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Forgotton Dreams part 5

"Woo hoo!" Duo's enthusiastic whoop drew several odd looks and a whole gaggle of girls as the three pilots approached the school gym, where the dance was being held. Quatre noted that all the students seemed to be as outlandishly dressed as he and Duo, and breathed a sigh of relief.

"Duo-san!" The girls attatched themselves to Duo, giggling and flirting. Duo laughed and flirted back, then disentangled himself from them and grabbed Heero's and Quatre's arms.

"Sorry, ladies, but I've got to cheer my friend up. This is Quatre Winner." He pushed Quatre forward, and the girls eyed him for a moment.

"From the L4 Winners?" One asked.

Duo nodded. "Yup yup!"

Quatre smiled politely at the girls, wishing he was in his regular clothes. The girls looked him up and down, then, as one, smiled.

"Hi!" Apparently, they had a spokesgirl for the entire group. "We're pleased to meet you, Winner-san."

"As I am to meet you, ladies." The girls giggled.

"Well, nice chatting, girls, but the party awaits!" Duo blew them all a kiss and dragged Quatre and Heero into the building, his cloak billowing out behind him.

They all stopped just inside the gym, and Quatre's jaw nearly dropped. The whole gym had been decorated in sixteenth century Gothic style, the type seen in horror movies: it was dark, dreary, with strobe lights piercing the dry-ice mist covering the floor in time to the heavy-metal music pounding loudly in the background. Even the music was dark; it was in English, but begged to be danced to. Quatre looked up, noticng the TV screens that translated the lyrics to Japanese.

Duo, with a theatrical flip of his cape, draped his arm across Heero's shoulder and leaned in close to talk in Heero's ear. Quatre couldn't hear what was said, but Heero kept shaking his head and pointing to Duo, then the dance floor. Finally Duo threw off his cloak, revealing his unbound hair, folded it neatly on a chair and stalked mock-angrily onto the dance floor, Heero following with what Quatre could've sworn was a small smile of smug satifaction. Left to his own devices, Quatre wandered over to the refreshment table and looked around. He didn't know anyone.

"Great, Duo. Drag me here then abandon me." Quatre rolled his eyes as a small comotion started on the dance floor. It wasn't enough to be a fight, so Quatre walked over to see what was happening. And nearly fell over.

It was Relena Peacecraft who was causing all the commotion. But not the Relena that Quatre knew.

A black leather and lace corset supported Relena's breasts, lifting them high and showing the tops of them off. Fingerless black leather gloves clung to her arms, ending just above her elbows, and she had on a black leather miniskirt with black fishnet stockings. Black makeup, eyes, lips, and nails, and three-inch heeled calf-high lace-up black leather boots completed the look.

The musicwas sultry, and Relena swayed to it, moving her hips suggestively, arms raised in an almost invoking way above her head. She seemed to be singing along with the song, and Quatre looked up to the translating screens.

"Later on the evening/As you lie at home in bed/With the echoes of the amplifiers/Ringing through you head/Smoke the day's last cigarette---"

"Wow!" Duo glomped on to Quatre, Heero behind him, and stared at Relena. "Now is that *oozing* sex appeal, or what?" He looked her up and down, as most of the male contingent of the dance was doing, and grinned. "Wow. Relena, Goth? Huh. Never knew she had it in her!"

A flash of white caught Quatre's eye, and he turned to look at an Chinesse boy who was scowling at Relena, radiating disaproval. Quatre frowned. He'd seen that boy before. . .

He nudged Duo. "Duo, do we know that boy?" He pointed at the boy in white. Duo glanced at him, then shrugged.

"Nope." He turned to Heero. "*Do* we know him?"

Heero looked at the boy. "That would be Chang Wufei."

"The fifth pilot?"

Heero nodded.

Duo grinned. "Cool!" He started toward the boy, but the song ended and Relena caught site of Heero.

"Heero! Oh, Heero, you came to the dance! I wasn't expecting you to come!" Relena took Heero's arm, smiling up at him. "Come on, I want you to meet some friends of mine!"

Duo frowned and opened his mouth to say something, but Heero beat him to it, looking coldly at Relena.


"No?" Relena echoed unbelievingly.

Heero shook his head, taking Relena's hands off his arm. "No. I'm here with someone."

Relena's jaw dropped, and tears filled her eyes. "You. . . are?" Heero nodded, face blank. "Bu. . . Who?"

"Duo." Heero put his arm around Duo's waist, pulling him close. Duo and Relena both stared at Heero, shocked speechless.

"Uhm, Heero? Duo? Aren't you supposed to be cheering me up?" Quatre tugged at the pair, then smiled at Relena. "Gomen, Miss Relena, but we need to go."

Duo snapped out of his shock and nodded enthusiastically. "Yeah! Yeah! We gotta go party! C'mon Heero, Quatre! 'Bye, Relena!" Duo dragged Quatre and Heero off before Relena could start crying, or worse, passing Wufei. The Chinese boy glanced at them, then turned and stalked off.

