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Forgotton Dreams part 3

"Gahhh!" The book hit the fall wall with a thud. "Baka! He's *NOT* *THAT* *ATTRTACTIVE*!!!"

Quatre was having a small problem.


"Duo! Get out from under there! What are you doing under my bed?" Quatre pulled Duo out into the open and glared at him. Duo clutched his braid protectively.

"Are you gonna pull on my braid?

"Huuuh. No, I'm not. Why are you in my room?"

A shrug. "Heero got ahold of a pair of scissors." Duo shuddered. "I needed a good hiding place." He looked closer at Quatre. "Hey, you're mad." He plomped down on Quatre's bed. "What's wrong?"


Duo grinned. "Nothing? You're peacefully reading, then you *throw* a *book* at the wall and yell 'Gahh! He's *NOT* *THAT* *ATTRACTIVE*!'?" You got a crush, Quatre-baby?" He licked his lips suggestively.

Quatre rolled his eyes. "Duo, you are *so* blatantly bi."

Duo laughed merily. "Arigato, Quatre! So, who is he? Anyone I know? Heero? It better not be Heero, because he's *mine*. and I won't share! Oh, is it *me*? Is it is it is it?!"Duo jumped upand latched on to Quatre, eyes twinkling with laughter.

Quatre pushed at him, unable to resist a smile. "And if it is?" He leaned back into Duo's embrace, leaning his head against Duo's shoulder.

Duo giggled, nuzzling Quatre's neck. "Then I start a harem. That's an Arabian fad, isn't it?"

Quatre sighed, reaching up and caressing Duo's face. "Tradition, actually."

"Do you have a harem?" Duo kissed Quatre's neck lightly.

Quatre shivered. "No."

Duo bit down gently, eliciting a soft murmer from the smaller pilot. He whispered his next words. "Do you want to be in mine?"

A fit of giggles consumed Quatre, and Duo paused in his molestation of the Arabians neck.


"Duo, you say the *oddest* things!"

"I do not!" Duo untucked Quatre's shirt, running his fingernails along the other boy's waist. "I just asked a question! I'm serious!" He licked Quatre's neck. "Did you know your neck tastes good?" He started nibbling again.

Quatre laughed. "Thank you, I think. Ohhhhh. . ." Duo's hands had found their way to Quatre's chest, and were teasing his nipples.

"So who is it?"

The question took Quatre by surprise. "Who?"

"Mm-hm." Duo unbuttoned Quatre's shirt slowly, still nibbling his neck. "Who's so damned attractive they make you throw books?"

Quatre blushed. "Oh. Uh, no one?"

"Uh-uh. You don't get upset over no one." Duo slipped Quatre's shirt off his shoulders and licked, kissed and nibbled his way down the right side of Quatre's neck, ending up at his shoulder. "Who is it?" He bit gently, and Quatre shuddered.

"Trowa." He turned his head and kissed Duo's cheek.

"Oh? Then why aren't you out there *chasing* him?" Duo shuddered when Quatre's lips found his ear.

"Because," Quatre breathed, "I'm in here getting molested by *you*." He started nibbling.

Duo let out a small whine. "Don't stop." He took Quatre's hnd and slowly started nibbling on a fingertip. "Why don't you tell Trowa?"

"Why don't *you* tell Heero you're in love with *him*?" Quatre looked at Duo seriously.

Duo blinked at him, Quatre's finger halfway in his mouth. "Uhhhmmmm. . . Becauth he might wredject me? Athter aww, duthst becauth *we'wre* bi doethsn't mean evewryone elsth ith." Quatre smiled. "Oh. Do you want me to telw him?"

Quatre shook his head. "No, but thank you. I preffer to suffer in ignornce that face rejection and posibly disgust. I'll try to be his friend, first. If he lets me." He captured Duo's ear again, and Duo melted.

"Hey, I dhought *I* wath dthe one molesthting *you*, not dthe odther way awound." Duo let go of Quatre's finger and started nibbling his palm.

"Mmm. It's a. . . two way thing." Quatre turned around in Duo's arms and kissed Duo's lips gently.

"Oh, is that how it is?" Duo murmured, raising an eyebrow at Quatre.

Quatre nodded. "That's how it is." He murmured back, and bit gently at Duo's lip.

Duo sighed, opening his mouth for Quatre as his arms slid down the blond boy's arms, taking his shirt with them. Quatre broke away from the kiss, tugging at Duo's shirt. Duo slipped it off, tilting his head back as Quatre kissed down his neck, biting gently at the tender flesh of his throat. Quatre nudged Duo until he moved backwards, the backs oh his legs eventually hitting the side of Quatre's bed. He sat down, smiling up at Quatre. Quatre smiled back, leaned over and kissed him again. He kissed down Duo's neck once more, then down his chest, nibbling and licking as Duo arched his back and sighed with pleasure.

