Title: Two Roads Diverged - Prologue 

Part 0/?

Author: Truth

AU - The sequel to It's the Pilot - Wherein we see the Gundam Wing Universe as it might have been, had Duo been sidetracked just before Noventa's death.

First person stream of consciousness/POV.

Rated PG-13 at least.

Warning: Nothing this time except that I will be switching from character to character like mad. We will not only be following the pilots, but also the OZzies, the girls and perhaps several of the secondary characters. Not all POV bits will be labeled, as I am hoping that they will mostly be obvious as to the speaker.

Disclaimer: Gundam Wing belongs to somebody else, sadly.

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Trowa has gone away again.

He was here for last night's performance - the first he had actually appeared at in over two months. Of course, he's always come and gone between shows, reappearing and disappearing like some sort of somber will o' the wisp.

But this time, it's different.

Why am I so worried about him? He can take care of himself. At least, I hope so. He has a tendency to take more on himself than he ought.

And he's been more open, lately. Well, I think so anyway. No one else seems to have noticed a difference. But there seems to be a sort of lack of tension about him for the first time since he joined us. Not that he's suddenly begun beaming at random strangers, but he has actually spoken to me once or twice outside of performance matters. 

He smiled at me once. It made him almost beautiful.

This last time was one of the few where he actually stopped to say good-bye. Usually, I just wake up in the morning to find that he'd disappeared during the night. But last night he made sure to find me after dinner - both to say good-bye...and to warn me.

I didn't really need him to tell me to be extra careful. Ever since OZ took over the Alliance, things have been, well, nervous. There have been several pitched battles between the OZ forces and the remnants of the Alliance. Our circus has been very careful to stay away from known trouble spots, but we've had one or two close calls despite our caution.

I've seen Trowa's guns. I've seen his collection of knives, I've even helped him add to it. I've seen the OZ uniform he keeps hidden in his trunk...and I am fairly certain that I know _exactly_ what sort of cargo he is hauling along in that transport he drives.

It would certainly explain his frequent absences and his reticence on certain matters.

I know who he is, or at least what. I'm pretty sure that our head animal handler, Ivor, has his suspicions as well. The ringmaster keeps his own counsel, but I think that he knows more than any of us, for all his complaining.

We'll hide Trowa for as long as he needs. We're a circus of the old fashioned kind. We're a family of misfits and wanderers. Some of us travel under assumed names and with forged papers. We all have secrets, some of which are just as deadly as that kept so carefully by our newest clown.

But for now, he's off again. I know that he'll be careful. I just hope that he'll be all right.


Being a member of a resistance unit has its good and bad sides. On the good side, I can finally honestly say that I think I am doing the right thing. 

Not too long ago, I took an oath to do no harm. I was an idealist then. I thought that by joining the Alliance I was doing the right thing. I thought that all the noble ideals touted by the military recruiters were the truth.

It only took me three months to learn that I had been horribly deceived. It's amazing what goes on both in the colonies and here on Earth that is completely hidden from the populace. I agonized terribly over the path I should take. 

I take my oaths seriously, both my oath as a member of the Alliance military and my oath as a doctor. It wasn't until the arrival of the Gundams and the exposure of just how deep the corruption in the military ran that I began to see that my oaths meant nothing. How could they, when those I had sworn them to had lied so terribly not only to me, but to the entire human race?

When OZ began their take-over, I did what I could. My men were dismissed to go to their respective homes before the Specials reached our base. They were allowed to take whatever they could carry or transport in the way of arms and supplies.

It was treasonous, I'll admit. If I'm ever brought up before a military tribunal I have no doubt that I'll be shot for cowardice in the face of the enemy. But is OZ really the enemy?

I'm still confused as to the proper route to take. I'm fighting now for my family and my friends. I too have gone home, and I brought as much military firepower with me as I could.

But I have hope.

It was mere chance that brought that Gundam pilot's path across mine for a second time. It was the blessing of good fortune that he came to our aid and nothing less than a miracle that he stayed to tell me what was going on. Now that I'm cut off from the military networks, it's been very difficult to find out what's going on elsewhere in the world.

He fixed that for us too.

I promised him that, in return for his aid, I would do anything that I could to assist in the efforts of the Gundam pilots to bring peace to our war-torn world.

I know that they can do it.

I think that Heero knows it too.

Now that Iím finally back in China with my friends and my family, I am even more grateful for Heeroís aid. They need my help so desperately. The former Alliance military personnel in these parts are rampaging out of control. 

To make matters worse, the OZ organization has always been fairly small and their discipline was superb. Now that they have spread across the planet and the OZ leadership is having a difficult time keeping control over them all.

I believe that the Gundam pilots will help us. I believe that eventually justice will triumph. I believe that someday, peace will come to our poor planet.

Until then....

....may good fortune continue to smile on us all.


Wufei: Here we go again....

Duo: Cool! I've been bored to tears!

Heero: Maxwell, get away from me with that!

Quatre: Duo! You promised!

Wufei: Oi! Stay away from me, Maxwell! What you  did to my hair was bad enough!

Trowa: Leave them alone, Maxwell. They don't  _want_ earrings....

Truth: *snigger* I just love them, don't you?