeps his gun, more or less.

Truth:  I don't wanna know.

Wufei: Hentai.

Truth: Like _you_ can talk.


Duo: And what about me????

Truth: I'm really sorry Duo. It won't happen again, I promise.

Duo: _What_ won't happen again? I know all about not telling lies, and the way you say that makes me think that _something_ else nasty is going to happen to me!



It's okay. I'm not torturing Duo on purpose. I'm promise. It'll all turn out all right in the end, I swear.

Wufei: You'd better be right.....