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Title: It's the Pilot  Part 6/18
Author:  Truth
Archive:  The usual places.  

AU - Wherein the Gundam pilots have known each other for a little while, but the war is still stalled back before the pilots return to space.  Meanwhile, the five
mad scientists have had sceond thoughts about some of the pilots.  Probably OC as well, but I did my best. 
First person stream of conciousness/POV.

Rated PG-13 at least.

Warning:  Strong language.  All right.  Please keep in mind that this is exerpts from diaries and the like.  Stuff written down with the sure and certain knowledge that someday, somewhere, someone is going to read it.  As a result, you're not getting the whole story.  Shounen Ai coming up, but that's probably all it'll ever be.  The problem with working with first person POV is that, unless the person in question is REALLY into exhibitionism, you're not gonna get all the juicy details.  I know that I really limited myself by choosing this approach, but I really like this particular literary device.

Disclaimer:  Gundam Wing belongs to somebody else, sadly.

Feedback, comments and criticisms cheerfully accepted at macros@skypoint.com


Oh man.  I am SAVED!!!!!

It's all I can do to keep from dancing madly through this stupid place, singing fucking alleluias.  Understand, though, I wasn't nearly this calm last night.
But that's between you, me and the wall, okay?

Allow me to backtrack a ways.  Wu's apparently on some sort of writing kick, and I'm not gonna let his version of all of this get around without some input of my
own.  It wouldn't be 'just'.  Heh.

My roommate turned out to be a very shy, quiet kid from Wu's family.  I will refrain from breaking into a rousing chorus of 'It's a Small World, After All', if only because I'm in the middle of a lecture on differential equations and I'm supposed to be paying attention.

I'm the model student after all.  No wonder Wu didn't recognize me.

Anyway, Chen was a very nice kid, friendly even.  We could've been friends, had the situation been different.  I felt kinda bad about it, but decided that it would be best if I scared him off.  So I did.  I was hell on wheels, and vicious with it.  I lurked, I loomed, I made suggestive comments and I was as scary as I knew how to be without actually physically threatening the poor guy.  
I did really feel bad but let's face it, if it's between my life and his comfort, it's gonna be my life all the way.

He lasted longer than I probably would have.  It took him three days before he actually broke down and decided to move out.  Unfortunately, there was really
no where for him to go.  So they told me I would have another new roommate.

Oh well.  I decided that I could probably keep myself amused for awhile simply by frightening any potential roommate away.  Yeah, it's cruel, but I was going
absolutely out of my mind.  Literally.  You just have no idea.  Boredom is an exquisitly refined type of torture and it sucks like you wouldn't believe.

Think about being trapped on a school bus full of vicious bullies.  Then imagine that you have to stay there 24/7.  Then imagine that your life depends on your finishing your physics and calculus homework while this bus full of sadists bumps down the worst roads on the planet.   Then imagine being bored.
I think that this is the clearest sign that my sanity is finally beginning to slip.

Soooooo, the kid moved out and his older brother moved in.  From what I had heard, my new roommate could probably give the Wu-guy grumpy lessons.  Marvelous.   I'd seen him around a few times, mostly from a distance.  He even looked a bit like Wu, but he was wearing his hair long and loose the few times that I saw him, so it was hard to tell.  The Chang brothers both wear lots of reds and blacks, too - nothing at all like Wu's funeary white.

Is it any wonder that I didn't really suspect anything?

So Chang Chen moved out and Chang Wufei moved in.  I didn't know that at the time, of course.  I left my last class (a marvelously dull exercise in futility labeled 'social history') and headed back to my room.

And that's when I got a load of my new roommate.  Chang Lian.  Yeah, right.  I almost believed it, right up until he said my name.  It's really amazing what a
simple change in hairstyle can do for a guy....

Wu may never forgive me.  I grabbed him like he was my long lost love and sobbed into his shoulder.  That's right.  Cried like a baby.  I had completely given up hope that I'd ever seen any of the guys again, and I almost passed out from sheer relief.  And I don't cry. 

Not in front of others, anyway.

It took the Wu man almost two hours to calm me down enough that I could give him a full report on everything that's happened over the past six months. 
What he told me in return was - upsetting.

Three or four months ago, OZ just sort of shut down.   I don't mean that they disappeared into the woodwork, or even slowed down what they were doing.  I mean that the political chicanery that they are always up to simply ceased.

With everyone in such a tiz over me pulling the world's stupidest disappearing act and Wu following my lead, several missions had been scrapped out of hand.  I
guess we were in the wrong place (or the right place) at the right time and some grand OZ scheme fell through, 'cuz they've been behaving themselves....and
the Alliance is suing for peace.

That's not the upsetting part.  The bit that _I_ didn't like was that OZ seems to be waiting for something.  Something from _us_, the Gundam Pilots.  And I was
feeling persecuted before....

And then I find out that Wu came to get me out on his own.  Well, with a little help from Quatre.  I had to sit down after that.  My first thought on seeing that
familiar face was that he hadn't received my message in time, and had been shipped off to join me in exile. 

That the guys cared about me enough to come after me....

I didn't burst into tears again.  I had gotten rid of most of my nervous tension with the first outburst.  Naw, this time I worked off the stress by shrieking like - like Relena does when she's _really_ pissed.

He shouldna risked it!  Not for me.  Not that I was unappreciative, but I'd been trying to get off this stupid rock for over a month!  Now _both_ of us were
trapped here!  And if I thought _I_ had problems with the other students....
Remind me to tell you about the little incident in the cafeteria right after I got here.

He just gave me that 'I can't believe you're really _that_ stupid' look, and waited until I finally ran out of invective.  It took awhile.  A really long while.  Then he smirked.   Yeah, smirked.  That particular expression he gets just before he says something really clever.

I hate it when he gets all superior.  I _really_ hate it, 'cause that's when he lectures.  I call it his uber killjoy mode.  
Apparently, he's got some sort of master plan.  Unfortunately, we're both stuck here for another two weeks until Quatre's part of the plan can come into
effect.  I guess the wait is mostly because I wasn't wearing a little neon sign that said 'Duo Maxwell, Gundam Pilot - Please Rescue'.

Oh well.  I've got someone to TALK to!!!  Even if it is Wu-the-grumpy.  I'm not alone....

And I'm currently ahead of him in the class rankings.  That's gonna sting.  I tell ya, six months of frustrated boredom and nothing to do but read textbooks
and do research will bring _anybody's_ grades up.

I can't wait till he finds out.

Duo:  Now _that's_ more like it.
Wufei:  Grrrrrr.
Truth:  C'mon guys.  You can't escape if you're fighting.
Duo and Wufei *chorus*:  BUTT OUT!