Most of these cels are ones I'm only dreaming about but what the hay, why not list them. Also this page may contain spoilers. Read at your own risk.

Gundam X

I'm always on the lookout for nice Garrod some specific shots I'm looking are are
-Intro scene when he's going the gun on the MS pilot saying "This is a hold up"

-Intro scene giving the victory sign
-A shot of him holding his lockpicks Got it!
-A shot of him picking flowers for Tifa
-A shot of him blushing Got it! Thanks EvilMinion
-A shot showing both him and Caris

Sorcerer Hunters

From the TV series
-Opening cel of Carrot holding the fistful of light
-Chibi Carrot/Marron/Gateua
-Cel of Carrot giving Lake-chan the berries/flowers
-From ep25 the cel of Zaha Torte holding him up by his hair
-A cel of him crying
-From ep26 Cel of him smiling as he reach out to his friends
-Cels of him looking serious
-Also looking for decent cels of Marron, Gatuea and Milphy(preferably from the oav
series but I'm not holding my breathe)

Yoroiden Samurai Troopers/Ronin Warriors

Again I'm alway on the hunt for nice Shuten cels but some specific cels I want
-ANY cel of him with his kanji symbol glowing
-When Rowen's arrow breaks his helmet revealing his human face to the troopers Got it!
-Second season when he lifts his hat showing the troopers he's now the Ancient

Generator Gawl

The cel I want most is from Ep 9. When Gawl has been captured and the bad-guys have him on that cross/exam table. I want a cel of him strapped up.
-Looking for cels of Gawl from his dream sequence in ep 12
-Cels of all 3 boys.