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Forgotton Dreams part 4

Poking his head into the dining hall, Quatre winced at the volume of music Duo had put on. It was American, so Quatre had no idea what was being said, but Duo was singing his heart out, dancing in his seat as he ate half a cherry pie. Quatre smiled, and sat down next to him.

"Hey, Duo." The American pilot glanced at him, and smiled, still singing. "What song is this?" Duo rolled his eyes and turned the music down enough so he could be heard.


"I said, what song is this?"

Duo grinned. "'You Give Love A Bad Name,' by Bon Jovi! Cool, huh?"

Quatre raised an eyebrow, finding nothing about the song cold. "Cool?"

Duo sighed greatly. "Neat, great, awsome. It's an American thing." He grinned, still wiggling to the beat in his chair.

Quatre shook his head, snickering. "It'd be better if I knew what was being sung." He hurried on before Duo could start translating. "How's your neck?"

Duo reached up to touch his neck, still a little bruised from Heero's attempt to strangle him. "Oh, it's better. Thanks for asking." The song ended, then started again. "*Man*, I love this song!"

Quatre frowned. "Duo, did Heero say anything about trying to kill you?" He knew Duo was as head-over braid in love with Heero as he could get, and still be the biggest flirt around, but Quatre didn't want to see his friend in an abusive relationship.

Duo waved his hand dismissively. "Oh, yeah. When I woke up he was putting some salve on it." Duo's eyes twinkled, and he lay his head on the table, sighing dreamily. "Oh, it was wonderful! I was in his bed, he was touching me---fingers oh-so-gentle!---and for once he wasn't scowling!" Quatre did not mention that Heero had probably dragged Duo all the way to his room. "He apologized, too! It was *sooooo* sweet! He saw that I was awake, looked deep into my eyes, and told me I talk too much." Quatre raised an eyebrow. "Oh, and then, and then, he put his hand on my shoulder, looked down and mumbled 'But that was no excuse for trying to kill you. Gomen nasai.'" Duo smiled wistfully at the memory, reveling in it. "Oh, Quatre, I think he *likes* me! He even brushed and braided my hair in apology for yanking on it! He even, *even* admitted that it was beautiful! I'm so happy!" Duo's smile got even wider, if that was possible, then he sat up. "So I hear you've got an all season backstage pass for Trowa's circus."

"Duo! You've been in my stuff again!" Quatre mock-punched Duo's arm.

Duo wiggled his eyebrows at him. "Always! So, are you going?"

Quatre sighed, then shrugged. "I was. . ."

"Was?" Duo's left eyebrow raised.

"Yes. Was, but Trowa's been avoiding me, and acting even odder than usual. . ."

"Hmm. He's avoiding me, too. I asked Heero to talk with him, but either he hasn't yet, or it didn't make a difference." Duo shrugged, then his eyes lit up. "I know! What *you* need, Quatre-baby, is to *PAR*-*TY*!!" Duo jumped up, excitement making him cheerful once again. "Yeah! You need to get out, dance, and have a great time! *Oh*! I *know*!" Duo danced around the table, exstatic at his idea. "There's a school dance coming up! We can go to that! Yeahyeahyeah! It'll be fun! What d'ya say, Quatre-baby? The circus opens, what, two days after the dance?" Quatre nodded, knowing the futility of trying to stop Duo once he got going on an idea. "Good! Party all night long at the dance, two days of recuperation---"

Quatre's eyes widened. He'd never been to a school dance, but "*Two* *days* of recuperation?"

Duo stopped chattering and looked at him odd. "Well, yeah. Normally it's more, after a good long party, but since you're going to the circus, we'll cut back on jamming a bit. ANYway, two days of recupe, then the circus, which you *will* enjoy, Quatre-baby, and that's an order!, and then you corner Trowa, talk to him, and make him fall *madly* in love with you!" Duo pirouetted, falling on his butt as Heero walked in.

"Hn?" Heero raised an eyebrow at Quatre, but Duo leaped up before the Arabian boy could answer.

"HEERO!!" Duo latched on to Heero's arm, beaming up at the Japanese boy. "We're going to the dance! Wanna come?" Heero shook his head, trying to shake Duo off his arm. "Oh, *please*? You can be *my* date!" Duo clutched harder at Heero's arm, smiling his most dazzling smile at the other pilot. "You might actually have fun!"

"If you wear your hair down."

Duo continued begging for a few seconds before Heero's quiet capitulation set in. He stared at Heero, mouth working silently.

"You. . . will?" The stunned look on Duo's face was classic. Heero nodded once.

"If," And the word was stressed slightly, "You wear your hair down." Heero looked pointedly at Duo's braid.