Quatre knelt down and wriggled his way between Duo's legs, wrapping his arms around the brown-haired boy's waist, pulling him closer as he inlficted such sweet torture on Duo's chest---which was, as Quatre had discovered, *extremely* sensitive.

Duo shuddered and whimpered, legs clamping tightly around Quatre's waist as he went, mostly, limp, Quatre's arms around his own waist the only thing keeping him somewhat upright.

Quatre grinned. "You're so fun to molest, Duo."

Duo's only response was a moan, and as Quatre leaned up to kiss him, the door opened. Trowa walked in, his stride purposeful, as Duo's and Quatre's heads both jerked up, staring at him guiltily.

"Quatre, I---" Trowa froze when he saw Quatre and Duo, both half-naked, on Quatre's bed, and obviously in the middle of something intimate. His mouth worked silently, surprise on his face, which was replaced by a quick flash of pain before his usual mask clamped down. Trowa looked at Duo and a blushing Quatre a moment longer, then looked down. He gave small sigh, turned, and left the room, shutting the door firmly behind him.

"Tr-Trowa?" Quatre's jaw dropped, and he pushed away from Duo, standing up. "Trowa!" Duo sighed, laying back on the bed as if nothing had happened.

"Let him go, Quatre. You can talk withhim later; right now you both need a chance to calm down. Quatre spun around, mouth opening to protest, but Duo held up a hand. "Relax. If you don't calm down, you're going to make things worse if you try to talk to Trowa now." He sat up, pulling on his shirt. "I run, I hide, but I never lie, remember?" Duo grinned. "Trust me." Duo got up and hugged a teary-eyed Quatre.

"B-but he'll think that you---and me---we're---" He gestured helplessly at the bed.

Duo's smiles softened as he wiped the tears from Quatre's eyes. "We are, Quatre, for the most part. We may not have done everything, but still. And even though *we* may think nothing of it, others view it differently."

"I need to explain. . ." Once more Quatre started for the door, but Duo grabbed him by the waist.

"Quatre, listen to me." Duo turned Quatre to face him and held his chin, forcing the smaller pilot to look at him. "Calm down. You know what? *I'll* talk with Trowa. I'll have *Heero* tell him it's nothing, and Heero knows!"

Quatre stopped trying to get away and staredat Duo. "Heero *knows*?"

Duo nodded. "Yeah. He asked me about our relationship when we first started. I love him; I couldn't lie. I told him it was lust only. We're friends, yes, but not in love. He looked at me for a bit, then asked if we were having sex." Quatre raised his eyebrows, and Duo grinned. "Yeah, he asked if we were having sex. I said no, we weren't having any sort of sex at all."

"What did he say?" Quatre sniffled and wiped at his eyes.

"He wanted to know why not, and I told him we were both waiting. He asked what for." A shrug. "I told him we were both waiting to fall in love. At that point I stared at him and repeated myself." Duo laughed, and Quatre smiled a bit. "I *think* he got the hint. He muttered something about crazy Americans and walked off." Quatre giggled. "So, I'll talk to Trowa, okay?"

"Okay. But, don't tell him that I, I like him, okay?"

"Sure." Duo gave Quatre another hug and sauntered out, whistling a cheerful tune. There was a yelp, then Heero's voice.

"Damn you, American, *stop* pinching me!"

A giggle from Duo. "Do I get a kiss if I stop?"

A pause, and then the sound of Heero's fist connecting with Duo's stomach.

"O, or not." Duo coughed a bit, then walked away.

Quatre sighed and lay down on his bed, fighting back tears. It wasn't fair! It *just* *wasn't* *fair*! Trowa had wanted to talk with him, and he'd been making out with Duo! Quatre punched his pillow angrily. He wanted Trowa, damn it! It was far more than lust. Maybe not love, but Quatre knew that his need for Trowa expanded beyond mere *lust*!

As he glared sullenly about the room, something on the floor caught Quatre's eye; a peice of paper. Despite his misery, Quatre's curiosity was piqued, and he dragged himself off the bed to investigate. He picked it up. It was a ticket to the circus where Trowa worked.

"Hmm. He must have dropped it." Quatre flipped the ticket over, reading the front. 'All Season Backstage Ticket,' it read, 'Made out to: Quatre Winner.' The ticket was dated for next week. Quatre sighed. Trowa had wanted him to see the performance. He'd been about to ask Quatre to come see him. Very well, then, he'd go. No use wasting a perfectly good ticket, anyway. He looked at the ticket again. 'See Ms. Catherine Bloom,' it said. All right. He'd go see the show, and maybe talk with Trowa after.

Now all he had to do was get through this next week without blurting everything out to Trowa. He hoped he wouldn't lose his nerve.

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