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Forgotton Dreams Part 7

The crowd clapped; the show was over. Quatre also clapped, then ran down the stairs from the viewing area he'd been in as the performers started exiting the arena. He looked around for Trowa, frowning when he didn't see him. He caught up with Catherine.

"Catherine!" She turned.

"Oh, hello, Quatre! Did you enjoy the show?"

Quatre nodded. "Oh, yes, it was wonderful. Have you seen Trowa?"

Catherine paused and looked around, then behind Quatre. She smiled.

"No. He's around here somewhere, though. Excuse me." She hurried off, leaving Quatre frowning behind her.

"Around here *somewhere*?" Quatre looked around again. "There are a lot of 'somewhere's' around *here*." He turned around sharply.

And got a rose in the face.

"Gah!" Quatre jumped, bringing his hands up to his face. He looked beyond the rose and into Trowa's green eyes. Trowa tilted his head to one side and the rose moved, tracing lightly down from Quatre's forehead to his nose, his lips, his chin. There it paused, twirled, then continued down Quatre's chest. Trowa took his hand, eyes still watching Quatre, and gently closed Quatre's fingers around the stem of the rose. Quatre smiled in bemusement. "You are *such* an enigma, Trowa."

Trowa inclined his head in acknowledgement. "Thank you." He brought Quatre's hand up slowly and gently, softly kissed Quatre's knuckles.

Quatre blushed and ducked his head, then looked back up at Trowa through his eyelashes.

"Thank *you*." He moved his hand, the one that held the rose. The one that Trowa still held. On impulse Quatre moved closer to the tall pilot, smiling when Trowa's free arm slid around his waist, and gently lay his head on Trowa's shoulder, looking at he and Trowa's hands, entwined as they held the rose. "Thank you," he whispered.

Trowa's hold tightened. He titled his head down and rubbed his cheek in Quatre's hair. Softly, he spoke. "I don't know how you do what you do, or why, but you amaze me. Every little thing you do. . ."

Quatre smiled against Trowa's chest. He turned his head up into the crook of Trowa's neck and sighed happily, oblivious to the people all around them. Nothing mattered now, except for Trowa. It was such a perfect moment. . .

A moment who's perfection was shattered as Catherine once again interrupted. She ran up to then, frantic.

"Towa! OZ soldiers are here! They're looking for Gundam pilots!" Quatre's eyes widened and he started to pull away, but Trowa held him tight. "Damn it, you two, quite necking and go!" Catherine bodily forced Quatre and Trowa apart, although they still held hands, and pushed them through a door. "Get out of here first, *then* fall in love! Have you no sense of survival?!" She continued ranting at them as she pushed them through to corridor, and threw open a door. Soft moonlight spilled down on all three of them as Catherine turned to Trowa and hugged him fiercely. "Don't die on me, Trowa." She turned to Quatre and hugged him as well. "Take care of him." she whispered in his ear, then stepped back. "Now *go*!"

Trowa was already on a nearby motorcycle and had it purring. Quatre jumped on behind him and wrapped his arms around Trowa's waist as Trowa gunned the engine, and they were off. He spared a glance behind them at Catherine, but she was already gone. He turned back and scrunched down a bit more, thankful for once that he was small; Trowa's body shielded him from the worst of the wind blowing past them.

The motorcycle jumped as Trowa took it off the road and into the woods, on a hiking trail. They rode in silence for a few minutes, then Quatre raised his head.

"Do you know where we're going?" he shouted over the wind.

Trowa nodded his head and said something, but what he said was lost as the night suddenly exploded in fire and violence. The motorcycle swerved from the blast of the grenade, and try as he might Trowa couldn't get control of it again. The two boys went flying from it as it jerked crazily to the side and rammed into a tree. Trowa and Quatre rolled for a bit before coming to rest in a pile of leaves.

"Trowa?!" Quatre rolled over and heaved himself to his feet, wincing as bruises protested. "Trowa!" He looked around frantically.

"Looking *under* the leaves might help." Trowa said dryly, sitting up. He got to his knees and fell back down with a grunt.

"Trowa!" Quatre knelt by the tall boy.

"Uhn. Yes, that's my name. I hurt my leg." Trowa sat up.

"Can you walk?" Quatre looked up sharply as shouts were heard in the distance.

"Yes." Trowa held onto the tree as he got up, favoring his left leg. "Barely."

"Here, let me help you." Quatre slung Trowa's arm over his shoulder and supported the taller boy as they moved off through the trees.

"I need to stop." Trowa stated five minutes later, face pale and panting from the effort of walking as quickly as they were. Quatre eased him down as gently as he could and smoothed the hair out of Trowa's face. It, of course, fell right back. Quatre tried again, with much the same results. Trowa shook his head, licking his lips. "No use. I've tried." He looked around, then back at Quatre. "Do you have a gun?" Quatre nodded. "Good. Let's---" The howls of dogs stopped Trowa and he paled even more, then struggled to get up. "Shit. Go." He pushed Quatre ahead of him. "Go, damn it, *go*!"

Quatre grabbed Trowa's arm and pulled him along, fear racing through every nerve of his body. The two boys stumbled through the woods blindly, the sounds of the dogs behind them picking up as their scent was found, and growing progressively closer. They burst out of the woods at the same moment the dogs caught site of them and were faced with a dilemma: Which way to die? They dogs behind them who would lead OZ to them, or the cliff they faced now?