"*SURE*!" Duo spun around the room, turning his music up even lauder than before and singing along enthusiastically. Heero looked at Quatre and rolled his eyes, then walked off.

"Duo, are you *sure* this is a good outfit?"

Duo glnced over at Quate, eyestwinkling as he took in the blonde boy's attire. "*Trust* me, Quatre-baby, it's *just* *fine*."

Quatre frowned at his reflection, looking himself over. He was clad in skin-tight black jeans that rode low on his hips, and a tight black stretchy tank-top that stopped an inch above his navel. Stylish black sunglasses rested atop his head, and tight black soft-leather boot encased his legs from toe to mid-thigh, with a black leather jacket completing the look. The whole outfit was curteousy of Duo.

"You're *sure*?"

Duo laughed, hugging Quatre from behind. "Yeah, I'm sure. You'll be a hit with the girls, and some of the boys, too."

"I don't *want*---"

"I know, I know. You don't want anyone but Trowa. But at least *try* to have a good time?" Quatre smiled at Duo's reflection and shook his head, sighing.

"Sure. Now get off of me before Heero gets jealous." Duo immediately let Quatre go, grinning.

"I dunno. He might get so jealous he decides to take the initiative!" Quatre just shook his head again, amiling at Duo's unfailing optimism. "Do I look good, Quatre-baby?"

If Quatre thought *his* outfit screamed 'bondage,' then Duo's screamed 'pimp.'

A pair of pants similar to Quatre's was molded to Duo's legs, leather rather than jean. They outlined his muscular legs perfectly, and the leather boots Duo wore encased those legs from toe to nearly groin, lacing up the back. A red, knotted cord served as a belt, and the end hung nearly to the ground. His shirt was some ultra-sheer crimson material, with the cuffs, colar and hem crimson silk. It was unbuttoned, and being tucked into Duo's pants was the only thing that kept it from flapping loose. Duo's customary gold cross hung around his neck, framed by the red material of Duo's shirt. Duo had several rings on every finger, his fingernails were black, as were his eyelids, and currently he was leaning in close to the mirror, applying black lipstick carefully. He had powdered his face white earlier. A black velvet, black silk-lined cloak lay draped acoss a chair, waiting for Duo to don it.

"Duo, you look like a pimp."

Duo grinned at Quatre as he straightened. "Just call me Pimp Daddy Duo." Quatre hung his head. It was no use. Then an thought occured to him.

"Uhm, Duo? I hate to ask this, but. . ."

Duo glanced at him sideways, black lips stretching into another grin. "Yeah?"

"How did you get all this?" Quatre gestured to the outfits. Duo snickered.

"Well, remember that birthday money you gave me?"

"Oh, no."

"And remember I said I'd get you something?"

"Duo, you *didn't*!" Quatre was horrified.

"I did." Duo shook his head, laughing. "I *so* did." He grinned crazily at that look of horror on Quatre's face, then wiggled his black-nailed fingers at him. "How do I look?"

"Like a freak." Quatre sat on the bed.

"Oh, c'mon, Quatre! You get to keep the outfit, at least!"

"That's *not* what I wanted to hear! And where'd you get the idea for that look?" He waved at Duo's makeup.

Duo glanced in the mirror. "Oh, this? It's Gothic. An American thing. Cool, huh?" There was a firm knock at the door, then it opened.

Heero stood in the doorway, eyebrows raised slightly as he took in Duo's and Quatre's outfits, but his only comment was "Hair," to Duo. Duo grinned at him, then slowly, teasingly untied the ribbon that held his braid, shaking his head slightly as his fingers combed through his tresses, unwinding them.

Unbound, Duo's dark brown hair fell to his knees and made him look more gente. Not exactly effeminite, but it added a certain softness to him. He grabbed his brush and waved it at Heero. "Will you brush it?" Heero glowered at the brush as if it offended him, but took it anyway and started running through Duo's hair, a faint trace of a smile tugging at his lips as Duo closed his eyes and purred softly in contentment.

As soon as Heero was done, Duo jumped up, grinning.

"Okay, let's go! Heero, *dahling*, you look *mah*velous!" Duo laughed at himself, then put on his cloak and threw it over one shoulder, slipping his arm through Heero's. "*Love* the Spandex!" He leered at Heero, who hadn't bothered to dress up.

Heero scowled at him, but didn't try to shake him off as he usually did. "Are we going, or not? The sooner we get there, the sooner we can leave."

"Sure, sure. Come on, Quatre! The night's young, and we've got a party waiting for us!" Duo grabbed Quatre's hand and dragged him and Heero out the door.

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