When they were across the gym, Duo stopped and heaved a sigh of relief.

"Wheew! *That* was close!" He looked at Heero, who still had his arm around Duo's waist. "Quick thinking, Heero! I'd've said it, but she wouldn't've believed *me*!" He sighed happily, and hesitantly put his own arm around Heero's waist, grinning when Heero didn't push him away. "So, Quatre, are you ready to learn how to *really* party?" Quatre nodded slowly, still not sure he liked Duo's idea of 'partying.' "Great! First thing, do you know how to dance?"

"Uhm, no." Duo's eyes widened.


"No. I've never really danced before."

"Oh, man. Oh, *man*! We have *so* got to remedy this problem, like, *now*." Duo paused, evidently torn between teaching Quatre to dance and letting go of Heero.

Heero dropped his arm from Duo's waist and pushed him toward Quatre. "Go on."

Duo pouted, then grinned. "Do I get a kiss after I teach him?"

"Hold your breath."

Duo made a kissy face at Heero and turned back to Quatre. "Okay! Beat."


"Yeah. Can you find the beat of the music?"

"Duo, I play the violin. What do *you* think?" Quatre raised an eyebrow, and Heero smirked.

"Oh. Yeah. Can you *move* to the beat, then?" Duo wiggled his hips to the music in demonstration.

Quatre blinked at him. "I can't do that."

"Awwwww, Quatre-baby, why not? Look, it's easy, I'll show you!" Duo got behind Quatre and pulled the smaller pilot against him, hands on Quatre's hips. "Now, all you gotta do is swing your hips, like this." And Duo started swaying his hips to the beat of music, moving Quatre's as well. "See? Easy!"

"Yes, it's easy." Quatre frowned. "Just do me one favor, Duo?"

"Oh, sure! Anything, Quatre-baby."

"Stop thinking about Heero." Quatre moved his hips away from Duo's pointedly.

Heero raised his eyebrow at Duo, and Duo choked.

"Uhh. . . ummm. . . errr. . ." Quatre chuckled. "Hey! It's not funny!"

"Yes, it is. Now, what's next?"

"Next? Next I find a bathroom and---"

Quatre blushed. "No! Dancing, you're teaching me to dance, remember?"

"Suffer, Maxwell." There was a hint of humor in Heero's voice.

"Will you releive my suffering?" Duo turned Quatre around. "Keep swaying your hips."

"Permanently, yes." Heero mimed shooting Duo.

Duo's eyes widened. "You *wouldn't*! Now move your feet to the music." Quatre did as he was told, amused at Duo's ability to carry on two entirely different conversations at once.

"In a heartbeat."

"Gasp! I'm hurt! And here I thought that that's what you liked best about me! Get some shoulder movement in there, too, Quatre-baby."

"You thought? Are you sure you're capable of that?"

Quatre closed his eyes, getting a feel for the music, ignoring Duo and Heero's flirting. His mind wandered, but it wasn't long before it settled on Trowa. Trowa. . . He seemed so fragile, as if he would break at any moment. Quatre thought back to the dreams that had haunted him through out his childhood. What had happened to Trowa, to make him as he was now? The deep, sultry music pounded in Quatre's head, filling him with the desire to let everything go. . . all holds gone. . . nothing there. . .

**The lights went out, and the spotlight was burning on him. The formerly boistrous crowd had gone silent, anticipating. The world narrowed to himself and the girl in front of him. Her voice dragged; she was asking him something.

"Are you ready?"

He nodded, once. She drew her arm back, the spotlight flashing on the knives she held, one in each hand.

*Something* caught his attention, the faint scent of a personality, and he blinked, mouthing one word as the girl let loose the knife she was aiming at him, one name. . .

"Quatre. . ."**

Quatre's eyes flew open in surprise as the song ended, and he stumbled before Duo's strong arms caught him.

"Hey, Quatre-baby!" There was concern in Duo's voice as Quatre blinked and shook his head furiously. "What's wrong? Oi, man, one minute you're dancing like you don't got a care in the world---and doing a damn good job of it, too---and the next you nearly faint! What's wrong?"

Quatre blinked a few more times, then pushed away from Duo ad shook his head again. "I-I'm fine. Really. I'm not used to. . . to dancing. I'm fine," He repeated. "I just need to sit down."

"Okay! Here." Duo led him to a chair and pushed him into it. "You sure you're okay?"


"Can I make Heero dance now?"

Quatre managed a smile. "Knock yourself out."

"Thanks!" Duo skipped off, back to where Heero was standing.

'What was *that*?' Quatre thought, leaning forward and resting his head in his hands. 'Damn, I haven't done that in *years*! What triggered it, I wonder?' Quatre raised his head and looked around that gym. Relena had gone back to dancing, with her fanclub surrounding her, Wufei was watching her with a scowl, and Duo was dancing around Heero, grabbing fistfulls of his hair and tickling Heero's face with them, laughing.

'That's so odd. . .' Quatre stayed where he was until it was time to go, still confused and shaken.

What *had* triggered that episode?

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