Quatre looked down at the waves crashing against the cliff face far below them, then at the dogs racing toward them, then at Trowa, the salty sea air blowing all about them.

"Trowa. . ."

"Quatre?" Trowa looked down, then back at Quatre.

"There's no way to escape." Quatre blinked, a tear falling down his cheek, or was it just the moisture in the air? He didn't know.

"There has to be!"

Quatre pulled Trowa's head down and kissed him soundly, with all the passion he felt for the mysterious boy, then took Trowa's hand. "Jump!"

Trowa didn't even realize what Quatre had in mind; he was stunned after the kiss and so offered no resistance when Quatre turned around and leaped off the cliff, bringing Trowa with him just as the dogs reached them. As they fell he snapped out of it, and Quatre wrapped his arms around Trowa's waist, holding him close.

"I'm sorry. . ." he whispered.

Trowa looked at him with a frown. "For what?"

Quatre shook his head. "For everything. I played my violin for you, and now I kill you." He looked at Trowa, then at the rapidly approaching water. "Can you forgive me?"

Unbelievably Trowa smiled, a real smile. "Quatre, you gave me hope, let me know that I wasn't alone. How can I despise you for all the good you did for me?" He kissed Quatre gently. "I can't forgive you, but I *can*---"

Something rushed past them; something big. Quatre and trowa landed with a thud on something metal as their wrist units crackled to life.

"Hey, Quatre-baby, sexy! Thinkin' of taking a midnight swim? Can we join in the fun?" Duo laughed as the fingers of Deathscythe wrapped protectively around Quatre and Trowa. Wing rose up beside them as Duo slashed at an enemy fighter as they cam over the cliff.

"Stop yapping, Duo, and start fighting!" Heero growled.

"With *these* two?! Ha! What do you want me to do with them, Hee-chan, put them in my pocket?" Deathscythe reached over and smacked Wing's rear end, and Duo laughed again.

"Stop that, Maxwell. I may not be able to kill blonde girls, but *you* do *not* fit that description!"

Quatre laughed, then paused. Something had passed he and Trowa going *up*, then Duo had caught them, then *Heero* had come up behind them. . . Who was the third person?

"No need to stop anymore," a voice said acidly. "The enemy has been destroyed." Another Gundam appeared beside them. "No thanks to either of *you*."

"Gee, thanks Wufei!" Duo laughed again. "We found the fifth pilot, guys! Umm, can we go now? 'Cause much as I'd like to stay and kick OZ ass, we gotta get Trowa and Quatre-baby to safety!"

"I have a house about thirty kilometers from here." Quatre offered.


Quatre looked at Trowa as they began their journey, Duo chattering, Heero telling him to shut up and threatening his life, and Wufei silent but for the occasional sarcastic remark.

"Well," He smiled slightly. "We're not dead. I think."

Trowa shook his head. "I don't think we've been bad enough to deserve this for eternity."

Quatre chuckled slightly and put his arm around Trowa's shoulders, pulling him close. Trowa leaned against him, head resting on Quatre's chest, and looked up at him. Quatre smiled down at him and kissed the tip of his nose. Trowa scrunched up his nose like a rabbit and Quatre chuckled again.

"Could you *be* any more wonderful?" he asked rhetorically.

Trowa wrapped his arms around Quatre's waist and they curled up together. "Just about as much more as you could be." he murmured.

"Oh?" Quatre asked softly as he settled in more, tucking Trowa's head under his chin. "And how much more wonderful could I be?"

Trowa's breath was warm against Quatre's neck as he answered. "Not very."

"That's nice to know." Quatre smiled as they settled in to wait out the ride.

"Well, aren't you two cozy." Duo's cheerful voice woke Quatre. He stretched, a bit confused about the weight on his chest. Duo snickered. "Don't look now, Quatre-baby, but you've got a Trowa on you! A rare and endangered species, I hear." He hunkered down next to Quatre and Trowa, grinning at his own humor. "So, you two gonna stay there all night and freeze, or would you rather come inside and get warm? I'll bet you've got nice, big beds here, Quatre-baby!"

Trowa cracked one eye open and closed it again, snuggling closer to Quatre. "Go away." he muttered.

"Ooooooh, *I* get it, *I* get it!" Duo giggled. "You'd rather be aloooooone!" He made kissy faces at them. "How ro*man*tic!" Heero jerked on his braid as Trowa sat up.

Quatre raised both eyebrows at Duo. "You want to see romantic?" Duo nodded. "Really?" Duo nodded again, grinning. Quatre chuckled, then reached up and pulled Trowa's head down to his, kissing him soundly. Trowa fell forward and Quatre rolled over, leaning over him as Duo whooped and whistled. He pulled away from Trowa and half-murmured, "How was that?"

Trowa blinked up at him in a daze, then smiled slightly. "Not half as good as this." he murmured back, then pulled Quatre down again for a whole-hearted, two-sided kiss amidst the loud and enthusiastic clapping of Duo, and the more subtle applause of Heero.

'Not half as good, huh?" Quatre thought. 'I could get used to this.'